Eliminates one-way web conferencing through screen sharing Fujisoft launches “moreNOTE for Microsoft Teams”

Fujisoft Co., Ltd.
Eliminates one-way web conferencing through screen sharing Fujisoft launches “moreNOTE for Microsoft Teams”

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Fujisoft Co., Ltd. will start offering “moreNOTE for Microsoft Teams” from November 8th (Tuesday), which realizes smooth two-way document sharing operation and smooth communication in Teams meetings. There are many people who are dissatisfied with the one-sided web conference where they can only see the screen of shared materials without having any materials distributed to them (*Note 1).
moreNOTE’s technology solves this dissatisfaction. It contributes to smooth communication in web conferences, highly productive
discussions, and improved collaboration effects for conference participants.
Development background
With the introduction of remote work, online meetings using web conferencing tools have become commonplace. However, web conferencing has its own unique challenges, such as taking time to share screens, projecting things you don’t want to see, and making it difficult to understand the other party’s reaction, making it difficult to activate the discussion. Fujisoft developed “moreNOTE for Microsoft Teams” to solve such problems.
Simply click the moreNOTE icon during a Teams meeting to launch it. [Image 2

The feature is that you can easily switch between the operation that is shared with everyone and the operation that you can see
individually. and strengthen collaboration. “View by yourself” allows you to view materials at your own pace, which is not possible with screen sharing. .
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About the future
Using moreNOTE technology, FUJISOFT will continue to expand functions to realize smoother communication and more productive discussions in web conferences, and contribute to improving the performance and collaboration effects of conference participants.
*1 Questionnaire conducted for 193 of our customers (as of May 2022) Introduction of endorsements from Microsoft Japan
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Ando, ​​General Manager of Service Partner Business Division, Partner Business Division
“I sincerely welcome the launch of ‘moreNOTE for Microsoft Teams’ by FUJISOFT CORPORATION. We have been awarded Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year for the second year in a row.With the new service that we have launched this time, many customers of Fujisoft, a licensing solution partner, have improved the convenience of online meetings and hybrid work environments. We expect that you will promote proposals such as maintenance of the system, improvement of productivity, and strengthening of security.
Going forward, Microsoft Japan will continue to contribute to the promotion of customers’ digital transformation through strong collaboration with FUJISOFT CORPORATION. ”
moreNOTE for Microsoft Teams
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Start date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
How to use: Easy to install from the Microsoft Teams store.
*Please prepare a license for Microsoft Teams separately.
As an ID management method, authentication using Azure AD is adopted, and it can be used with an organizational account logged in to Teams. We have a free plan for small groups and an enterprise plan for larger meetings.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/61382/table/55_1_08a324de745cc0de03e0786a648f4e35.jpg ]
Main features:
-Sharing materials and sharing pen and pointer operations during Teams meetings -Switch between watching with others/watching by yourself
– Search meeting materials
– Display meeting materials in calendar format
– Outlook calendar integration
– Azure AD integration
-Switch to English notation
Usage image:
・Easy launch by clicking the moreNOTE icon during a Teams meeting [Image 5d61382-55-010c0a0a6568670df473-4.png&s3=61382-55-0c9d95454a07bb444060bcaf024680dd-1776x1162.png
・The display can be expanded or reduced freely. Freely move to the page you want to see
[Image 6d61382-55-1ba97419a900741049f2-3.png&s3=61382-55-850c6ae77b32d6a3b3c2395570b03f09-1775x1162.png
・One-step switching to whiteboard
[Image 7d61382-55-34b57aecfcd6a9be3795-5.png&s3=61382-55-e07d54d206d92dbce1debb36430661bd-845x545.png
– Written data is automatically saved
[Image 8d61382-55-d6beba3e41e4db2a4948-6.png&s3=61382-55-239e93ee7520b8cc61f034618c62bddb-649x414.png
that’s all
* Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, and Teams are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
* Other company names and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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