Fall 2023 The 22nd Diet & Beauty Fair will be held in Tokyo. Market needs and next-generation beauty trends such as “Femtech” and “Well-beauty tech” will appear as new zones!

Informa Markets Japan K.K.
Fall 2023 The 22nd Diet & Beauty Fair will be held in Tokyo. Market needs and next-generation beauty trends such as “Femtech” and “Well-beauty tech” will appear as new zones!
The theme is “supporting the beauty and health of working women”. Comprehensive Business Trade Show for Beauty and Health Begins Accepting Exhibitors from November!

Under the theme of “supporting the beauty and health of working women,” beauty and health-related exhibitors, buyers, and
professionals gather under the theme of “Diet & Beauty Fair (held simultaneously: 9th Anti-Aging Japan, 14th. Spa & Wellness Japan)” (sponsored by Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in September 2023. The exhibition, which will be held for the 22nd time next time, will have a new zone with the theme of the market needs of the “100-year life era” and “with corona era” and next-generation trends. We started accepting new exhibitors from November.
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Comprehensive beauty and health business trade show (Tokyo Big Sight) ■A new zone will appear with the theme of market needs and the 5 major next-generation trends!
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 The theme that attracted attention as a focus theme for two years in a row until the last time has appeared as a new zone. This zone contains products, services, and technologies that can be expected to support mitigation and improvement of specific health problems (pre-symptomatic symptoms) at each stage of women’s life, such as menstruation, fertility, postpartum, menopause, and mitigation of diseases specific to women. gather at
-Target products/services-Technology, supplements, foods, drinks, functional underwear, cosmetics, mental care, aromatherapy, and other related products that support menstruation, fertility, postpartum, menopausal disorders, and mitigation and improvement of women-specific diseases・Services, etc.
[Fem care + aging in anti-aging]
Among the “femcare” products and services, a new theme specializing in women’s health problems peculiar to the “menopausal generation” will appear at Anti-Aging Japan, looking ahead to the era of 100-year lifespans.
-Target products and services- Products and services that can be expected to support the improvement and relief of symptoms caused by menopause and menopause, products and services related to osteoporosis prevention, training equipment and programs for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, etc.
[Inner Beauty, Good Food & Good Sweets]
Food that combines “beauty” and “deliciousness” that attracted particular attention in the previous Inner Beauty Zone. A variety of delicious food ingredients that are conscious of beauty and health are gathered here, including foods that use functional ingredients. -Target products/services- Health/natural foods, superfoods, organic, etc., functional foods, functional water, herbal teas, low-carb (low sugar), gluten-free, gilt-free fermented foods, nuts, plant-based foods, Complete nutrition food, protein, insects that have been attracting attention in recent years, etc.
[Well-beauty Tech]
The Well-beauty Tech Corner, which appeared as a corner last year, has expanded to a new zone. It brings together not only products and services, but also the latest technology in the business of the beauty and health industry.
-Target products/services- Beauty Tech/Health Tech, apps, various measuring instruments, business solutions, IoT, Al/big data
utilization services, VR/AR, Metabase, SNS support, etc.
[Well-beauty Factory (production and development of beauty and health-related products)]
In addition to materials, packaging, and OEM for conventional product development, we also target product concept consulting and production support services. It is an area where materials for developing our own products and creative information for building products and brands are available.
-Target products/services- OEM/contract manufacturing
(cosmetics/food/equipment), raw materials/materials, containers, packaging, sustainable/ethical materials, product planning and development services, consulting, etc.
■ 2023 focus theme (1st) will be “warm activity, intestinal activity, sleep activity” x “bone activity and muscle activity”!
In addition to the warm activity and intestinal activity that attracted particular attention last time, this year we have decided on “5 activities”, “warm activity, intestinal activity, sleep activity” x “bone activity and muscle activity”. As the needs of each market are expected in the future, the exhibition will not only display products, but also hold keynote speeches and related events by lecturers who are familiar with the media this year.
*Details will be announced at a later date. Please contact the following secretariat at any time regarding exhibitions.
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■ Start accepting entries for the 9th Japan Made Beauty Award The “Japan Made Beauty Award,” which will be held for the ninth time next year, will shine a spotlight on regional beauty products. Targets are cosmetics and inner beauty using local resources, new technologies such as government, agriculture, commerce and industry, and
industry-academia-government collaboration projects. Attractive products were also entered last time. In addition, prior to the exhibition, buyers and key persons on the front lines of retail and beauty distribution will be judged, and each award will be announced on the main stage of the exhibition in September 2023.
*Details will be announced at a later date. Please contact the following secretariat at any time regarding the entry method. [Image 4

■ State of the previous venue (held in September 2022) (Click the image below to start the video)
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz55RJWbsdI] ■Exhibition overview
Exhibition name: Diet & Beauty Fair 2023 (22nd)
(Simultaneously held: Anti-Aging Japan 2023 (9th) / Spa & Wellness Japan 2022 (14th))
Date/Venue: September 25th (Mon), 26th (Tue), 27th (Wed), 2023/Tokyo Big Sight (West Exhibition Hall)
Organizer: Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
Planning: Beauty and health specialized media “DIET & BEAUTY” “Well-beauty media”
Sponsors: Ministry of the Environment, Japan Sports Agency,
Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) *Previous results
Co-sponsored industry groups (in no particular order): Japan Aesthetic Promotion Council / Japan Aesthetic Association / Japan Aesthetic Industry Association / Japan Aesthetic Industry Association / Authorized Specified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Aesthetic
Organization/Japan Aesthetic Research Foundation/General Incorporated Foundation Japan Aesthetic Testing Center/General Incorporated Association Japan Full Body Beauty Association/Ministry of Health and Welfare Sanitation No. 135 Approval All Japan Full Body Beauty Industry Cooperative/General Incorporated Association CIDESCO- NIPPON / Japan Fitness Association / Japan Health Sports Federation / Japan Holistic Medical Association / Japan Nailist Association / Federation of Sports and Health Industry Organizations / General Incorporated Association Japan Fitness Industry Association/Non-Profit Organization Anti-Aging Network/Non-Profit Organization Japan Spa Promotion Association/Non-Profit Organization Health and Hot Spring Forum/Japan Sauna and Spa Association/Regional Activity Society/General
Incorporated Association Japan Relaxation Industry Association / Japan Aroma Environment Association / Japan Home Health Equipment
Association / Japan Direct Sales Association / International Shiatsu Promotion Foundation / Japan Health Development Foundation / Specified Nonprofit Activities Corporation Japan Anti-Aging Association/National Federation of Ryokan Hotel Life Sanitation Trade Associations/Japan Health Science Society/Japan Anti-Aging Dental Society *Previous results
Product display zone/corner: Cosmetics/beauty equipment (professional use/home use), [NEW] Inner beauty, good food & good sweets, beautiful body make-up, diet, [NEW] Femcare/Femtech, [NEW] Well-beauty Tech, [NEW] Well-beauty factory (materials, OEM, packaging, production), sales promotion, business support, aging care (beauty care products, health care products), [NEW] femcare + aging care, Japan-made beauty, spa & Wellness (spa/sauna/warm bath equipment, spa cosmetics, health care products/equipment, hygiene materials/related equipment, relaxation-related products, wellness tourism, wellness real estate), etc.
Target industries: Beauty and health-related product retailers, trading companies, wholesalers, mail order, esthetic salons, beauty salons, fitness clubs, yoga studios, acupuncture and moxibustion, chiropractic, relaxation salons, beauty clinics, gynecology and ladies clinics, other medical institutions, Health/rehabilitation facilities, spas, hot baths, hotels/inns/leisure/resort complexes,
cosmetics/equipment/food manufacturers, local governments, media, etc. Second exhibition application deadline: Friday, June 30, 2023 Visitor registration start: June 2023 (planned)
Exhibition official website: https://www.dietandbeauty.jp/
*The event/seminar program will be announced in July, and exhibitor information will be released on the official website in August 2023. ■ Contact information
Informa Markets Japan K.K.
Diet & Beauty Division
Phone: +81-3-5296-1013 / Fax: +81-3-5296-1018
E-mail: d-expo-jp@dietandbeauty.jp
Official website: https://www.dietandbeauty.jp/
2F Kanda 91 Building, 1-8-3 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 Details about this release:


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