Egrid to merge medical IT company Azurex on November 21, 2022

eGrid Co., Ltd.
Egrid to merge medical IT company Azurex on November 21, 2022 Started providing clinical medical products such as blood
sugar-insulin management system “Dia-Gate” from eGrid

Egrid Co., Ltd., an IT company whose mission is to create the future of customers and employees with “IT x X” (Headquarters: Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Representative Director: Atsuhiro Komura / Yoshihiro Omura), is “IT x medical care”. As part of our business expansion in the field, we are developing a blood sugar-insulin management system for hospitals called “Dia-Gate” (URL: We are pleased to announce that Azulex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Eiichi Eikawa / Eiichi Eikawa), which develops , will be merged on November 21, 2022. Also, from the same day, three clinical medical products, including Dia-Gate, which has been developed by Azulex, will be provided together with Egrid’s medical products.
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Dia-Gate is a blood glucose-insulin management system that unifies blood glucose measurement, insulin administration, and performance management for diabetes patients receiving insulin therapy. Insulin therapy is a therapeutic method to control blood sugar by
supplementing the lack of insulin in the patient’s body by injection. The aim is to reproduce the insulin secretion pattern of a healthy person and control blood sugar by injecting one to several types of insulin 1 to 4 times a day. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately grasp the type of insulin that the patient is deficient in, the amount of insulin that is deficient, and the time period in which it is deficient, and to replenish it. Since blood glucose levels and insulin secretion conditions vary from patient to patient, medical
professionals need to create an environment in which doctors and nurses can easily collaborate so that the type of insulin to be replenished and the timing of administration can be precisely managed for each patient. are required to be arranged.
Through this merger, Egrid, which has a strong network rooted in the region, and Azulex, which has been involved in the development of advanced medical systems such as Dia-Gate for many years, will be integrated. By expanding our business in this area, we will be able to meet the needs of more hospitals. In addition, the self-monitoring blood glucose meter data management system “Medilink” (reading: Medilink, URL:, which Azulex has developed for many years, and laboratory testing Online medicine jointly developed by E-Grid with Shimane University on the data processing system “ALPHA-NET” Sold from the Egrid website together with the physical training simulator “Pharmaco-PICOS (reading: Pharmacopicos, URL:” let’s start doing ….
[List of medical products handled]
・Dia-Gate (Diagate, developed by Azulex)
・Medilink (Medilink, Azulex development)
・ALPHA-NET (Developed by Alphanet and Azurex)
・Pharmaco-PICOS (developed by eGrid)
[Inquiry form for medical products]
Atsuhiro Komura, Representative Director of eGrid Co., Ltd., said as follows. “As eGrid, we have been working diligently to solve problems in the medical industry centered on Dia-gate under the vision of [Becoming a company that continues to have a positive impact on society through IT x X]. By merging with Azulex, which we have been working on, we plan to utilize eGrid’s technical and sales capabilities to expand Dia-gate to more medical institutions. We plan to implement initiatives to expand the range of solutions for the medical industry, such as developing new businesses in the field of medical MaaS by combining them with the MaaS business that we have been working on.”
Eiichi Eikawa, CEO of Azulex Co., Ltd.
“By synergizing with eGrid, which has organizational and technological strength, we can provide existing users with a more convenient system, and for facilities that have not yet been recognized, Dia-Gate I hope that the value of (Dia-Gate) will be known, the number of users will increase under the new system, and that Dia-Gate will evolve greatly.” -About Azulex Co., Ltd.-
A medical IT company that develops, operates, and maintains medical systems. We have been developing our business since 2002 with a focus on field service and overhaul of medical equipment. In 2005, started technical support for blood glucose data management system. Since 2009, we have embarked on the development of the blood sugar-insulin management system “Dia-Gate”, and have been developing it for 13 years with a team of two people, one programmer and one field SE.
-About eGrid Co., Ltd.-
In November 2010, we established our head office in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, with the mission of “continuing to evolve, solve customer problems with IT x X, and create a future for customers and employees by leading businesses to success.” Since then, it has advanced to Tokyo and Kobe. Currently, with the aim of expanding into Tottori Prefecture, we are collaborating with industry, government, and academia with the aim of creating a local community that can grow together while gaining more advanced innovation experiences. In addition, we have excellent engineers from all over the world, and we are expanding our business with the aim of becoming an “international IT company in the Sanin area”. At the Shimane nearshore development base, we are involved in development projects in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya areas, and solve various social issues with IT solutions such as software development using Ruby on Rails, telematics development, and web marketing, and contribute to the future world. contribute.

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