Excess Beauty Co., Ltd. Proposing a new Christmas coffret that takes into account the SDGs

Excess Beauty Co., Ltd.
Proposal of new Christmas coffret considering SDGs
Poai Earth and your skin friendly

Make every day a special day Christmas coffret November 24, 2022 Limited quantity sales start
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Excess Beauty Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), which continues to communicate with consumers on SNS live 365 days a year and commercializes consumers’ “I wanted such cosmetics”, will be enriched on November 24, 2022 (Thursday). Introducing a Christmas coffret featuring popular skincare and sparkling makeup cosmetics. This coffret is recommended as a reward for yourself or as a gift for someone special. All 4 items, 8 items.
Poai’s Christmas coffret is eco-friendly and does not use ribbons or wrapping to reduce waste. Realizing a new style of coffret that works on SDGs and delivers in simple packaging. Through Christmas coffret, we made it with the hope that you can enjoy the holiday season while valuing the global environment. Poai will continue to propose environmentally friendly ways to give presents.
Product Summary
◆ Beautiful skin care set (with a special gift)
● Set contents
cleansing whip
spotlight rush
13,530 yen including tax
[Image 2d76794-22-6c8ef19515297c477f3e-8.jpg&s3=76794-22-82b42b9ad85a37924f2796805aa47483-1541x1046.jpg
・I want to have confidence in my eyelashes
・I want a moisturizing cleanser after rinsing
・ I want to feel the skin care effect instead of just removing it This coffret is recommended for those who want to take care of their skin from eyelashes to skin.
◆ Smooth and beautiful skin powder set (with special gift)
● Set contents
Magical barrier powder
3D Blend Highlight Brush
17,930 yen including tax
[Image 3d76794-22-55e11bf1f5c782b97886-1.jpg&s3=76794-22-e0c28b8831c751d6f323f9ee44d615c4-1568x1046.jpg
・Worried about open pores and blackheads
・ I want to make beautiful skin with fine texture like pottery This coffret is recommended for those who want to cover their pores and have smooth looking skin.
◆ Moisturizing glossy skin makeup set (with a special gift)
● Set contents
UV cover base
Magical barrier powder
22,000 yen including tax
[Image 4d76794-22-a65f74a12d95bdd7eeaf-2.jpg&s3=76794-22-a5f22f8cb22d77d97897cd2ba81a44d9-1568x1046.jpg
・ I want to have beautiful skin that does not get dull all day long ・I want to erase small wrinkles around my eyes
・I want to cover spots and nasolabial folds neatly
This coffret is recommended for those who want to have natural and beautiful glossy skin.
◆Perfect makeup artist brush set (with special gift)
● Set contents
Set of 8 makeup brushes
38,500 yen including tax
[Image 5d76794-22-cd1b3672a06ee4cb0f93-3.jpg&s3=76794-22-1b90e8db2798afc8375485b2cfdc8152-1568x1046.jpg
・I want to be good at makeup easily
・ I want to make up gently on the skin
・ I want to make up in a short time
This coffret is recommended for those who want to make their makeup easy and time-saving.
Excess Beauty Co., Ltd.
Representative: Miyo Fukui
[Image 6d76794-22-7197b9fbbf19031db838-4.jpg&s3=76794-22-b8cbe7a4d1b372967099f54ced65fcd5-2048x1365.jpg
Make and try it together and be happy! Excess Beauty is a cosmetics company that allows people in their 40s to enjoy themselves. Aiming to be a cosmetics company that delivers really good cosmetics for consumers, we continue to communicate with consumers 365 days a year through SNS live, the first in Japan! ! We make cosmetics that fulfill the consumer’s “I wanted this kind of cosmetics”.
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-Contact information-
URL: https://excess-beauty.com
Email: info@excess-beauty.com
Phone: 06-6734-4777

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