F4samurai Co., Ltd. “Ange Relink” Ange 9th anniversary! Fan appreciation WEB radio, music, etc.

f4samurai Inc.
“Ange Relink” Ange 9th anniversary! Fan appreciation WEB radio, music, etc.
f4samurai Co., Ltd. will distribute fan appreciation WEB radio and mini albums on November 25 (Friday) to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the love adventure RPG “Ange Relink (hereinafter “Relink”)” currently under development. I had
Ange 9th Anniversary Fan Appreciation WEB Radio
URL: https://youtu.be/N_a2-TX2y_c
Ange Vierge, whose TCG and app started in 2013, will celebrate its 9th anniversary in 2022.
In commemoration of this, “Ange 9th Anniversary Fan Appreciation WEB Radio” welcomes the new heroine Kanon Takao, who plays the role of the new heroine Sora Kuon, as the guest, Yuka Aisaka, who plays the role of Miumi Hinata, and Chiaki Omigawa, who plays the role of Yumi Nitta. We have released various information such as a special story for the 9th anniversary that will be developed on the relink ADV screen and new songs. Please listen to it in the archive.
[Image 1

■ Started distribution of “Relink Collection”
URL: https://nex-tone.link/A00108205
PV: https://youtu.be/0rw2h8Rdlko
Along with the release of the fan appreciation web radio, the mini-album “Relink Collection”, which contains the theme song and BGM of Anju Relink, has been distributed since November 25th.
The 23 songs in the “Relink Collection” include the new theme song “Initialize” sung by Kanade Takao, the insert song “Sempai” sung by Chiaki Omigawa, and the new BGM used in Relink, Ange Vierge. A remake version of the BGM is included.
[Image 2

■ “Hyuga Minami ASMR” distribution decision
Delivery date: December 2nd (Friday) 20: 00 ~
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqK24NGJptA
It has been decided that the ASMR voice drama of Minami Hyuga, played by Yuka Aisaka, announced on WEB radio, will be premiered. Please enjoy the hot spring trip story of two people with Minami Hinata in ASMR.
[Image 3

■ 9th Anniversary “Ange Relink Online Lottery Vol. 2” now on sale URL: https://eeo.today/store/101/products/detail/51577
Release period: November 11th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday) Delivery date: Scheduled for late December
As a 9th anniversary commemorative goods, the second online lottery is now on sale.
Newly drawn illustrations for Ange Relink and Christmas costume illustrations of popular Ange Vierge characters are available as limited goods.
The sale will end soon, so please be careful if you are considering purchasing it.
[Image 4

-Overview of Ange Relink-
Name: Ange Relink
Genre: Romance adventure RPG
Price: Basic free (with item charge)
Manufacturer: f4samurai
Copyright notice: (C) KADOKAWA, f4samurai
Official site: https://ange.f4games.jp/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/angeRelink
Official LINE: https://lin.ee/eABtJ5O
Account name: [Official] Anju Relink
■Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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