Event held at Queen Elizabeth’s favorite brand Shibuya Finished November 30 LAUNER LONDON

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Event held at Queen Elizabeth’s favorite brand Shibuya [Finished November 30] LAUNER LONDON
~Introduction of the latest event information of LAUNER LONDON, a brand favored by the British royal family~

A pop-up event will be held at Shibuya Scramble Square from November 10th (Thursday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022.
Christmas is just around the corner. Check out the recommended items from the brand, “asking for a Christmas gift” and “as a reward gift for yourself.”
At SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE, a new landmark directly above Shibuya Station, Featured handbag brand LAUNER LONDON, a purveyor to the British royal family, will be released for the first time.
Here are some of our recommended items.

[Image 1d75189-4-e05338ee20e073a1fffd-0.jpg&s3=75189-4-b414240a9bf8f0e7322433d48071d7ca-1800x2700.jpg

From the handbag loved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Price: ¥350,000 (¥385,000Tax in)
Traviata, which uses calf leather and is eye-catching for its quality and beauty,
A must-have item that you want to use for the rest of your life.

For Traviata and Judi, you can choose and order your favorite leather and parts up to 4 colors for each body.
A craftsman makes it by hand one by one in a workshop in England. [Image 2d75189-4-63cd9a591410226013c8-8.png&s3=75189-4-0a59b5b6c94294cc517ffbddce0cda20-2006x1278.png
*The image is an image of the order.
Price: ¥300,000 (¥330,000Tax in)

[Image 3d75189-4-918a061d141a0a3a1761-2.png&s3=75189-4-d9d2cf4b6b5203ef2f4ebbf60f2448be-1862x1222.png
*The image is a simulation image.
We have 4 standard wallet models: small size, medium size, large size, and round zip.
It is also possible to order this. This is the item you want to get first. You can also choose the leather color of the outside and inside, the type of logo parts, etc., and you can also simulate the color. Combine your favorite colors, incorporate feng shui, etc. as you like. For the image, Sunshine Yellow and Turquoise are combined, and Silver Rope is chosen for the metal fittings.
Surround yourself with your favorite colors and feel better! Medium Purse
Price: ¥75,000 (¥82,500Tax in)

[Image 4d75189-4-7657ff28165ad2e379a9-7.png&s3=75189-4-8bc91fc561c6e78abfc88597b8fd2904-1156x1170.png

Japan limited tote bag, Sara,
Featured items made to suit the Japanese lifestyle.
An elegant yet highly practical bag for mature women.
Price: ¥200,000 (¥220,000Tax in)

In addition to this, there are many other recommended items. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Date and time: November 10th (Thursday) to November 30th (Wednesday) Venue: Shibuya Scramble Square Shop & Restaurant
Event Stage 5A in +Q goods on the 5th floor
*Business hours are subject to change.
For details, please see the official website of Shibuya Scramble Square.

LAUNER LONDON Japan Official Site

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