Felissimo Co., Ltd. Felissimo’s “YOU+MORE!” has created “Two guinea pigs eating grass and chewing at the end.”

Felissimo Inc.
You can always see the familiar cute scenes of guinea pigs “Two guinea pigs eating grass and finally chewing” is born from Felissimo “YOU+MORE!”
“Mumbling from both ends… Chuh?”

The humor goods brand “YOU+MORE!” developed by Felissimo has started online sales of “Kinchaku where two guinea pigs eat grass and chew at the end” from November 21st. This kinchaku reproduces a popular scene on social media, where two guinea pigs eat grass from both ends at the same time. Each time you squeeze the string that looks like timothy (grass), the two guinea pigs move and come closer. The cloth is made in the image of pasture grass, so the appearance of guinea pigs mumbling on the grass is realistic. The guinea pig itself also has a soft body and round eyes that make you want to touch it, so you can feel like you are living with a real guinea pig. The innocent behavior of guinea pigs that just want to eat grass will make everyone smile. [Image 1d12759-2821-ae774a4a86c2b53d281c-0.jpg&s3=12759-2821-65c564b7618c6b69833fd78fe59159be-450x450.jpg
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