Fastest Dining Co., Ltd. November 24 Osaka Toyonaka Yakiniku Hormone Zakuro Grand Opening-Kansai First Store-

Fastest Dining Co., Ltd.
November 24 [Osaka Toyonaka] Yakiniku Hormone Zakuro Grand Opening ~Kansai First Store~
We want to offer the finest meat and freshly cooked rice in Osaka at the best value.

Fastest Dining Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Konan City, Shiga Prefecture; Representative Director: Yuzuru Taniguchi), which operates restaurants mainly in the Tokai area, will open the grand opening of “Yakiniku Hormone Zakuro Toyonaka Hotarugaike Store” on November 24, 2022 (Thursday). I will.
The fifth store of “Yakiniku Hormone Zakuro”, which opened in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture in February 2021, will open for the first time in Kansai.
Each store has achieved 1,000 sales in one month of its specialty menu, “Aged Nama Tongue,” and has been well received by locals as “delicious meat can be eaten at a low price.”
In Toyonaka City, we will strive to create a store that has been loved by the locals for a long time and is rooted in the local community. [Image 1d71393-7-5fbbe7e9356f80e11e63-0.jpg&s3=71393-7-9964da3e7523cc36e1e4494e2bc8b262-1478x1108.jpg
Grand opening on November 24th
Yakiniku offal pomegranate
This is a yakiniku restaurant with the concept of ~the best
combination of carefully selected meat and sauce, and freshly cooked steamed rice at the best value~. “There are many expensive and good yakiniku restaurants. There are also cheap and not good yakiniku restaurants. There are not many cheap and good yakiniku restaurants.” Let’s do it! “A store where meat and rice are delicious and cheap”. This is the beginning of Yakiniku Horumon Zakuro.
Pomegranate commitment
Specialty “Aged Nama Tongue”
Uses a rare “tanshin” that can only be taken from one cow’s tongue for a few hundred grams. The beef tongue is aged for the optimum period without being frozen at all, and is hand-cut one by one in the store. If frozen, the meat will become hard, and when thawed, a large amount of drip (red juice) will come out. Since this drip contains umami ingredients and protein, the umami escapes. During aging, we adjust the temperature and humidity, and decide when to serve the beef tongue by judging when the umami of the beef tongue has fully condensed. In addition, by hand-cutting, we are able to offer it without losing its thick and chewy texture.
[Image 2d71393-7-e063806472efba0449ed-1.jpg&s3=71393-7-b45e851a7bdcb776be1872046f59139a-2048x1365.jpg
Pomegranate Specialty “Aged Raw Tongue”
pot cooked rice
The rice is polished every day at the store. If a large amount of rice is polished at one time, it will heat up due to friction, causing the rice to lose its luster when cooked. We believe that the glossiness of freshly cooked rice is its life. Rice also has freshness, and it is said that the freshness is the number of days after the rice is polished. Freshly cooked rice with outstanding freshness is really delicious. I want to convey this deliciousness to everyone, so I will continue to stick to polishing and serving freshly cooked rice in the store.
[Image 3d71393-7-12fca9b249d7f6ac3874-2.jpg&s3=71393-7-5f85f117ea926342882413b03e1ba89d-1772x1183.jpg
Freshly cooked “Kama-taki rice”
Discerning meat, substantial side menu
Yakiniku Horumon Zakuro has a wide range of yakiniku standard menus and side menus so that customers of all ages can enjoy it.
It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as family dinners, yakiniku with friends, and yakiniku banquets with company colleagues. [Image 4d71393-7-17f5a84460493b07fafb-3.jpg&s3=71393-7-695d82e4d9fcc827a08d664249959726-842x595.jpg
Yakiniku menu
[Image 5d71393-7-4b507925af07cd68f9bd-4.jpg&s3=71393-7-2fe3756b08b02a499865ee80bcca0ee8-842x595.jpg
side menu
A yakiniku restaurant that the whole family can enjoy

[Image 6d71393-7-52444f8acea304c4da9a-6.jpg&s3=71393-7-3b8a07892b74e9301266f2e9aacf3f9e-1479x1109.jpg
sunken kotatsu seats
We have table seats and sunken kotatsu seats. You can relax even with small children.
[Image 7d71393-7-73d0b0bb1857acc8a9c6-5.jpg&s3=71393-7-240a9fe5dac0ac4d4f8296b906b2f959-1479x1109.jpg
Bright and clean store
store information
Yakiniku Hormone Zakuro Toyonaka Hotarugaike
Address: 3-2-3 Hotaruike Kitamachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture 560-0031 Phone number: 06-6151-9533
Business hours: Monday-Friday 17:00-23:00
     Saturdays and Sundays 16:00-23:00
Closed: November 29th, December 6th, December 13th, December 20th, December 31st, January 1st-3rd
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