Emerada Co., Ltd. Jointly developed “Hekishin Business Portal ~ Smart Management Biz ~” with Hekikai Shinkin Bank, and started providing the service today

Emerada Co., Ltd.
Jointly developed “Hekishin Business Portal ~ Smart Management Biz ~” with Hekikai Shinkin Bank, and started providing the service today
Emerada Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which operates an online financial platform, has jointly developed “Hekishin Business Portal ~Smart Management Biz~” with Hekikai Shinkin Bank (Headquarters: Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture). We are pleased to inform you that we have developed it and started providing the service today.
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■ Details of this collaboration
Hekikai Shinkin Bank and our company have jointly developed “Hekishin Business Portal ~ Smart Management Biz ~” as a new communication tool for financial institutions with business customers.
“Hekishin Business Portal -Smart Management Biz-” is based on the main functions of “Emerada Cash Manager” provided by our company for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide, and is uniquely designed for Hekikai Shinkin Bank and its customers. developed service. In addition to enabling customers to automatically aggregate account information of financial institutions they deal with and grasp their cash flow, it will also be possible to simultaneously respond to the invoice system that will start in October 2023 and the revised Electronic Book Preservation Law. I’m here.
We will continue to collaborate with Hekikai Shinkin Bank on the expansion and additional development of functions in order to evolve “Hekishin Business Portal ~ Smart Management Biz ~” into a platform that will become an important digital contact point between Hekikai Shinkin Bank and our customers. At the same time, we plan to support the digitization of the operations of customers and financial institutions and the construction of new financial service offerings.

■ Functions of “Hekishin Business Portal ~Smart Management Biz~” URL: https://hekishin-biz.emerada-cash-manager.com/
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[Image 3d25084-46-c3fec90f63d655b3c99c-2.png&s3=25084-46-4b49d76165eb4ab839d14d9ee641871b-1440x899.png
1. Funds management function
You can check the balance, deposits and withdrawals of multiple financial institutions, and analyze and understand the movement of funds in real time. In addition, it is possible to create cash flow tables and payment data.
2. Billing management function
You can issue and receive invoices that correspond to the invoice system, and you can manage them integrally with the cash flow management function in 1 above.
3. Electronic file sharing/storage function
In conjunction with the billing management function in 2. above, bills can be saved electronically and books and documents stored on paper can be managed online.
4. Functions for linking with various problem-solving support services You can link with the problem-solving support menu below.
・ Hekishin Big Advance
・Hekishin Consulting Menu Inquiry Form
・Digitalization support consultation sheet
5. Function to link with various services
There is a link for the service below.
・Hekishin Business Internet Banking
・Hekishin Electronically Recorded Monetary Claims Service
・Hekishin Foreign Exchange WEB service
■ About “Emerada Cash Manager”
URL: https://emerada-cash-manager.com/
It is a service that allows managers and accountants of small and medium-sized enterprises to manage their daily funds easily and intuitively anywhere.
“It is difficult to register transaction details in accounting software”, “It takes time to journalize business results and prepare materials for tax accountants”, “How do you respond to the invoice system and the electronic book preservation law?” We provide a one-stop solution to problems such as “I don’t know what to do” and “It is difficult to manage incoming invoices and register each transfer.”
It is also possible to collaborate with financial institutions to share information, making it easier to exchange loans with financial institutions and make it easier to receive loans. By sharing the latest cash flow and performance trends online, interaction with financial institutions has never been smoother.
■ About the “Invoice System” and the “Revised Electronic Book Preservation Law”

https://emerada-cash-manager.com/pages/denshichobo#section-preparation About Hekikai Shinkin Bank
Company name: Hekikai Shinkin Bank
Head office location 15-1 Miyuki Honmachi, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture Representative: Chairman Masayuki Yamauchi
Established: October 25, 1950
URL https://www.hekishin.jp/
■ About Emerada Co., Ltd.
Company name: Emerada Co., Ltd.
Head office location: DF Building 1011, 2-2-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Shintaro Ino, Representative Director
Established: June 2, 2016
URL: https://www.emerada.co.jp/
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Emerada Co., Ltd.: Maekawa
Mail: media@emerada.co.jp
Phone: 03-6256-8266

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