EgoDiva Co., Ltd. [Official character general election best award work decided! ! / Doujin creator work sales EC x SNS fusion type platform “BOTHA”

EgoDiva Co., Ltd.
[Official character general election best award work decided! ! / Doujin creator work sales EC x SNS fusion type platform “BOTHA” EgoDiva Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Ginji Usuki) has decided on the official character of the platform web service “BOTHA” that connects creators and fans through doujin works.
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What is BOTHA?
Based on the concept of “a place where your talent shines”, it is a service that allows creators and fans to connect through doujin works and sell doujin works such as illustrations, manga, videos, and sounds on the platform. Half a year has passed since the release on Friday, June 10, 2022, and thanks to you, many doujin creators have
BOTHA Official Character Competition
Event overview:
BOTHA has a vision of “creating a service together” with creators and fans, and it is a “participation type” in which fans vote on works submitted by creators. An event will be held in the form of a character competition. From this year’s character competition, which received approximately 300 submissions from both professionals and amateurs, 11 were selected for the final selection. As a result of strict judging, the Grand Prize, Excellence Prize, and Special Prize have been decided!
A glorious masterpiece! “BT-chan”
Creator: Kankitsu Sonoda
[Image 2

・Please tell us how you feel about being chosen as an official BOTHA character. Thank you very much to everyone who voted and supported BT-chan! ! This is the first time I’ve experienced a character that I created as a poster for something else, and I’m filled with both joy and disbelief. In the future, I would like to do my best in a cute and energetic way to make BOTHA even more exciting!
・Please tell us the background behind the birth of “BT-chan”. When it comes to creating characters, I want them to wear modern clothes to keep up with the times! With that in mind, I aimed for a slim silhouette with a fluffy silhouette, such as an oversized mountain parka and cute retro loose socks. Also, I wondered if I could somehow incorporate the fashionable cool futuristic feeling of the BOTHA site, so I made the twintails look like a cyber girl.
Accessories and tails are my hobbies (laughs)
・What is the charm of “BT-chan”?
It’s a place where you can change freely…! It’s an interesting character, you can stretch and shrink your body, and you can arrange your twintails into various hairstyles. There is also a setting of digital drawing, so I think it would be nice if I could expand my charm from there. And the mouth of “ω”. Is the cute.
・How do you want your character to grow?
BT-chan is a character that aims to be “cute” anyway, so of course I want to sell cuteness, but BOTHA is a place where not only cute things but a wide variety of creations gather, so I want to transform into more various forms. is. Also, I would like to create a girl who can be close to the creators and feel close to them.
・Please tell us about the activities of Kankitsu Sonoda.
I mainly draw pictures in the “Touhou Project” genre, but now I’m interested in original creations other than secondary creations, and I’m gradually expanding the range of my activities. is. Now that SNS is spreading and the demand for creations is increasing considerably, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and take on new challenges in the future.
・What do you expect from BOTHA?
I learned about this service through this competition. I think that being able to easily post and sell creative works such as
illustrations is a very helpful service in the sense that creators can further expand the range of their activities. The user page is also very easy to read (I like the fact that you can set an illustration in the header). However, I feel that the low level of recognition of the service may be the reason why people are hesitant to actually purchase, view, or register as a user. I don’t think it’s easy to spread it as a major service, but I think it would be nice if more people in various neighborhoods knew about the goodness of the service. Also, I was able to learn about this service through this competition, so I think that holding events like this will be an opportunity for people to learn more about Boata.
Excellence Award that gained popularity until just before the end of voting [Image 3

Botha-chan (left)
Creator: Kiito Mayuno
By replacing the “doodles” of the BOTHA concept with seemingly worthless things such as “stones” and “tree branches”, and drawing “Bota-chan” who holds them carefully, I expressed the concept that even a stone or a simple tree branch is an irreplaceable treasure for Botha-chan.
Botha-chan (right)
Creator: Mimmiri
I’m BOTHA, an alien. I enjoy treasure hunting in BOTHA, which is as vast as the universe, with my terminal in one hand! Her charm point is her sparkling eyes.
A special prize work that made the BOTHA official character competition lively [Image 4

Creator: Nayu Aoyama
For the character colors, I mainly used BOTHA’s image colors, pink and blue-green. I wanted to create a character that can give dreams and hopes, so that even those who have never created a work yet can confidently create their own work, so I chose a highly saturated, vivid and cute expression and design. Did.
Creator: Aiuabo
I used the pink and blue gradient for the favicon and the site. There are many strings because it connects encounters with people. I’m a fan of all creators, so I support them with a megaphone.
Creator: Kurogoma
I made it a cute character so that everyone can get close to it. We use colors that match the site of BOTHA. In line with the BOTHA brand message, I was conscious of the design that could become someone’s treasure.
Creator: Nekobell
I’m really happy to be able to participate in BOTHA’s character concept this time.
Creator: makito
I drew this with the image of a boy searching for treasure. The dog motif is inspired by Hanasaki’s dog finding a gold coin. The dog breed is a border collie. The image color is the same color as the platform. The goggles are inspired by B from BOTHA, and the logo is embedded in the clothes.
Creator: Archangel
Sprinkled with the spelling of BOTHA in the design (try to find it!). Based on the idea that “your doodle is someone’s treasure”, I have a “treasure chest” full of treasures. Accessories and treasures (stars) that emit light based on “a place where your talent shines”. And I am a cheerleader in the sense that I support the encounter between creators and fans. The color scheme is conscious of the BOTHA color. Creator: Kamekichi
The main color scheme is the BOTHA logo and the colors “pink x light blue”, and as the concept “Your graffiti is someone’s treasure”, I will give you a pen that will help you create treasures. We aimed for a design that will be loved, sparkling and bright, with the excitement of creating a “treasure” with your own hands.
Creator: I’ll keep it a secret
There are two concepts: “Family Photos” and “Departure and Sending Off”. The current Bota’s “refined feeling” is drawn as if it were a girl who is starting to walk towards her dream. The name is “Heart Real Gradata”, and it contains the diversity and possibilities of creation. She is a girl full of unfounded confidence, with a little determination, a little spoiledness, and a little baselessness. “Your graffiti is someone’s treasure”
BOTHA provides a place where you can find your talent.
[BOTHA General Election]:
[For beginners]
[Operating company overview]
Company name: EgoDiva Co., Ltd.
Company name (English notation): EgoDiva inc.
Company location: AOIHOUSE SHINJUKU 10F (Reception) / 11F, 2-8-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Founded: 2020.07.15
Representative: Ginji Usuki, President and Representative Director Number of employees: 25
Business description: Branding consulting business, DSP/WEB
advertising agency business, marketing support business, media consulting, closed ASP operation, support for creators of doujin works, market platform operation
EgoDiva Co., Ltd.:

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