Felissimo “Magic Club (R)” introduces “flake stickers” that can be pasted and peeled off like “transformation compacts”

Felissimo Inc.
Felissimo “Magic Club (R)” introduces “flake stickers” that can be pasted and peeled off like “transformation compacts”
Add magic to your daily life with a transformation compact-style sticker
The club activity “Magic Club (R)” developed by Felissimo has announced a new item “Magical Club Tokimeki wo Asunamu Transformation Compact Flake Seal”, and online reservation sales have started on October 17th. A peel-off flake sticker that transforms your usual items into magical goods just by sticking them on. In collaboration with accessory designer Maruberiko, this is a shojo manga magazine that I looked forward to every month when I was a child. It is a design that gives you a sense of familiarity, like an appendix. Products that have been pre-ordered will be delivered from around mid-February 2023 (for “Felissimo regular flight” March). You can check the details of the new items on the website and the official Twitter account.
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・ Check out new items on the Magic Club (R) website —
Items that can unlock magical powers
A stick-on and peel-off flake sticker that transforms your usual items into magical goods just by sticking them on. A total of 8 types of flake stickers that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, including the same design as the magical club item “Transformation compact style hand cream”, which is based on the image of a compact that is a representative of magical girl transformation items. The colors have a familiar feel to them, like the appendix of a shoujo manga magazine that I used to look forward to every month when I was young.
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[NEW] Magic Club Transform your crush as you wish Compact-style flake seal 1 set ¥700 (+10% ¥770)
Product details and online application — https://feli.jp/s/pr2211162/2/ Collaborative design with a popular accessory designer
The design of the flake seal is a collaboration with the accessory designer “Maruberiko”, following the “Magical Department: A
compact-style hand cream that transforms into the palm of your hand with the fragrance of a fluttering flower.” In addition to the hand cream design -cupid–heart–moon-, 5 new designs have been drawn down, and each pattern is finished with a design that tickles the girl’s heart with fluttering elements. With a diameter of about 3.5 cm, it has a strong presence, and you can fully enjoy it with 32 pieces of 4 pieces each of 8 types.
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Image left: “Magical Department Transformation compact-style hand cream with the scent of flowers that make your heart flutter in the palm of your hand”, Image right: “Magical department Transformation compact-style flake seal to your heart’s content”
◆Maruberiko -Accessory Designer-
The concept is “pure and invincible parpitation item”. Aiming to create an accessory that reminds you of a heart-throbbing memory [palpitation memory], twin sisters draw designs and make them one by one.
・Twitter– https://twitter.com/palpitation03
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◆ Goods related to “Magic Club (R)”
A must-have for the coming season. It’s like a transforming compact! Hand cream that charges excitement and courage.
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Magical Club: A meeting of compact-style hand cream that transforms into the palm of your hand with the fragrance of fluttering flowers ¥1,000 per month (+10% ¥1,100)
Product details and online application – https://feli.jp/s/pr2211162/3/ ◆ Felissimo “Magic Club (R)”
One of the “Felissimo club activities” that started on May 20, 2020. When your busy days seem to break your heart, when you’re bored with the same routine as usual, if you could use the “magic” that appeared in that story… “Magic Club (R)” will deliver items that cast magic on me and transform me, feeling magic for you who need excitement and courage every day. If you follow the official SNS and join the “Magic Club (R)”, you will be a member of the magic club who will create the magical world together from today.
・ Twitter (@mahoubu) — https://twitter.com/mahoubu
・ Instagram (@mahoubu_official) — https://www.instagram.com/mahoubu_official/ ・ Official site — https://feli.jp/s/pr2211162/4/
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・Started the fortune-telling service “Magical Club Crystal Ball Fortune-telling”– https://feli.jp/s/pr2211162/5/
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◆ Felissimo club activities — https://feli.jp/s/pr2211162/6/ [Image 8

◆Orders and inquiries by phone
0120-055-820 (toll free)
0570-005-820 (customer pays call charges)
(Reception hours: Monday to Friday/9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
*If you cannot use “0120” for mobile phones, etc., please use the number starting with “0570”.
*Customer calls are recorded in order to confirm and record the details of the order.
*”0570″ call charges are 11 yen (including tax) for every 20 seconds. *May not be available for PHS and some IP phones.
~ Happiness that makes you happy together “FELISSIMO” ~
It is a direct marketing company that sells to consumers through its own media such as catalogs and the web, with a focus on in-house planned products such as fashion and miscellaneous goods. Each and every one of us will be a bearer of happiness co-creation, making people happy, and making nature, society, and people happy. We conduct business activities in areas where the three elements of “business feasibility,” “originality,” and “sociality” embody “happiness that makes us happy together” with those experience values ​​as our core values.
– Company Profile –
Company name: Felissimo Inc.
Head office location: 7-1 Shinkocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0041
Representative: Kazuhiko Yazaki, President and CEO
Securities Code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard 3396
Founded: May 1965
Business description: Direct marketing business that sells in-house developed products to consumers nationwide through catalogs and websites
◆ Website — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/1/
◆Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/felissimo_official/
◆Twitter– https://twitter.com/FELISSIMO_SANTA
◆Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/felissimosanta/
◆ Company Profile (PDF) — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/2/
◆ Felissimo’s social activities — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/3/ ◆Fund activities aiming for a happy society with everyone–
◆ “Stage Felissimo” Introduction [Video] — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/5/ ◆ Felissimo official shopping app — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/6/ [Image 9

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