Exclusive scoop on the “mastermind” of the former Unification Church problem!

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Exclusive scoop on the “mastermind” of the former Unification Church problem! Masumi Fukuda, a non-fiction writer who won the Shincho Documentary Award, will scoop the “black curtain” of the former Unification Church problem in the January 2011 issue of the monthly “Hanada” released on Friday, November 25!

Many inquiries even before the release! Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi’s research, “China’s target of the Self-Defense Forces radio tower,” revealed by in-depth local coverage, former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s urgent contribution, “Because of Mr. Abe, I am now.”
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[All-out special feature 142 pages Japan is in danger! ]
◎ Noriyuki Yoshimasa Hayashi’s research Genealogy of the Aphrodisiac 1 ◎ Masumi Fukuda [Exclusive Scoop! ] The mastermind behind the Unification Church problem
◎ Arimoto Kao China’s Self -Defense Forces Radio Tower [Thorough coverage of Hokkaido invasion of Xi Jinping]
◎ Ishihira “Xi Jinping coup” is Japan’s biggest post-war crisis ◎ Yukihiro Hasegawa Suspension of passport issuance China’s “prison” ◎ Itaru Matsuzaki Chairman Kazuo Shii “100 Years Speech” is a sermon of a cult ◎ Kazue Fujiwara Japan’s focal point of the ‘witch-hunting society’ created by the media
◎ Kazuo Yawata “Bungei Shunju” December issue “Prime Minister Abe, Emperor Aiko Acceptance Theory” is lamb meat
◎ Haruo Kitamura “Single custody system”, the evil law of the world that leads to the kidnapping of biological children
◎ D. Atkinson Completely refutes the “positive financial faction”! ◎ Tetsuhide Yamaoka: Taro Kimura’s nuclear remarks, who were truly amazed ◎ Shuhei Mainumi x Shinichi Kawabata Smartphones are a “poison” for children ◎Hideo Mima x Junzo Ono (Moderator, Mamoru Kamono) Confessions of a former Unification Church member! Media lynching and the crisis of democracy
◎Tsutsumi Tsutsumi x Kubo Takeyuki [Konnyaku Question and Answer] The mottled blur of Biden
◎ Yo Iiyama [Don’t be fooled by hypocrites! ] A hypocrite who teaches “proper titles between spouses”
◎ Takamasa Kadota [Going to the scene] Prime Minister Kishida and the Ministry of Finance’s “destroyed country duo”
◎ Kaoru Arimoto [Kouron Otsugi] Prime Minister, say goodbye to Xi Jinping ◎ Hideo Tamura [Common sense economics] The global war in the 21st century is “dollar vs. goods”
◎ Kudan Yasunosuke [Nagatacho Confidential] How to stamp the death penalty stamp [Bold analysis by up-and-coming researchers and military journalists] Yu Koizumi x Buntaro Kuroi Putin and Xi Jinping are “bosses of wide-area gangsters”
[Memories with former Prime Minister Abe]
Yoshihiko Noda (95th Prime Minister) I am who I am today because of Mr. Abe. Reprint of the full text of the memorial speech to former Prime Minister Abe “You won’t keep winning, Mr. Abe”
[Local Korean report]
Jeong Byung-joo Itaewon Halloween accident is an underdeveloped country type incident
[Gravure feature]
princess diana
[Great response new series!]
Toshio Watanabe’s New Theory of Endurance: Meiji Treaty Revision, Showa Japan-U.S. Security Treaty
E. Luttwak Strongest Strategic Thinking “Three Models” Taiwan Should Copy Ishihira Knows and Knows He “Unbelievable Japan” that is different from China and Korea (Cultural Edition Part 3)
Masaru Sato Cats know everything “Putin and Dostoevsky”
Katsumi Murotani Neighboring Countries: The Itaewon Incident and the Sewol Ferry Kaori Fukushima A Cruel Story in Modern China Dystopia Beginning with the Communist Party Purge
Tomoke Shigemura Korean Peninsula News “Prime Minister Fumio Kishida” Takashi Fukaya Hitokoto Nine Kanae Politician of loyalty and humanity Ryutaro Hashimoto (Part 2)
Katsuyuki Kawai Prison Diary Unfulfilled Promise
Hiroshi Osaki (Chairman and CEO of Yoshimoto Kogyo HD) Love Yu Public Bath, Otcho Kochoi no Choi, etc.
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