Event prayers will be held for “Genshin”, ★5 “Yae no Miko” (CV: Ayane Sakura), ★5 “Tartarya” (C V: Ryohei Kimura), and new ★4 “Layla” (CV: Miyu Tomita). ! other

Event prayers will be held for “Genshin”, ★5 “Yae no Miko” (CV: Ayane Sakura), ★5 “Tartarya” (CV: Kimura), and new ★4 “Layla” (CV: Miyu Tomita). ! other

COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Lee Seung-ten) has announced that the 5 characters “Ukiyo-e Hundred Appearances” will appear in the multi-platform open world RPG “Genshin” distributed by HoYoverse. We held an event prayer event where Yaegamiko (Thunder), “Kimiko” Tarutarya (Wednesday), and the new ★ 4 characters “Kishi and Yoboshi, Leila (Ice)” will appear. In addition, we will inform you about the events being held.
★5 Yaegamiko (lightning), ★5 Tartariya (water), and the new ★4 Leila (ice) will appear in the event prayers!
From today, November 18th (Friday), we held the event prayer / character “Hana Shiohi” and the event prayer / character 2 “Farewell to Winter Country”.
During the period, the appearance probability of pick-up characters will be greatly increased.
■■Event Prayer/Character “Hanashiohi”
[Image 1

[Holding period]
November 18, 2022 (Friday) 19:00 to December 6 (Tuesday) 15:59 Pick-up character (★5)
“Ukiyosho Hundred Appearances, Yae Miko”
◇God’s Eye: Lightning
◇ Weapon: Legal equipment
◇The chief priest of Narukami Taisha and the editor-in-chief of Yaedo. Behind the gorgeous appearance hides unexpected intelligence and cunning.
[Image 2

◆ Elemental skill “Noboshi Role Curse, Sakura Sessho”
Move quickly and leave one “Sesshozakura”.
Sesshozakura: Drops lightning on a nearby enemy at regular intervals, dealing lightning elemental damage. If there are other Sesshozakura nearby, raise their rank and increase the damage from the above attacks.
◆ Elemental Explosion “Great Esoteric Method, Tenko Manifestation” Drops lightning, dealing lightning elemental area damage. When activated, Yaegamiko releases and destroys the surrounding
Sesshozakura. After that, form and drop a Tenko Thunder Striker, dealing lightning elemental area damage. Drops 1 Tenko Raijin for each Sesshozakura plant destroyed in this way.
Pick-up character (★4)
“Koi and the Night Star, Layla”
◇God’s Eye: Ice
◇Weapon: One-handed sword
◇Student of Rutawa Histo Academy majoring in theoretical astrology. Sometimes sleepwalking. Lack of sleep continues for a long time and suffers from sleep disorders.
[Image 3

◆Elemental skill “Night of Suiso Rinzen”
Deploys a sleeping tent shield to deal ice elemental area damage. ◆ Element Explosion “Dream of Starry Cradle”
Fires a dream sphere that invites sleep, and continuously fires starlight bullets at enemies in the area, dealing ice elemental damage.
“Immigrant Caregiver, Toma”
◇God’s Eye: Flame
◇ Weapon: Long Weapon
◇The head of the Kamisato family. It is also a “face role” that plays an active role in lightning. Gentle and friendly, you can blend in with people anytime, anywhere. At first glance, he seems like a carefree person, but in reality he is a very responsible person. [Image 4

“Those who wish for peace, Heizo Rokunoin”
◇God’s Eye: Wind
◇ Weapon: Legal equipment
◇ A genius juvenile detective with a sharp intuition and a clear mind. No matter what case you face, you can unravel the truth in unexpected ways.
[Image 5

■■Event Prayer/Character 2 “Farewell to the Winter Country”
[Image 6

[Holding period]
November 18, 2022 (Friday) 19:00 to December 6 (Tuesday) 15:59 Pick-up character (★5)
“[Prince] Tartariya”
◇God’s Eye: Water
◇ Weapon: Bow
◇ Fatus No. 11 “Prince”. His achievements and names are widely known. [Image 7

◆ Elemental skill “Armor of the Demon King / Raging Waves”
Unleashes an armament composed of water, deals water elemental damage to surrounding enemies, and enters melee mode.
In this state, Tartarya’s normal attacks and heavy attacks deal water elemental damage, and can’t be changed to other elements by imparting elements.
◆ Elemental Explosion “Villainous Technique / Extinguishing Flash” Ranged Mode/Magic Bullet Flash: Quickly fires a magic arrow filled with water element forward, dealing water element area damage and granting the enemy a cutoff effect. After activation, some of the elemental energy is returned.
Proximity Mode, Exhausted Water Light: Launches a wide-range slash once, deals a large amount of water elemental damage to all
surrounding enemies, and activates a cutoff and explosion.
Disruption/Explosion: If the water light of annihilation hits an enemy in the interruption state, the interruption effect will be consumed and a steam burst will be generated to deal water element area damage. Damage dealt by a discontinuity or explosion is considered elemental explosion damage.
Pick-up character (★4)
“Koi and the Night Star, Layla (Ice)”
“Immigrant Caregiver, Toma (Flame)”
“Those who wish for peace, Heizo Rokunoin (Wind)”
Event Prayer and Weapon “God Casting Formation” Held!
[Image 8

From today, November 18th (Friday), the event prayer / weapon “Kamichutsu” was held.
During the period, the appearance rate of the 5 weapon “Merchandise – Kagura’s true intention” and the 5 weapon “Bow – White Star of the Winter Pole” will be greatly increased.
[Holding period]
November 18, 2022 (Friday) 19:00 to December 6 (Tuesday) 15:59 Pickup Weapon (★5)
“True Intent of Dharma Instruments and Kagura”
“Bow: White Star of the Winter Pole”
Pickup Weapon (★4)
“One-Handed Sword, West Wind Sword”
“Two-handed Sword / Bell Sword”
“Law Instrument: West Wind Secrecy”
“Long Handled Weapon: Box Dragon”
★ 4 Dolly can be invited! The event “Wonderful Mushroom Pick” is being held! [Image 9

We are currently planning to hold the event “Wonderful Mushroom Pick”. “Wonderful Mushroom Pick” is divided into two parts, “Preparation” and “Battle Progression”. Earn rewards such as experience.
[Event period]
November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 11:00 to November 28, 2022 (Monday) 04:59 [Event store open period]
November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 11:00 to December 5, 2022 (Monday) 04:59 [Participation conditions]
・Adventure Rank 30 or higher
・Clear Demon Mission Chapter 1, Act 3 “Approaching Guest Star” *It will be even better if you play after clearing the Demon God Mission Chapter 3 Act 5 “Void Heartbeat, Roaring Hell” and Yaegamiko Legend Mission Senko Chapter Act 1 “Narukami Purification Prayer Festival”. You can enjoy the event with a game experience.
*During the event period, if you have not cleared the Demon God Mission Chapter 3/Act 5 and the Yaegamiko Legend Mission, you can participate in the event by selecting “Quick Start” on the event screen.
The event “Inspiration in Travel Photos: Green Leaves Edition” is now being held!
[Image 10

Currently, we are holding an event “Inspiration for Travel Photos: Green Leaves Edition”.
During the event period, you can help the painter “Asagiri” and take pictures of designated places to get rewards such as raw stones, Mora, and Great Hero experience.
[Event period]
November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) 11:00 to December 5, 2022 (Monday) 04:59 [Event Participation Conditions]
・Adventure Rank 30 or higher
・ Clear the Demon Mission “Remote Island Escape Plan”
・Clear the world mission “Let’s take a picture”
*Must be played after clearing the Yoimiya Legendary Mission Ryukin Chapter Act 1 “Dream like a dream, thunder like constant” and Tartariya Legendary Mission Sky Whale Chapter 1 “Dokuganbo and Hide and Seek”. , you can enjoy the event with a better gaming experience. *During the event period, if you have not completed the Yoimiya Legendary Mission and Tarutarya Legendary Mission, you can participate in the event by selecting “Quick Start” on the event screen. [Image 11

◆ About “Haragami”
Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that combines anime-like high-end 3D graphics with open-world elements.
It supports multiple platforms such as PlayStation (R) 4/5, PC, and smartphones, so you can not only explore the vast world as a single player, but also enjoy adventures with friends in cross-platform multiplayer.
Set in a fantasy world called “Taiwat”, this work features an open world where you can freely explore, team formation with up to 4 characters, strategic battles that make full use of elements, and an attractive story.
The mysterious “traveler” who becomes the player himself embarks on a journey to find his lost brother and sister, but gradually approaches the secret of Teiwat.
◆ Game overview
Title: Genshin
Genre: Open World RPG
Supported OS: PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/PC/iOS/Android Planned OS: Nintendo Switch(TM)
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Click here for the latest information on Genshin Impact
[Genshin Impact Official Website]
[Haragami Official Twitter]
[Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel]
[Genshin Impact Official TikTok]
About HoYoverse
HoYoverse is a brand founded with the goal of providing players around the world with an immersive virtual world experience. In addition to game content such as “Genshin”, “Houkai 3rd”, “Undecided Case Files”, and “Houkai: Starrail”, we have released live wallpaper application “N0va Desktop” and community service “HoYoLAB”, mainly original IP. We also produce various products such as anime, manga, music, novels and goods. Under the slogan “Tech Otakus Save the World”, we are working on technology development, pursuing cutting-edge technology, and accumulating top-class technology in fields such as toon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud games. HoYoverse is actively globalizing with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, etc.
HoYoverse Official Website: https://www.hoyoverse.com/ja-jp

* “PlayStation”, “PS5” and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

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