Enjoy Christmas games and quizzes in English! Christmas lesson will be held for 5 days only from December 6th (Tuesday) to 10th (Saturday)

Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
Enjoy Christmas games and quizzes in English! Christmas lesson will be held for 5 days only from December 6th (Tuesday) to 10th (Saturday) Yaruki Switch Group’s English and English conversation school for children WinBe (R)

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50-minute lesson 500 yen (tax included) For children from 3 years old to elementary and junior high school students
As a bonus, you will receive one trial lesson for either the English conversation course or the phonics course.
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WinBe (R), an English and English conversation school for children developed by Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoji Takahashi), a comprehensive education service business, is for children (3 years old and over) to elementary school students.・For junior high school students, we will hold a “Christmas lesson” for 5 days from December 6th (Tuesday) to December 10th (Saturday), 2022, where you can enjoy learning English with a native speaker teacher on the theme of Christmas. (One 50 minute lesson, 500 yen including tax). In addition to the contents of the regular lessons, there are lots of fun activities such as games and crafts using Christmas words. Improve your English while having fun. In addition, as a participant benefit, one regular lesson will be given as a gift.
[Overview of WinBe “Christmas Lesson”]
December 6th (Tuesday) to December 10th (Saturday), 2022
* The date and time may differ depending on the school.
Classes that start on Mondays will be held from December 5th (Monday). *We will close the application once it reaches the capacity. *You can participate in one lesson during the above period.
*Some classrooms may not offer this. Please contact the nearest classroom for details.
■ Lesson time:
50 minute group lesson
* Classes are set according to level, with up to 6 people per class. ■ Participation fee:
500 yen (tax included) once
* Free for siblings of WinBe attendees and those who attend Yaruki Switch ■ Participation benefits:
One free trial lesson for English conversation course or phonics course ■Target:
Children (3 years old and over), elementary school students, junior high school students who are interested in or considering WinBe ■ Lesson content:
WinBe’s Christmas lessons let you experience English in a fun way through activities unique to the Christmas season, such as crafts and games. Lesson time is 50 minutes. From the entrance routine (greetings when entering the room), learning English words related to Christmas, activities to enjoy Christmas with games and quizzes, and Christmas crafts, it is a 50-minute lesson that is fun all in English. *Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the event content and schedule may change. Thank you for your understanding. ■ How to apply:
Accepting applications on the dedicated website or by phone
・Application site: https://bit.ly/3EjfIRa
・Telephone: 0120-79-0437 (reception hours: 10:00-18:00, closed on Sundays and holidays)
At WinBe, we hold event-style lessons for a limited time each season, such as Christmas (December), Easter (March or April), and Halloween (October). We have prepared programs that children can enjoy and participate in, as well as events such as speech contests to announce the results.
WinBe (R), an English and English conversation school for children, features a unique program that incorporates small group lessons by native and Japanese teachers and English learning method phonics. We are expanding our classroom. Phonics, an English learning method that allows you to acquire pronunciation methods actually used in the English-speaking world and to understand the unique pronunciation of English, not only correct pronunciation and communication skills, but also the four English skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and learn everything in balance. Through events such as Halloween and Christmas parties, spelling bee competitions, and speech contests, we provide opportunities to acquire a rich international sense and flexible communication skills to connect with the world.
Official website URL: https://www.winbe.jp/
Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
The Motivational Switch Group provides individual tutoring school “School IE (R)”, intelligence development (intellectual education) and examination preparation infant class “Child Eyes (R)”, English and English conversation school for children “WinBe (R)”. ”, after-school childcare in English “Kids Duo (R)”, sports class for infants and elementary school students “Ninja Nine (R)”, bilingual kindergarten “Kids Duo International (KDI: Kids Duo International (R)) ” and “i Kids Star (R)” as a comprehensive educational service company that develops seven school brands. We support this. In 2020, we launched new learning services such as “Programming Education HALLO (R)”, “English Mirai Lab Nokendai” and “Thinking Lab”.
Yaruki Switch Group supports the dreams and lives of children around the world by discovering the “jewels” that each person possesses and drawing out their infinite potential. Official site URL:
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