Ehime Fisheries Support Project PR Secretariat Let’s taste “Fish of Ehime Prefecture” with direct recipes from food experts! Distributing simple recipes using delicious fish from Ehime Prefecture at home  Decided to hold the ` `Ehime Fisheries Suppo

Ehime Fisheries Support Project PR Secretariat
Let’s taste “Fish of Ehime Prefecture” with a direct recipe from a food expert! Distributing simple recipes using delicious fish from Ehime Prefecture at home  Decided to hold the “Ehime Fisheries Support Fair” at 23 stores in the Kanto and Tokai regions
Limited time from November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday), 2022
Ehime Prefecture, the “Kingdom of Fisheries”, is implementing the “Ehime Fisheries Support Project” in order to increase consumption and improve the value of the prefecture’s marine products. As part of this effort, we held a campaign called “Ehime Suisan Cheering” at 23 Yoshikawa Suisan stores in the Kanto and Tokai regions, with the desire to let people know about delicious fish from Ehime Prefecture and create delicious recipes using the fish from Ehime Prefecture. will hold a fair. It is scheduled to be held from November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday), 2022, and recipe cards and tastings will be distributed during the period.
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In addition, 10 of the fair stores, JR Furukawa, Marui Shiki, Sogo Omiya, Keio Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Queen’s Isetan Sengawa, Queen’s Isetan Kita Urawa, Odakyu Atsugi, Yugawara, and Matsuzakaya Shizuoka, are ABC-style food experts. We dispatch personnel to convey the appeal of Ehime Prefecture’s fisheries and propose ways to eat them. In addition, we will distribute recipe cards so that you can experience the deliciousness of Ehime Prefecture’s fisheries on the spot by providing tastings and actually making them at home. Why don’t you take this opportunity to taste “Ehime Prefecture” with fish from Ehime Prefecture?
About “Ehime Fisheries Support Fair”
Stores: Yoshikawa Suisan, 23 stores in total (Kumaya store, Kazo store, Koga store, Shin-Funabashi store, Shinjuku store, Oyama store, Omiya store,
Nishi Hachioji store, Chiba store, Omiya Daimon store, Ginza store, Nihonbashi store, Karasuyama store, Sengawa store, Shiki store, Kita Urawa store,
Tama Center store, Noborito store, Higashi Kanagawa store, Kawasaki store, Atsugi store, Yugawara store, Shizuoka Matsuzakaya store) * At the underlined 10 stores, from the food experts of ABC Style (ABC Cooking Studio Group),
I will suggest how to eat fish.
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Implementation period: November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday), 2022 Implementation details: Recipe video broadcast
       Distribution of recipes
      Proposals on how to eat by food experts (10 stores only) Handling: We plan to develop sashimi and sushi using raw bluefin tuna, red sea bream, and striped horse mackerel.
       In addition, dried shirosudoshi, Japanese pepper chirimen, and Akamoku are also planned to be sold.
      ※May not be in stock due to weather, etc.
     Distribution of food samples (Sogo Omiya store and Matsuzakaya Shizuoka store only)
Recipe introduction
Menu name: Sea bream turnip
Sea bream and turnips have long been associated with each other. The elegant taste of boiled lightly so that you can enjoy the umami of the ingredients is perfect for everyday meals, as well as for New Year’s holidays and special occasions.
how to make
1. Remove the skin from the turnip, leaving 2 cm at the base, and cut in half. Place it on a heat-resistant dish, wrap it lightly in plastic wrap, and heat it in the microwave (600W, about 1.5 minutes).
2. Cut the mizuna into 5cm lengths, removing the roots. Shred the yuzu peel. 3. Put a, red sea bream, and 1. in a frying pan, bring to a boil, and remove the scum.
4. Add b, cover with a drop lid, and simmer (medium heat for about 10 minutes). 5. Add mizuna and simmer quickly (1 minute), serve on a plate, and sprinkle with yuzu peel.
★ Points ★
・Bone-in fillets of red sea bream should be used for better soup stock. ・By simmering with a drop lid, the broth will circulate and the red sea bream will be cooked in a short time, making it plump.
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Initiatives for SDGs
Ehime Prefecture ranks first in the nation in terms of fish farming production volume (*R2 Fishery and Aquaculture Production Statistical Report). Aquaculture is not only good for raising delicious fish, but it is also considered to be very good for global environmental conservation.
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○ Stable supply is possible
Planned production and shipment become possible, and a stable amount of supply becomes possible. In addition, we can expect to respond to food shortages due to population growth.
○ Provision of safe and secure food
Fish raised by aquaculture can provide a certain level of nutrition and deliciousness, and it is clear what kind of feed was eaten and how it was raised, which leads to consumer peace of mind. .
○ Conservation of marine resources
Complete aquaculture eliminates the need to collect juvenile fish, which leads to the conservation of natural fish. It also helps reduce marine pollution caused by fishing boats and the consumption of boat fuel resources. In Ehime Prefecture, red sea bream and striped jack, which are the largest producers in Japan, grouper and longtooth grouper, which are high-class fish, and trout, which is a star of love fish, are fully farmed.
What is the Ehime Fisheries Support Project?
Amid the global spread of the new coronavirus infection, a decline in demand for marine products and price declines occurred nationwide, and in Ehime Prefecture, there was a significant increase in the production and sales of prefecture-produced marine products, mainly Aiiku Fish. Because of the impact, the “Ehime Fisheries Support Project” is an initiative to support producers through financial support for fishermen, provision of prefectural marine products for school lunches, sales promotion, fish-eating spread, and PR
activities. .
Although restrictions on movement have been eased and fish prices have recovered, the impact of several outbreaks of infection continues to this day. Under the Ehime Fisheries Support Project, Ehime Prefecture will continue to support producers and create various opportunities for everyone to have fun touching and eating Ehime Prefecture’s marine products.
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Ehime Prefecture is the No. 1 fish farming production in Japan! *R2 Fisheries and Aquaculture Production Statistics Yearbook
In Ehime Prefecture, we call such fish raised with care as if they were our own children in the rich seas, which nurture the best production in Japan, rather than farmed fish.
There are many! Friends of Aiiku Fish!
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No. 1 production volume nationwide!
red sea bream
It is a representative fish of Ehime’s fishery and is designated as the prefecture’s fish, boasting a national share of over 50%. Many brand red sea bream are also produced in the prefecture. [Image 7

No. 1 production volume in Japan!
Striped jack
Popular at home and abroad, it is called the most delicious king of horse mackerel.
It contains a lot of DHA and EPA, and is characterized by its smooth texture. [Image 8

No. 2 production volume nationwide!
Shusse-gyo has been produced all over the Uwa Sea since ancient times. Due to its technical capabilities, it grows well with fat throughout the year. [Image 9

Very popular! Production volume is increasing!
bluefin tuna
It is considered to be the most expensive tuna in Japan, and is also called bluefin tuna.
Ehime Prefecture is also a major production area.
[Inquiries from general customers]
Ehime Prefecture Ehime Fisheries Support Project Online Live Lesson Window (within ABC Style)
TEL: 03-6228-7701MAIL:
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