Event & Recruitment Information Twitter users only! Corporate training lecturer audition “RE:PRODUCT” anno uncement and recruitment start

Hub Product Co., Ltd.
[Event & Recruitment Information] Twitter users only! Corporate training lecturer audition “RE:PRODUCT” announcement and recruitment start
Your theories and claims with your thoughts will change Japan! Why don’t you use those 140 characters to reach more people, and with a louder voice, as a “corporate training lecturer”?

Hub Product Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Kazuhiko Hosono, URL: https://www.hub-product.com/), which plans and provides corporate training content, recently tweeted through Twitter. We will hold a “Corporate Training Lecturer Audition” to unearth passion (theories and claims) and produce it as a training program.
◆ Click here for details and application: https://home-room.online/audition [Image 1

Purpose of the project
“I want to discover instructors who add a new color to training.” Problems of companies that continue to increase and human resources that continue to decrease. The issues in between are becoming more complex year by year. In order to solve this problem, existing human resource development methods and ordinary training programs are no longer sufficient.
In order to solve the problems of companies seeking new solutions, I would like to discover, train, and produce future training instructors that I have not yet met.
With such a strong feeling and mission, we launched the project of corporate training lecturer audition “RE: PRODUCT”.
What is the corporate training lecturer audition “RE:PRODUCT”? It is a “Corporate Training Lecturer Audition” that discovers the passionate thoughts (theories and claims) tweeted through Twitter and produces them as a training program.
Those selected in the audition will have the opportunity to make their debut as a corporate training instructor in April 2023, with a total production by a professional group such as active professional instructors, personnel consultants, and video creators.
“Why Twitter selection?!” Unique selection method
“Your theories and claims will change Japan!”
Among the many SNS, I think that those who can send out their own theories and assertions in only 140 characters are suitable for corporate training instructors.
This is because, with his theories and claims that he puts his thoughts into, he has encouraged, healed, and enriched the lives of many people. Next time, why don’t you spread the world view in 140 characters to more people, with a louder voice, as a “corporate training lecturer”?
▼ Click here for the Twitter account of “RE:PRODUCT”

Screening details
The examination will proceed as follows.
1st screening: Document screening from 12/19 (Mon.) to 12/23 (Fri.) Second screening: Online interview on 01/06 (Fri)-01/08 (Sun) Third screening: Face-to-face interviews on 01/13 (Fri)-01/15 (Sun) ↓
Final Judging:
Date: January 29, 2023 (Sun) 10:00-17:00
■ Venue: Studio near Todaimae Station, Tokyo (details will be given to those who pass by)
Application conditions/application target
《Application conditions》
1. Those who use Twitter
2. Those who can debut as a corporate training lecturer in April 2023 (Those who can secure a schedule)
* Both 1 and 2 must meet the conditions
《Application target》
・Company managers and freelancers
・Training instructors, professionals
・Those who work for a company that allows multiple jobs, etc. Application method
1. Write the thoughts (theories and claims) you want to convey in 140 characters 2. Attaching URLs tweeted in the past
Please select one of the above, enter your Twitter account, and apply from the following.
■ Application: https://home-room.online/audition
Application deadline: Friday, November 4, 2022 to Friday, December 16, 23:59 prize
“Grand Prix”
・Debuted as a professional corporate training instructor in April 2023 ・Special lesson by active instructor
・Additional prize of 100,000 yen (instructor activity reserve) *In addition, there will be special judges’ prizes.
Our project members are really excited to meet future training instructors who will resonate with our company.
We are looking forward to receiving many applications from everyone! About Hub Product Co., Ltd.
[Image 2

“Adding ‘color’ to human resource development and human resource recruitment.” 【Company Profile】
Company name: Hub Product Co., Ltd.
Location: WORK COURT SHIBUYA Shoto, 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0046 Representative: Kazuhiko Hosono, Representative Director
URL: https://www.hub-product.com/
Business description:
Corporate training, human resource development business / Video production and distribution business / Recruitment support business Human resource development training package “HOMEROOM” https://home-room.online/ ▼ Click here for the Twitter account of “RE:PRODUCT”

Hub Product Co., Ltd.
Email address: info@hub-product.com

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