Eminal Clinic Survey on aging care from the 40s Nearly 40% answered that they started in their 40s. What kind of beauty treatment would you like to receive?

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[Survey on aging care from the 40s] Nearly 40% answered that they started in their 40s. What kind of beauty treatment would you like to receive?
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Many women become more attractive as they age.
Maybe it’s because as you get older, you gain more experience and gain a feminine aura and atmosphere that can’t be covered by your youth alone.
At the same time, the around 40 generation is also in a period when their skin, hair, and body are deteriorating.
Nowadays, it is said that people live to be 100 years old.
In fact, it seems that people in their 40s who have a high sense of beauty have already adopted various anti-aging treatments.
So, what kind of aging care are you working on?
Therefore, this time, Eminal Clinic
(https://eminal-clinic.jp/hifu/?refmedia=A-40039), which handles medical hyphens, targets women in their 40s who are working on aging care, We conducted a survey on aging care.
[Some people spend more than 100,000 yen a month! ] What is the aging care that highly conscious people work on?
First, I would like to ask about aging care.
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When asked, “What kind of aging care do you do?”, the most common answer was “I am particular about cosmetics (37.2%),” followed by “I take vitamins and nutritional supplements (15.7%).” This was followed by careful diet (15.6%), regular exercise (10.4%), and treatment at esthetic and beauty clinics (9.7%).
Nearly 40% answered that they are particular about cosmetics. There are probably some people who use different cosmetics according to their skin concerns and the condition of the day.
Next, I would like to ask how much you spend on aging care each month. When asked, “How much does aging care cost per month?” Less than 10,000 yen (6.5%), 30,000 yen or more and less than 50,000 yen (2.8%), 50,000 yen or more and less than 100,000 yen (1.1%), and 100,000 yen or more (0.5%). became.
Combining those who answered “less than 10,000 yen” and “more than 10,000 yen and less than 20,000 yen”, it was found that nearly 90% of the respondents spent less than 20,000 yen. Although it is a small number, I also found out that some people spend more than 100,000 yen. [40% of people starting in their 40s] The reason why I started aging care It turns out that nearly 40% of people are particular about cosmetics as aging care.
When did you start anti-aging care?
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So when I asked, “When did you start working on aging care?” The results were 34.7%), early 40s (31.5%), and late 40s (8.5%). Combining those who answered “early 30s”, “late 30s”, and “early 40s”, it was found that more than 80% started aging care between their 30s and early 40s.
How did you get started with aging care?
Therefore, when asked, “What was the reason for starting aging care?” For prevention of aging in the future (35.8%), “Because I admired youthful people of my age (5.9%),” Because I can no longer wear it (1.3%)” continued.
Nearly half of the respondents answered, “My face and figure in the mirror looked old,” so some people may have started to think about it by looking at their own face at random moments.
■Tell us how you started aging care!
・ In my 30s, I was worried about dry wrinkles around my eyes and started using Depacos beauty essence (company employee / Tokyo). ・When I was in my early 30s, I was mistaken for being the same age as someone 10 years older than me. After that, I fell in love with a young person and worked hard, and as a result, I became youthful. (Civil servant/Hokkaido)
・My partner pointed out my nasolabial folds. Seeing the good style of an older mother (Civil servant/Gifu Prefecture)
・A friend invited me to go to an esthetic salon (part-time job/Aichi Prefecture) and other responses were received.
Some of them have been mistaken for being the same age by someone 10 years older than them, and others have been pointed out by their partners.
[Effective ant is about 60%! ] What are the effects of aging care? The trigger for starting aging care has become clear.
So, how do you feel about the effects of aging care?
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So, when asked, “Do you feel the effect of the aging care you are working on now?” I answered.
It turns out that there are many people who are doing aging care that suits themselves.
What kind of effect do you feel?
When asked, “Please tell me what kind of effect you feel (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “I felt that I was not older than people of the same age (30.6%)”, followed by “ Glossy skin (20.6%), Pores less noticeable (15.2%), Smile lines less noticeable (14.9%), Wrinkles improved (14.6%), Skin firmer came out (14.3%). Approximately 30% of respondents answered that they felt that they were not older than people of the same age.
It seems that some people make judgments by comparing themselves to people of the same age.
[Curious about beauty lasers! ] Aging care and beauty treatment It turned out that nearly 60% of people felt that it was effective in aging care.
There are many anti-aging methods, but how many people are interested in beauty treatments as anti-aging care?
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So, when asked, “Are you interested in incorporating beauty treatments as aging care?” (1.3%) who are undergoing treatment”.
Combining those who answered “very much” and “somewhat”, we found that more than 70% were interested.
When asked, “What kind of beauty treatment would you like to receive?”, the most common answer was “beauty laser (27.6%)”, followed by “hyaluronic acid injection (25.0%)” and “peeling (20.9%). )”, “Medical hyphen (10.8%)” and “Dermapen (4.4%)”.
Nearly 30% of the respondents answered “beauty laser”, indicating that many people are concerned about spots.
On the other hand, those who are concerned about sagging may want to receive a “medical hyphen”.
Finally, I asked when I should start aging care.
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So when I asked, “When do you think you should start aging care?” 23.2%)”, “From the late 30s (17.7%)”, and “After reaching the 40s (8.8%)”.
Comparing the age at which aging care was started with this result, the percentage of people in their 20s is increasing, so many people may think that they should have started earlier.
[Summary] Start aging care in your 20s. There is also a beauty treatment to get a clear effect!
In this survey, it was found that more than 80% of people started aging care in their 30s and early 40s.
And when I started aging care, some answered that it was when I was worried about myself, but many answered that they were in their 20s, and many people may feel that it is better to start early. I can’t. It is said that we live in an age of 100 years, so even if you start in your 40s, you still have 60 years left.
If you think so, it’s never too late, so why don’t you start aging care now? Eminal Clinic is recommended if you want to start medical hyphens! [Image 7

This time, the Eminal Clinic
(https://eminal-clinic.jp/lp01/?refmedia=11073), which conducted a survey on “aging care from the 40s”, offers a medical hair removal service and a medical hyphen (https:/
■ What is hyphen?
HYF (high-intensity focused ultrasound) is a technique that directly approaches the SMAS fascia, which was previously only possible through surgery.
Hyphen is a treatment method that can approach sagging skin and subcutaneous tissue from the SMAS layer, which is the base of the skin, and is a popular treatment for women.
The SMAS layer, which has been damaged by heat, works to repair itself and produces collagen, so it can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect.
The double effect of lifting by tightening the fascia and tightening effect by collagen generation realizes a small face lift!
■Features of Eminal Clinic’s medical hyphen
POINT1: Pain down! More effective!
The UTIMS A3-R plus is an older machine with various cartridges and new functions added. A new technology, the Center Restaurant Deducer, has made it possible to create a uniform and precise focus.
POINT2: Increases the firmness of the skin! Solve with pinpoint [Image 8

Pulls up from the fascia and has a great effect on wrinkles and sagging. It is a hyph machine that uses different size cartridges for each part and solves lift-up, sagging, skin tension, fine wrinkles, skin quality improvement, and pore tightening.
POINT3: Make-up OK after treatment!
Approaches deep into the skin (SMAS fascia layer) without using a scalpel. The patient can wear make-up and take a bath from the day of the treatment, so there is no burden on the patient.
■ The difference between medical care and esthetics
[Image 9

The price is very affordable, starting at 9,800 yen (tax included) for 100 shots for the first time only.
Click here for free counseling: https://eminal-clinic.jp/hifu/?refmedia=41073 Please come to Eminal Clinic for free medical hyphen counseling! ■ Eminal Clinic (Medical Corporation Eminal):
■ TEL: 0120-133-786
Survey overview: Survey on “aging care from the 40s”
[Survey period] October 31, 2022 (Monday) to November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,017 people
[Survey target] Women in their 40s who are working on aging care [Monitor provider] General Research
*This survey was not conducted for those who used to go to the Eminal Clinic or for the doctors and nurses who work there. It may differ from Eminal Clinic’s plans, fees, treatment details and effects. [For use in articles, etc.]
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・Statement that the citation source is “General Research Survey” and “Eminal Clinic”
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