Extra-thick pork steak, as many sizes as you like! GRAND FRONT OSAKA “GOOD EAT TALE & STANDARD BAR” menu renewal from November 15th.

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Extra-thick pork steak, as many sizes as you like! GRAND FRONT OSAKA “GOOD EAT TALE & STANDARD BAR” menu renewal from November 15th. Big size is no longer “lump meat”! Fun to cut into pieces and share with everyone!

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The menu will be renewed from November 15th at “GOOD EAT TABLE & STANDARD BAR” on the 6th floor of the Grand Front Osaka North Building!
The star of the show is the extra-thick pork steak that you can choose the size of.
Depending on the size, rather than being extremely thick, it’s a chunk of meat! Both dinner and lunch.
You can enjoy it by yourself or share it with others.
I would love to have a soft and delicious pork steak.
Extra-thick pork that you can choose by size. If you have 2 or more people, we recommend the “mass share”
Pork steak is the number of people, appetite and stomach size? Available in 6 sizes to suit your needs.
200g, 300g, 450g, 600g, 1kg, 2kg.
If you’re going to eat with several people, it’s fun to cut big chunks and share them.
It is recommended for beauty, cost performance, and excitement. According to the staff who tasted it, “It’s not as persistent as I thought, and I can eat it quickly.”
A steak made from Spanish pork that is cooked at a low temperature until soft to lock in the flavor, then grilled to perfection. You may want to aim for a slightly larger size than you imagine. [Image 2

Pork steak single item price at dinner time
・200g 990 yen
・300g 1265 yen
・450g 1815 yen
・600g 2,310 yen
・1kg 3740 yen
・2kg 5390 yen
*All prices include tax
Dinner time is for banquets and meals.
The main pork steak is served as a chunk of meat (150g x number of people). Let’s cut it up with everyone and have fun and enjoy it!
■ Pork steak dinner plan 4,400 yen per person
*90 minutes all-you-can-drink included
・Pork steak (150g per person)
・Assorted French ham and salami
·Caesar salad
・Party Nachos
・French fries
・Garlic rice
By the way, even if you want to eat more than 150g, you can contact us by phone! [Image 3

dinner plan
We also have dinner sets that are perfect for evening meals. By all means on the day “I want to eat a lot of meat today”. ■ Pork steak dinner set 2,750 yen per person
・Pork steak (200g)
・Cream spinach
・Appetizer platter
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dinner set
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/24488/table/1457_1_765de0a40fb45c2cb9f3235042f4a736.jpg ]

Lunch time is a set of all-you-can-eat rice, soup bar, and drink bar At lunchtime, of course, it’s extra-thick and chunky pork steak. We offer a lunch set with all-you-can-eat rice, soup bar, and drink bar. Lunch set price by size
・200g 1100 yen
・300g 1,375 yen
・450g 1925 yen
・600g 2420 yen
・1kg 3850 yen
・2 kg 5500 yen
・200g + thick-sliced ​​bacon & egg 1,350 yen
・200g + sausage 1450 yen
・200g + spare ribs 1550 yen
[Image 5

Photo shows 300g
In addition, we also have a “special lunch” that comes with an appetizer platter and gelato.
■ Special lunch 2,420 yen per person
・Pork steak (200g)
・Cream spinach
・Appetizer platter
・All-you-can-eat rice
・Soup bar
·drink bar
You can also increase the size of the meat when ordering, so please choose according to your appetite!
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A la carte is also available in a variety of ways. Together with Tarunama Yebisu!
Since it is a “GOOD EAT TABLE & STANDARD BAR”, we also offer a variety of drinks.
Starting with premium Yebisu beer, which we are proud of
Highballs that can be enjoyed with whiskeys from around the world A wide variety of cocktails, wines, craft gins and more.
We also have a variety of a la carte food menus other than pork steak, so we welcome you to have a drink at the counter.
Of course, one person is also welcome.
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[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/24488/table/1457_1_765de0a40fb45c2cb9f3235042f4a736.jpg ]
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