eventos won the “Advanced Business Model Award” in the mission-critical ASP/SaaS category at the 16th ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards 2022

bravesoft Inc.
eventos won the “Advanced Business Model Award” in the
mission-critical ASP/SaaS category at the 16th ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards 2022
Taking advantage of the advanced business model award, we will continue to aim for “Be A Nextream”

Bravesoft Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Eiji Sugasawa, https://bravesoft.co.jp/) won the “16th ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Award 2022” announced yesterday on November 16, 2022, in the mission-critical ASP/SaaS category “advanced business model We are pleased to announce that we have received the award.
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What is the ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Award?
The ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards are led by the ASP/SaaS/AI/IoT Cloud Industry Association (abbreviated as ASPIC), and recognize excellent cloud services that are beneficial to society in Japan. .
It is an award system that is implemented for the purpose of actively supporting the business development and expansion of cloud service providers and user companies and organizations, and for the
development and establishment of cloud services as a social
information infrastructure.
Since the first award was held in 2006, this year will be the 16th. ▼ 16th ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Award Winner List

On winning the “Advanced Business Model Award” at the ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards bravesoft Inc.
 Director, CTO / Event Experience Group Manager
Koichiro Kiyota
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We are delighted that eventos has received the “Advanced Business Model Award” in the mission-critical ASP/SaaS category at the historic “ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards”.
Since its service launch in 2014, eventos has been used in more than 6,000 events such as “real events”, “online events”, and “hybrid events”, reducing the work of event organizers and event exhibitors with the power of digital. We have realized the success of the event by realizing operational efficiency.
We are proud that the eventos service, which enhances events with the power of digital, has been evaluated as an “advanced business model” this time, and will continue to strive to improve the quality as a SaaS service that realizes event success.

Advanced business model realized by eventos
[Image 3d54681-158-d48e4beb0c92383ac1fe-2.jpg&s3=54681-158-d6f0ca95ad15391382e1215c784209b5-1920x1080.jpg
eventos was originally used as an event app to liven up real events, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it quickly became compatible with online events. A wide variety of usage methods are possible according to the purpose and format of the event. Furthermore, in recent years, it has been used as an owned media, and it is also provided as a business model for viewing videos such as live distribution and archive distribution in on-demand format. We have established a rapid business model to respond flexibly to the changing times and to meet the necessary demands in the event industry.

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eventos can be linked with external services and customized in various ways. With eventos as the axis, you can use it as your own platform by linking services and developing peripherals.
Instead of creating a system from scratch, we use eventos to keep initial costs down, and by using existing functions, we provide a service that allows you to develop your business at a reasonable price and with peace of mind.
[Image 5d54681-158-526805d0867f25f9b128-3.jpg&s3=54681-158-0fa7e910bc3369871e497e5d4968aa3a-1920x1080.jpg
In recent years, many companies hold online webinars, but by using eventos to hold webinars, we have achieved effects such as “cost reduction”, “sales increase”, and “user satisfaction improvement”. We will continue to aim for an “advanced business model” as a cutting-edge platform that realizes not only a conventional event platform, but also utilization in all types of events, utilization as owned media, and function expansion based on the platform. . What is eventos
eventos (https://eventos.tokyo/) is a platform that enables the creation and publication of official web and apps for events that can be used for both online and real events in a short period of time. [Image 6d54681-158-06613f1d852793cc77b9-5.jpg&s3=54681-158-b1962501e05b3617fd3d1677bb613891-1820x1024.jpg
With only the initial cost of 300,000 yen and the license usage fee of 100,000 yen per month, you can use various functions such as launching the event website / application, participation application, reception management, guide information and questionnaires.
Information can be updated like a blog from the management screen (web page) without programming knowledge.
We have a full range of functions to support real/online/hybrid events on the web and in the app.
Based on the no-code event creation function, design customization by HTML and CSS, member restriction by member registration / login function, online correspondence by live distribution / video distribution, marketing function such as business meeting reservation and online MTG, map function and push It has a full range of functions that can be used for any event, such as an application function that notifies you and an analysis function of event participant
The world’s three biggest game events “Tokyo Game Show”, “Tokyo Motor Show” and “Tokyo Girls Collection”. Asia’s largest welfare equipment and supplies exhibition “HCR (International Rehabilitation Equipment Exhibition)”, Asia’s largest coffee event “SCAJ”, Mini 4WD competition “TAMIYA Passport” held every week in various parts of Japan, recently online exhibition・From large-scale events such as online shareholder meetings and online joint briefings to corporate private shows, we have over 6,000 events so far as official websites and official apps for a wide variety of events, including real events, online events, and hybrid events. It is used by more than 2.8 million users in total. Reference) List of eventos installation results

What is bravesoft
[Image 7d54681-158-262641bccd5f54381946-6.png&s3=54681-158-7e58426c3111f88502d1d6607e4cc1c9-2000x450.png
We are a tech company that has been developing apps since the dawn of smartphones and boasts a track record of over 800 applications and a cumulative total of over 100 million downloads, such as “Bokete”, “TVer”, “Prime Minister’s Official Residence”, and “31 Ice Cream”. In the future, we will develop a platform “eventos” that can centrally manage events with WEB x application. Using the latest technology, we aim to realize eventech, which revolutionizes the event experience. ■ Company profile
Trade name: bravesoft Inc.
Representative: Eiji Sugasawa, Representative Director
Location: 4-13-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
Established: April 4, 2005
Business description: Eventtech business (own products/partner products) Capital: 550 million yen (including capital reserve)
URL: https://www.bravesoft.co.jp/
■ Inquiries about this matter
Person in charge: Masaomi Takase, Public Relations Strategy Division Email: pr@bravesoft.co.jp
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