FC Osaka November 20 (Sun) FC Osaka vs MIO Biwako Shiga Match Results

FC Osaka
[FC Osaka] November 20 (Sun) FC Osaka vs MIO Biwako Shiga Match Results
FC Osaka, a soccer club whose home town is Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, will play the 24th Japan Football League Section 30 vs. MIO Biwako Shiga on Sunday, November 20 at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi-Osaka City. I did it on the 1 ground. Here are the results: The 24th Japan Football League Round 30 FC Osaka vs MIO Biwako Shiga (@ Higashiosaka City Hanazono Rugby Stadium 1st Ground 13:00 KICK OFF) was held on November 20th (Sun). The results are as follows. FC Osaka 1-1 (first half 0-1) MIO Biwako Shiga
Scorers: Nishimuro (34 minutes: Shiga), Udaka (81 minutes: FC Osaka) The weather was a concern, and although it was raining in the morning, the final match of the season was held under clear skies.
With 3,732 spectators attending, it was decided that they would enter the J3, and if they won, they would win the JFL, making it the biggest match in FC Osaka history.
In FC Osaka, defenders Mima and Saito, who had been suspended due to cumulative warnings, returned to the starting line-up. On the bench, MF Miyagi was named for the first time after moving to FC Osaka. In the first half, FC Osaka showed a little stiffness, but little by little they created chances. In the 11th minute, midfielder Kiyomoto reacted to a loose ball in front of the goal and fired a mid-range shot. However, this shot hit the goal post directly and was one step away from scoring. Then, in the 34th minute, they gave the opponent a direct free kick in front of their own goal. The ball kicked by Shiga midfielder Nishimuro was touched by GK Ken Nagai, but was pushed by the momentum of the ball and could not be repelled, allowing the opponent to score the first goal.
FC Osaka, who conceded the opening goal, created a chance from a corner kick in the 37th minute, but the opposing defender’s deadly block prevented the score. In the end, the game ended with a 0-1 lead. In the second half, FC Osaka shifted their attacking gear, and in the 56th minute, midfielder Machida’s shot went over the frame when a ball spilled from the side. In the 63rd minute, FC Osaka replaced DF Saito, MF Kiyomoto, and FW Imamura with DF Tateno, MF Kozuki, and FW Udaka. The middle shoot is prevented by the fine save of the opponent GK. In the 76th minute, Nao Tanaka was brought in to replace Mokusho, and in the 81st minute, he passed the ball to MF Yu, MF Kozuki, and MF Machida. Tateno hits a header. This shot hit the post, but forward Udaka pressed firmly to equalize the score. After this, MF Nishiya replaced DF Taniguchi and strengthened the attack to win the come-from-behind victory. In the 87th minute, the number of spectators for the day, 12,183 people, was announced in the hall, and the stadium was filled with joy. Then, the 1st place Nara club, who was playing against Sony Sendai FC, tied the score, and if they win, they will win the JFL championship, but they show a powerful attack that shoots 9 shots, which is three times as many as the opponent. The match ended with a score of 1-1 as they were unable to score another goal. Although the winning points are lined up, it is not possible to win the come-from-behind victory due to the goal difference. However, FC Osaka, which recorded the highest number of mobilization in the JFL this season, “38,451”, entered the J League for the first time in 27 years from Osaka and joined the J3.
[Image 1d45155-431-d45cdbeac7e131b8402a-0.jpg&s3=45155-431-44b6d60bd692c09ae9ed0049d5516072-1200x800.jpg
FC Osaka starting members
[Image 2d45155-431-ff6da38777d18946d1f5-1.jpg&s3=45155-431-b8c7ec44d04e04c64595f3af3d890b77-1200x800.jpg
Forward Udaka is happy after scoring a tie-breaker
[Image 3d45155-431-2e436d0c47dcefc8eecf-2.jpg&s3=45155-431-10a95135e7172c0e4bae4ef0c8489e6b-1200x800.jpg
Commemorative photo with players/staff and supporters after joining J3

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