Exhibition x SDGs Efforts for sustainability through exhibitions such as collection of PET bottle caps and bub ble wrap [11/10 (Thursday) and 11 (Friday) Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building (Tokyo) Toshima ward)】

Informa Markets Japan K.K.
[Exhibition x SDGs] Efforts for sustainability through exhibitions such as collection of PET bottle caps and bubble wrap [11/10 (Thursday) and 11 (Friday) Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building (Tokyo) Toshima ward)】
Cooperating companies/organizations: Authorized NPO Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV) / Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd. / Authorized NPO Florence

Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will hold a “PET bottle We will carry out initiatives for sustainability such as collection of caps, collection of air cushion material “Puchi Puchi”, and fundraising for charity organizations.
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Commitment to sustainability
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd., which hosts approximately 40 types of events annually, fully recognizes its responsibility and impact on the environment, society, and economy through the holding of exhibitions, and aims to contribute to the improvement of sustainability. increase. Through the holding of this exhibition, in addition to collection activities for “plastic bottle caps” and “bubble wraps”, we have conducted fundraising activities that have collected a cumulative total of over 150 million yen over the past six years at Informa’s bases around the world. increase.
▼Efforts for sustainability at exhibitions


SDGs sponsor
This initiative has received support from the following exhibitors and cooperating companies.
■ List of sponsor companies
Sciseed, Sunshine City, Sever Communications, Toriro Works, Media Link, Kyoei Sangyo, Avaya Japan, RightTouch (in alphabetical order) [Image 2

Let’s collect caps and donate vaccines – we collect PET bottle caps Using PET bottle caps as vaccines for children.
A total of 5,590 caps have become 6.5 vaccines.
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We collect used PET bottle caps at Informa Markets Japan and at the sponsoring exhibition venue.
The PET bottle caps are sold as recycled resources, and the profits are donated to the certified NPO Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV). After that, in cooperation with the “United Nations Children’s Fund” (UNICEF), orders will be placed to vaccine factories around the world and delivered to children at vaccination venues in each country.
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■ Activity results
Starting in 2022, we have collected a total of 13.0 kg, or 5,590 PET bottle caps, and have turned them into 6.5 vaccines.
*Please see below for the vaccines we mainly donate and the results of our support.



■ Cooperation
Authorized NPO Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV) [Image 14

Loop recycling – we collect bubble wrap
“Don’t throw away that bubble wrap!”
The bubble wrap after use is reborn and sent to the customer again. [Image 6

We will collect “bubble wraps” used for transporting materials to the exhibition venue and scheduled to be discarded at the exhibition venue and provide them to Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.
“Bubble wrap”, which is often used for packing materials, is often recognized as “disposable materials”, and a large amount of waste occurred when materials were brought in at exhibitions. Focusing on this fact, we decided to carry out recycling activities with the cooperation of Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd., which had been promoting loop recycling initiatives from the beginning.
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■ Cooperation
Kawakami Industry Co., Ltd.
[Image 8

Walk the World- Please donate
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* We are accepting donations at any time from those who support this initiative. Also, please contact us if you would like to participate in “Walk the World” (walking event).
■ Activity results
Over the past six years, more than 22,000 people from inside and outside the company have participated.
The walking distance is about “5 times around the earth”.
The total amount of donations has reached “more than 150 million yen”, and we have received support and approval from many people.
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■ Donation destination
Certified NPO corporation Florence
[Image 12

FSC certified – we use environmentally friendly printed materials [Image 13

FSC certification is an international system that certifies
“appropriate forest management” that was born for the purpose of sustainable forest utilization and conservation.
Products made from certified forests are labeled with the FSC logo. By choosing FSC-certified products, you support foresters and communities that manage forests appropriately, and support companies and businesses that use their products as raw materials, contributing to global forest conservation. be connected.
Details of cooperating companies and donation destinations
■ Authorized NPO Japan Committee (JCV) Vaccines for the World’s Children Official website: https://www.jcv-jp.org/
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4,000 people a day, one baby or child every 20 seconds, die from preventable infections for the lack of vaccines.
The Japan Committee for Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV) is a private international support organization that delivers vaccines to children in developing countries and carries out activities to protect their lives and futures.
Infectious disease vaccines are very cheap. For example, polio and tuberculosis vaccines cost only 20 yen per person. 100 yen can save the lives of 5 children.
In order to save as many precious lives as possible, we ask for your warm support.
■ Kawakami Industry Co., Ltd.
Official website: https://www.putiputi.co.jp/
[Image 15

(“Bubble wrap”, “Plastic pearl” and “Loop recycling” are
It is a registered trademark of Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd. collects not only our own products, but also polyolefin packaging materials (Puchi Puchi (R), Plapearl (R), plastic bags, stretch films, etc.) that are used by customers and reborn as raw materials for products. We are also making efforts to manufacture products using these raw materials and have the same customers purchase them again.
The bubble wrap after use is reborn and sent to the customer again. We named this recycling “loop recycling (R)”. We will cooperate with customers and recycled raw material manufacturers throughout Japan to expand the circle of loop recycling (R) and contribute to reducing the environmental burden.
■ Certified NPO corporation Florence
Official website: https://florence.or.jp/
[Image 16

Certified NPO Florence is engaged in social work projects such as child poverty and child abuse issues, as well as support for balancing childcare and work through “visiting sick child daycare”, “disabled child daycare”, and “approved childcare business”. It’s a group. We will create “small solutions” to social problems that hinder the smiles of parents and children as a business, and drive innovation in solving social problems so that many parents and children can be saved. Thank you for your support.
Overview of the exhibition
[Image 17

Name: Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2022 in Tokyo (23rd) Date: November 10th (Thursday) and 11th (Friday), 2022 10:00-17:30 Venue: Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building
Organizer: Ric Telecom Co., Ltd. Monthly Call Center Japan,
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
Official website: https://www.callcenter-japan.com/tokyo/
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[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta_CE9ErTpw]


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