EVERY.LIVE Co., Ltd. Live distribution app “EVERY .LIVE” created by everyone, new content for live distrib ution, V Liver (Virtual Liver) has started distribution!

Live distribution app “EVERY .LIVE” created by everyone, new content for live distribution, V Liver (Virtual Liver) has started
– Reception starts from 2022/10/11 (Tue)! –

The live distribution app “EVERY.LIVE” operated by EVERY.LIVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoyuki Sasaki) will be available on V Liver (virtual Liver) has started distribution. The app has also been improved, such as the newly established “V-river tab” dedicated to V-rivers on the app. “EVERY .LIVE” will continue to develop various contents according to the trends of the world and the needs of users.

Liver name: Otoha Kago
Profile: https://elv01.page.link/EoyxznD1zFPRJGuWA
*Comment (Yosaki Remii)
“Because EVERY.LIVE didn’t have content called V-river, I started thinking that a new sign would be born!”
“I signed up because I thought the treatment was good and the freedom was good!” “The person in charge was kind, so I’m glad I registered.”
■ “EVERY .LIVE” is looking for a river!
“EVERY .LIVE” holds collaborative events with companies in various genres. In addition, there are plenty of exciting events such as large offline events and unusual original events! Please take this opportunity to enjoy the live distribution on “EVERY .LIVE”.
We are also waiting for applications from V-rivers!
* Click here for the driver application
■ How to watch “EVERY .LIVE”
You can install EVERY .LIVE from the URL below and watch the broadcast. https://app.adjust.com/kfo3llg
■ About “EVERY.LIVE”
EVERY .LIVE is a live distribution platform that started in January 2021. We will create new value by focusing on the viewers and the live streamers, and everyone will become friends. It is an app that started with the vision of “GOOD for Everyone”.
In addition, from 2022, large-scale offline events will be held regularly, showing further excitement.
In order to realize a new live community service that goes beyond live distribution, please continue to pay attention to “EVERY .LIVE”, which focuses on community formation and grows with users.
-Service related URL-
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVERYLIVE_
Official LINE: https://lin.ee/RPW93Nz
Official note: https://note.com/everylive
Official website: https://everylive.jp/
Details about this release:


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