Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd. “Enoshima Sea Candle Set Ticket + Night” Discount Campaign Period Extension

Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
“Enoshima Sea Candle Set Ticket + Night” Discount Campaign Period Extension -Extended to sales on Thursday, December 22, 2022-

Due to the popularity of the “Enoshima Sea Candle Set Ticket + Night” discount campaign currently being carried out in the Enoshima area, we have decided to extend the period until December 22, 2022 (Thursday). As part of the Fujisawa City MaaS infrastructure strengthening project, the current initiative is to have more people use the MaaS app “EMot” through discounted electronic tickets, etc. The purpose is to avoid the three Cs and promote decarbonization by promoting the use of public transportation.
On Enoshima Island, Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden reopened on November 16 after renovations, and the Enoshima LUMINOUS WAY in Enoshima Escar District 1 allows you to climb to the top of Enoshima while enjoying the world of dramatic video art. .
In addition, “Shonan Jewels 2022-2023-A Festival of Light and Color that Colors Enoshima-“, which is currently being held in the Enoshima area, won first place in the professional performance category of the “10th Illumination Award” and is one of the three major Kanto areas. Illumination” has been recertified.
By all means, please have a good time in the Enoshima area through a great ticket at EMot.
■ About “Enoshima Sea Candle Set Ticket + Night” Ticket
Recommended for customers who want to enjoy Enoshima easily and economically! Enoshima Escar, Enoshima Sea Candle (Observation Lighthouse), Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden night admission ticket is a set, and you can use it at a better price than paying admission tickets at each facility. ■ “Enoshima Sea Candle Set Ticket + Night” Discount Campaign Price -EMot exclusive! half price campaign-
Tickets are half price for purchases only on the app “EMot” and website “EMot Online Ticket”.
○Adult Regular price 1,100 yen ⇒ EMot limited 550 yen
○ Elementary school students Regular price 550 yen ⇒ EMot limited 280 yen [Image


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