Event report Seminar for financial sales “ABC 2 of online interviews ~ From rope pre-sales to flowchart sales ~” was held

Wizleap Inc.
[Event report] Seminar for financial sales “ABC 2 of online interviews ~ From rope pre-sales to flowchart sales ~” was held
It ended with a great popularity with over 94% of participants’ satisfaction!
Wizleap Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Shohei Tanigawa), which operates the money consultation platform “Money Career”, will be the largest online distribution in the industry on November 16 (Wednesday) and November 22 (Tuesday), 2022. We are pleased to announce that we have held a seminar for financial sales, “Online Interview ABCs 2 ~From Low Presales to Flowchart Sales~”.
■ In August, the second round of the industry’s largest online seminar with 1,500 people was held!
[Image 1

A lecturer who achieved COT with only online interviews and personal insurance held a seminar to further explain the know-how of online interviews that are at the forefront of the times.
In addition to insurance agents, sales representatives from insurance companies also participated.
-Summary of report figures-
・ Satisfaction rate: 94.7%
[Image 2

・ Intention to participate next time: 92.0%
[Image 3

-The day-
I would like to introduce some of the events of the day.
*This is a screenshot, so please understand that there are some rough parts. [Image 4

[Image 5

-Participant questionnaire- (partial excerpt)
It was a big realization that online, rather than showing materials on the screen, it is important to concisely talk about the points verbally.
The part where you talked about death insurance and cancer insurance in the actual role play format was exactly accurate and very easy to understand!
It was helpful to talk about how much you can give, not how much it costs for education funds. Also, I would like to practice how much I want to put out in my own interview.
Where the specific chart was shown. The interview items were the same, but there was some ingenuity in how to ask, which was helpful. The customer has the right to choose, and I felt that it was very easy to understand and verbalized to affirm it and proceed. Until now, I think that I often communicated my opinion and why I thought so, so I would like to reflect on it.
■ Online interview Iroha 2 ~From rope pre-sales to flowchart sales~Overview -schedule-
・November 16 (Wednesday) 11:00-13:00
・November 16 (Wednesday) 14:00-16:00
・November 22 (Tue) 11:00-13:00
・November 22 (Tue) 14:00-16:00
ZOOM / Free
Money Career x A&A Consulting
Lecturer: Shuntaro Tomiyama
Moderator: Katsura Yuto Alain
■ Wizleap’s efforts
-Money career-
A money consultation platform that creates opportunities to think about money and eliminates worries about money in the era of 100-year lifespans. Consultation on asset formation, life plans, review of insurance, etc. is possible. Registration is easy on LINE, and we will match you with reputable experts.
We are also holding an online money seminar, and you will be able to study money with one smartphone.
URL: https://money-career.com/
Solve the things you don’t understand about pet insurance!
This is a web service that allows you to consult about pet insurance and compare products.
We can introduce pet insurance that matches you from 11 insurance companies. URL: https://moffme.com/
【Company Profile】
Company name Wizleap Co., Ltd.
Location: Aoyama Seven Heights 606, 1-7-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Representative Director Shohei Tanigawa
Established February 10, 2017
Capital 30 million
Business description: Money consultation platform business “Money Career” Pet insurance comparison and consultation business “MOFFME”
Number of employees: 70 (including outsourcing contracts) *As of the end of July 2022
URL: https://wizleap.co.jp/
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