Estee Now, please listen. “Kaori Love Song” by Takanori Nishikawa Go ahead! The new CM of “Shuodoriki Premium Aroma” has been completed. On-air nationwide from November 14, 2022 (Monday)

ST Co., Ltd.
[Estee] Now, please listen. “Kaori Love Song” by Takanori Nishikawa Go ahead! The new CM of “Shuodoriki Premium Aroma” has been completed. On-air nationwide from November 14, 2022 (Monday)

ST Co., Ltd. will produce a new commercial “Kaori Love Song” for the deodorant air freshener “Shodoriki Premium Aroma”, and will be a program provided by Fuji TV at 21:00 on November 14, 2022 (Monday). will begin nationwide broadcasting.
[Image 1d10075-393-9584446500708079e190-0.jpg&s3=10075-393-ea45d11f9f7591d218da51dbf13500c8-1920x1080.jpg
“Shuodoriki Premium Aroma” New CM “Kaori Love Song” Edition
Deodorant Power The biggest feature of Premium Aroma is its
high-quality “fragrance”. So I decided to make a love song for Kaori. Please listen with the video. “Kaori Love Song” by Takanori Nishikawa! ◆ Takanori Nishikawa changes the air. I sang a Kaori love song. I seriously tried to make a love song for “Kaori”. The snare of the taiko drums is cool while ticking the rhythm with the bass. I made it seriously, but after all the last lyrics are deodorizing power. There is only one person in the world who can sing this song. Yes, Takanori Nishikawa is the man who changed the atmosphere by singing this song, which I don’t know if it’s serious or not. Please listen to Kaori Love Song with video.
You know, Kaori, just with you
You know, Kaori, I love you too much
I want to hug you I want to be
You know, Kaori, happy wind
You know, Kaori, full of love
Aroma premium deodorizing power
[Image 2d10075-393-9c297291864e2fff7b53-1.jpg&s3=10075-393-8954273e8062efad93d33497923ed760-2048x1369.jpg
◆ Takanori Nishikawa will hit back “Takanori Nishikawa” with all his might even if he is not asked.
Shooting of “Takanori Nishikawa looking at the camera scene”. An employee who loves Takanori Nishikawa, who was watching the monitor, muttered a word. “It’s cool!
Mr. Nishikawa, who heard this cheeky but small voice, laughed and said, “Oh, that’s what you mean? Got it!” Takanori Nishikawa will hit back with all his might without being asked.
[Image 3d10075-393-977e685d7e55ba20ead2-2.jpg&s3=10075-393-2b7b70dffeeb16d99c084abb11394040-1673x1118.jpg
Takanori Nishikawa brings you closer to your heart through the screen ◆ Takanori Nishikawa will hit back “Takanori Nishikawa” with all his might, even if he is unreasonable.
On the day of the shoot, Mr. Kage, the creative director, recklessly wanted to shoot a scene that wasn’t planned, saying, “Oh, I want to show this to the fans.” Takanori Nishikawa laughs at such times and asks, “Should I sing normally? Should I open my eyes?” Director Ishii, who didn’t have an answer because it was unreasonable, just answered, “I’ll leave it to Mr. Nishikawa! Please sing in a good mood.” Takanori Nishikawa hit back “Takanori Nishikawa” with all his might, even if it was unreasonable.
This one-cut CM just sitting on a chair. I hope it can be aired someday. [Image 4d10075-393-8e4744f76bfe63d10c0e-3.jpg&s3=10075-393-cc9296fdc7d2a47c3eaab23a65b48d2a-1920x1080.jpg
◆ Takanori Nishikawa will do his best to bring back the “shooting art”. “Hey! Isn’t it amazing? I want to decorate the bathroom in my office.” Takanori Nishikawa praised the photography art with all his might. It is a mosaic deodorant art that is firmly reflected in commercials. When viewed from the side, each tile has unevenness, and when viewed from the front, the deodorizing power is apparent. Takanori Nishikawa muttered it on Twitter and brought it home with all his might. [Image 5d10075-393-6f0ed8206c5687706dbd-4.png&s3=10075-393-e6d31d5513ae3c4c649a04fede350b73-1082x1320.png
[Image 6d10075-393-a38bf1529d32a541d8a4-6.jpg&s3=10075-393-611d5ebc410f85720da66636e1750f0b-2718x1812.jpg
◆ A little premium for daily life.
“Deodorant Premium Aroma” series
[Image 7d10075-393-690a2a83837f394239c1-5.png&s3=10075-393-66dca664b1d9da979ca949138cad7d78-980x428.png
Since its launch in March 2000, the Shoshuryoku series has three main items such as Shoshuryoku for entrances and living rooms, Shoshuryoku for toilets, and Shoshuryoku for toilets. We have been developing products such as “power automatically and quickly” and “deodorizing power plug type”.
In 2015, we launched Shoshu-Riki Premium Aroma as a series that delivers a higher-grade fragrance within the Shoshu-Riki brand. I’ve been
“Shodoriki Premium Aroma” has a fragrance series with the theme of an admired female image, a modern series with the theme of the ideal interior, and an aroma series with the theme of a satisfying and luxurious time. You can enjoy your favorite scent anywhere in your home.
“Deodorizing power” will continue to support customers’ more comfortable and pleasant lives with the power of “deodorant” and “fragrance”.
・ “Deodorizing power” brand site: ・ Dedicated site for “Deodorant Premium Aroma”:
◆ Broadcast schedule
〇 Aired in the Fuji TV drama “PICU” from 21:00 on Monday, November 14, 2022. ◆ Publish videos and articles on Esty Publicity Department dot com! After the new commercial airs, a video related to the “Shuodoriki Premium Aroma” commercial will be released on the “ST Advertising” site. looking forward to!
◆Este’s special advertising department has started a Twitter posting project After the new commercial is on air, the “26th Twitter Public Conference” will be held for the members of the Esty Special Advertising Department. Club members post their opinions and ideas on the agenda announced by e-mail, and everyone makes the new commercial exciting.
The theme this time is “#moment when you want to change the
atmosphere”. Please join the Este Special Advertising Department and participate. In addition, you can check this state by searching for “#Itookashimaru” on Twitter, so if you are interested, please take a look.
In addition, we are looking for members at any time in the special mission advertising department. The condition for being a club member is to “like beauty salons”. We are waiting for you to join us. [Image 8d10075-393-f0eabf16269c48328f3a-7.jpg&s3=10075-393-fc03be7557489f47f731ec2c3b53a71d-1080x200.jpg
◆ CM performer profile
◎ Takanori Nishikawa / Born September 19, 1970. Born in Shiga prefecture. [Image 9d10075-393-f4f7287aefdd31bdc01b-8.jpg&s3=10075-393-f82559103132dbce749ede9a2ad46c59-1800x2700.jpg
In May 1996, he debuted as a solo project “T.M.Revolution” with the single “Dictatorship -monopolize-“. They have a reputation for catchy songs, completed stages that fascinate the audience, and overwhelming live performances, and have released a series of big hits such as “HIGH PRESSURE”, “HOT LIMIT”, “WHITE BREATH” and “INVOKE”.
From 2018, he started full-scale music activities under the name of Takanori Nishikawa. In 2019, he appeared as an actor in the NHK serial TV novel “Scarlet” and continues to take on new challenges in a wide range of ways. 2020-2021 “Best Body Japan Japan Tournament” Model Japan Category Gold Class Winner for 2 consecutive years.
In 2008, he was appointed as the “Shiga Furusato Tourism Ambassador” by his hometown of Shiga Prefecture, and in 2009 he hosted the prefecture’s first large-scale outdoor music event, “Inazuma Rock Festival.” is held. Received the Shiga Prefecture Cultural Achievement Award in 2020.
Currently, T.M.R. 47 prefecture live starts! On August 10th, Takanori Nishikawa’s second CD album “SINGularity II -hyperformation protoCOL-” was released, and on August 17th, he held a live tour under the name of Takanori Nishikawa in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Yokohama.
◆ CM production staff list
○ Advertising company: Dentsu Inc. / Kagekoji Office / Makoto Shinohara Office ○ Production company: Taiyo Kikaku Co., Ltd.
○Creative Director/CM Planner: Koji Kage (Kagekoji Office), Makoto Shinohara (Makoto Shinohara Office)
○ Art Director: Kohei Hayashi (Dentsu)
○ Business Producers: Kenta Takahashi, Yuko Onuma (Dentsu)
○ Creative producers: Chisako Kimura, Kenta Takahashi (Dentsu) ○ Producers: Shinobu Hata, Yuriya Ebina (Taiyo Kikaku/Unit5) ○ Production manager: Shimon Takenaka, Morihiro Iiboshi (Taiyo Kikaku / Unit 5) ○ Director: Soichi Ishii (Parent-and-child company)
○ Photography: Tetsuya Yamamoto (wakantanka)
○Chief photographer: Ko Miura
○ Lighting: Yasuhiro Ota (Triangle)
○ Art: Naoki Yoshimine (SUI)
○ Editing: Takayuki Kamijo (offline), Yasuyuki Washiya (online) ○Hair and Makeup (Takanori Nishikawa): Kaoru Asanuma (Deep-End) ○Lyrics: Koji Kage (Kagekoji Office), Makoto Shinohara (Makoto Shinohara Office) ○ Composition: Koji Kage (Kagekoji Office), Hidetoshi Miyai (WAKURABA) ○ Sound Producer: Hidetoshi Miyai (WAKURABA)
○Recording Engineer: Masatake Osato, Isao Hanashima
○ Making: Masanori Sumi (Sumi Machine)
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