Endless Co., Ltd. PARTS CLUB online Cut glass parts that reflect light and sparkle will be released on 11/17 (Thursday).

Endless Co., Ltd.
PARTS CLUB online – New product listing – Cut glass parts that reflect light and sparkle will be released on 11/17 (Thursday).
Introducing recipes for handmade accessories that can be made with beads and accessory parts from PARTS CLUB.

“PARTS CLUB” operated by Endless Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Ekifu Sho), which plans, manufactures, and sells beads and accessory parts. The online shop “PARTS CLUB online” https://www.partsclub.jp/ released new items such as cut glass parts that reflect light and sparkle on Thursday, November 17th.
[Image 1d61261-380-8662a0bc4aa897a65f7d-9.jpg&s3=61261-380-770a1f5c43cc3c4ef6da7233238d3fc7-800x500.jpg
Snowflakes, flowers, stars, and 4 round cut glass parts are now available. Add color to your winter fashion, which tends to be dark, with sparkling cut glass parts.
[Image 2d61261-380-bfad9bb59dfb65f067db-5.jpg&s3=61261-380-fb9a55c1fae1f6a826d136d41e511c46-750x750.jpg
[Image 3d61261-380-c0a9cb0f386f0ee62b54-8.jpg&s3=61261-380-7b8f336479b6a78cde6a199259252e02-750x750.jpg
[Image 4d61261-380-a1b1e4c7562b3aa9534a-7.jpg&s3=61261-380-2216f8c3d2ea065f0a7616ef636f72c5-750x750.jpg
[Image 5d61261-380-4f52d155c87523ff819b-2.jpg&s3=61261-380-83677cdf532f06351f45f41a0637b503-750x750.jpg
[Image 6d61261-380-a883b6a26a226df761b7-3.jpg&s3=61261-380-176af5f4a617bcbdb44e095ded34a431-750x750.jpg
[Image 7d61261-380-6ed8f28fe1e83967385c-10.jpg&s3=61261-380-2dce1d479e0fd9ce14c6b33f95075c0e-750x750.jpg
[Image 8d61261-380-b98ce38f8598dfb0c820-4.jpg&s3=61261-380-e3d9bf314cc06edece05f416a366f431-900x150.jpg
[Image 9d61261-380-c645867faad523a53d8b-6.jpg&s3=61261-380-1f44df3ed0daeeec94dc2fe73fa7aab0-1050x150.jpg
[Image 10d61261-380-865bdbf3a5155f6d6878-0.jpg&s3=61261-380-4d05b711c63bf50b47698c5fe7f7ee4f-750x150.jpg
Product name, product number, price, etc.
*From the upper left
Product Name: Cut Glass Snowflake (Top Hole 704)
Product number: DP-00704-PK / DP-00704-BU / DP-00704-LB
Size: about 14mm
Quantity: 2
Price: 110 yen (tax included)
Product name: Cut glass star (top hole 705)
Product number: DP-00705-PK / DP-00705-BU / DP-00705-LB
Size: about 14mm
Quantity: 2
Price: 110 yen (tax included)
*From the left in the middle row
Product Name: Cut Glass Flower (Center Hall 703)
Part number: DP-00703-CR / DP-00703-BK / DP-00703-PK / DP-00703-PU / DP-00703-BU / DP-00703-GR / DP-00703-YE
Size: about 10mm
Quantity: 5
Price: 176 yen (tax included)
*From bottom left
Product Name: Cut Glass Snowflake (Top Hole 701)
Product number: DP-00701-CR
Size: about 10mm
Quantity: 2
Price: 132 yen (tax included)
Product Name: Cut Glass Flower (Top Hole 702)
Product number: DP-00702-CR
Size: about 10mm
Quantity: 2
Price: 132 yen (tax included)
Product name: Cut glass round (top hole 706)
Product number: DP-00706-BK / DP-00706-BU / DP-00706-LG
Size: about 8mm
Quantity: 5
Price: 132 yen (tax included)
Product page: https://www.partsclub.jp/store/k~5Z/5ZA6/5ZA601/ Click here for a list of new products released on 11/17 (Thu.) https://www.partsclub.jp/store/k~5Z/5ZA6/
[Image 11d61261-380-b283bee5bfcb72f4098c-1.jpg&s3=61261-380-0161ef9397979a353bed0032df56c43e-650x106.jpg
PARTS CLUB, a bead and accessory parts shop, develops and sells beads, accessory parts, and kits under the slogan “We want to deliver the fun of making accessories and the joy of wearing them to people all over the world.”
PARTS CLUB, which has about 80 stores nationwide, regularly holds “Handmade Classes” where staff with skills in making accessories serve as instructors, and “Lectures” where instructors from accessory creators are invited.
In addition to handmade artists, PARTS CLUB is also visited by a wide range of customers of all ages, from children to the elderly. PARTS CLUB shop list
[Image 12d61261-380-74c34916def225c2b8a2-11.jpg&s3=61261-380-20b859b0b9140bc443cfd012384a3ec4-650x520.jpg
       Parts club main store, 30 seconds on foot from JR Sobu Line Asakusabashi Station East Exit
◆ PARTS CLUB online (official mail order site)
PARTS CLUB instagram (@partsclub_official)
PARTS CLUB twitter (@partsclubonline)
◆Youtube PARTS CLUB channel
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_xzZKN5fdXd4B6nfGc82w/featured Company Profile
Company name: Endless Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ekifu Xiao
Established: July 9, 2001
Business description: Manufacture of accessory parts
      Retail and wholesale sales of beads in general, nail-related products, and mask-related products
Operation of beads and accessories stores
Capital: 40 million yen
Location: Endless Building, 1-20-1 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo Phone number: -representative- 03-5821-7482
Inquiries regarding this project
Endless Co., Ltd.
Toll Free: 0120-468-290
Details about this release:


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