ENtrance Co., Ltd. Personalized travel service “Tabeee” beta version launch

Entrance Co., Ltd.
Personalized travel service “Tabeee” Beta version launch
Offer early bird plans from 3,600 yen for travel plans during Christmas and New Year holidays

ENtrance Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Wang Xuan, hereinafter referred to as ENtrance), whose mission is to create new encounters between people and regions, aims to create a new standard for travel planning. From Sunday (Thursday), we started accepting travel plans for the beta version of the personalized travel service “Tabeee”. And to commemorate the start of the service, we plan to offer a travel planning service from 3,600 yen for a limited time from November 17th to December 27th.
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Overview of Tabeee
Tabeee is a personalized travel package service that starts with your “feelings” and “likes”. A diverse team of travel planners who are familiar with various regions and themes from all over Japan will support you from planning to reservation, so that you can make your own travel plan for anniversaries and trips with loved ones. Just by casually consulting with us, you will come across travel ideas and unique travel plans that you would not have thought of on your own, and we will provide you with a journey that will lead to realizations and changes in your life.
* After the teaser site was released on October 10th (Monday), we collected and updated user feedback, renewed the service logo, and changed the service name from “TabeeeCreator” to “Tabeee”.
(Homepage) https://tabeee.entrance-co.com/
Beta version service functions and fees
In this beta version service, we will provide two types of travel package products, “TabeeeBox 24 (1 night 2 days)” and “TaeeeBox 48 (2 nights 3 days)”, on the official LINE account. You can use functions such as travel style diagnosis, zoom interview reservation,
confirmation and request of travel plan in web format, and reservation agency. Details are below.
(Service details page) https://tabeee.entrance-co.com/tabeee-beta/ [Image 2

[TabeeeBox 24 | Regular price 4,500 yen (tax included), early bird discount 3,600 yen (tax included)]
・Travel package for 2 days/1 night/24 hours
・Available for 1 to 9 travelers
・4 to 6 spots ・Including how to spend
・With ZOOM pre-suggestions from travel-exclusive creators, can be revised up to once
・ Support for booking travel packages as needed (* Nationwide travel support is not covered)
[TaeeeBox 48 | Regular price 7,500 yen (tax included), early bird discount 6,000 yen (tax included)]
・Travel package for 3 days/2 nights/48 hours
・Available for 1 to 9 travelers
・6 to 12 spots ・Including how to spend
・With ZOOM pre-suggestions from travel-exclusive creators, can be revised up to once
・ Support for booking travel packages as needed (* Nationwide travel support is not covered)
Service usage flow
Travelers can use Tabeee’s travel planning service according to the following flow.
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1. Register a LINE official account and conduct a travel style diagnosis 2. Request a travel plan and select an interview schedule with a travel creator 3. Receive a zoom pre-proposal and select and purchase a TabeeeBox plan 4. Confirm the original travel plan and travel products and make a reservation 5. Complete various travel reservation arrangements and receive a TabeeeBox (web format)

Background of business launch
・Region is the keyword for the domestic travel market, including inbound tourists, whose recovery will accelerate in the future. With signs of the new coronavirus converging, the demand for theme-based and experience-based tourism is expected to further accelerate in the 27 trillion yen domestic travel market, including foreign tourists visiting Japan. On the other hand, the current domestic travel sales method alone leads to overconcentration in famous tourist destinations and limited interaction between travelers and local communities. Through personalized travel planning, we will unearth cultural resources and information that lie dormant in the region.
・The post-corona travel needs will be a trip to make special time with loved ones successful.
In the post-corona era, both Japanese domestic consumers and overseas inbound travelers are seeking a special travel experience that is safer, more secure, and more error-free. “Important anniversaries”, “Family trip after a long time”, “Team camp”, “Workation with friends”, “Trip to interact with the community”, etc. Precisely because it is an important time with important people, you can express your “likes” and “feelings”. It is expected that the number of consumers who want to shape the base will increase.
・Release customers from the trouble of searching, and provide a “journey that starts with a thought”
While there is a large amount of information available on the Internet, it becomes a burden for customers to repeatedly search through the sea of ​​information to plan a trip. There are many people who feel that there are issues with the current travel plan in the “travel plan”. We launched this business to realize a new standard of “journeys that start with feelings” from the common sense of “journeys that start by searching”.
【Company Profile】
Company name: ENtrance Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: July 2019
Representative: CEO Wang Xuan
Business: Travel Business | Consulting Business | MICE Business Registration number: Governor of Tokyo registered travel agency No. 2-8274 [Recruitment information & related articles]
・ Recruitment page:
https://www.notion.so/ENtrance-fcde8ce0d0cd4108bdbef33fc6e72036 ・ Recruitment of travel creators:
・ Company note: https://note.com/entrance_pr
[Inquiries from the press]
ENtrance PR
Contact: admin@entrance-co.com

Details about this release:


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