Felissimo will hold “Kobe School” with Neji Sato (planner/art director) as a guest at the Kobe venue and onl ine on Saturday, November 26th.

Felissimo Inc.
Felissimo will hold “Kobe School” with Neji Sato (planner/art director) as a guest at the Kobe venue and online on Saturday, November 26th.
A message live held once a month since 1997 with celebrities who are active in various fields

Since 1997, Felissimo has been holding a message live “Kobe School” at the venue and online every month, with the concept of “gift of experience and words”. In November, we will welcome planner/art director Neji Sato and hold the event with the theme of “a story about one unchanging axis and changing skills.” The event will be held on November 26th, and registrations are being accepted on the official website until November 25th.
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303rd Felissimo “Kobe School”
・Guest: Mr. Neji Sato -planner/art director-
・Theme: A story about one unchanging axis and changing skills ~The way of thinking of blue paddle~
・Date and time: Saturday, November 26, 2022, 13:30-16:00 (doors open at 13:00) ・Venue: Stage Felissimo Hall (7-1 Shinkocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe)
About 20 minutes on foot from Hankyu “Kobe Sannomiya Station” West Exit, Hanshin/JR “Motomachi Station” East Exit
・ Participation fee: 1,200 yen per person (1,000 yen per person if you are a student or if you are applying for two or more people) ・ Participation fee for online distribution: 500 yen per person *Participation fees will be used for general support for orphans of the Great East Japan Earthquake through Ashinaga.
*Online distribution allows you to watch lectures and missed lectures in real time.
*You can apply for online distribution from the Kobe school website. Kobe school application page — https://feli.jp/s/pr221108/1/ -contents-
Kobe School in November is a lecture by Mr. Neji Sato, a planner/art director and representative of Blue Paddle Co., Ltd.
Mr. Sato established Blue Paddle Co., Ltd. after working at Kayac Inc. Children’s clothing brand “Alto Tascal”, “Museum where 5-year-olds decide the price”, “0-year-old bodoge” where children can’t play without children, planning and planning of board game hotel “MIMARU” which opened the other day and is a hot topic on SNS and TV etc. He is active in a wide range of areas such as website direction. Among them, “Children’s Blue Paddle”, which is challenging to update
children-related areas, develops a number of realistic manufacturing born from Mr. Sato himself being a father.
This Kobe school is a lecture on the ideas that Mr. Sato has been involved in so far, the ideas that have created products, and the skills that change with the times and his own life plan.
I hope that Mr. Sato’s lecture, which looks at the rapidly changing world and searches for new markets, will give you an opportunity to look at your daily life from a new perspective.
◆ Guest profile:
Neji Sato -Planner/Art Director-
Established Blue Paddle in 2016. We plan and design websites, apps, products, shops, etc. Main works include “Board Game Hotel”, “Promised Yona Yona Ale”, “Alto Tuscal”, “Sotetsu Record”, “Mysterious Inn”, “Saku City Remote City Hall”, “First Grade Entrepreneur”, and “Degraded WEB”.
・Twitter– https://twitter.com/sato_nezi
・Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/sato_neji/
◆ What is “Kobe School”?
“Kobe School” is a message live that started in 1997 after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. In 2004, he received the “Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award” at the Mécénat Awards. As a “life design school” aiming to lead a rich life, we invite authorities who are active in various fields to Kobe once a month. The participation fee will be used for general care activities for orphans of the Great East Japan Earthquake through Ashinaga.
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・Website– https://feli.jp/s/pr221108/2/
・Twitter– https://twitter.com/kobegakko
・Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/kobegakko_felissimo/
・ Fund activity report — https://feli.jp/s/pr221108/3/
◆ “Happiness wish with” project
The online distribution of “Kobe School” is one of the activities that can be done in the “new daily life” affected by the new coronavirus, “Happiness Wish with” project.
“Happiness wish with” website — https://feli.jp/s/pr221108/4/ ◆Contact us
Kobe School Secretariat TEL: 078-325-5729 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00) Email address: kobe@felissimo.co.jp
~ Happiness that makes you happy together “FELISSIMO” ~
It is a direct marketing company that sells to consumers through its own media such as catalogs and the web, with a focus on in-house planned products such as fashion and miscellaneous goods. Each and every one of us will be a bearer of happiness co-creation, making people happy, and making nature, society, and people happy. We conduct business activities in the area where the three elements of “business potential,” “originality,” and “sociality” embody “happiness that makes us happy together” with those experience values ​​as our core values.
– Company Profile –
Company name: Felissimo Inc.
Head office location: 7-1 Shinkocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0041
Representative: Kazuhiko Yazaki, President and CEO
Securities Code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard 3396
Founded: May 1965
Business description: Direct marketing business that sells in-house developed products to consumers nationwide through catalogs and websites
◆ Website — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/1/
◆Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/felissimo_official/
◆Twitter– https://twitter.com/FELISSIMO_SANTA
◆Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/felissimosanta/
◆ Company Profile (PDF) — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/2/
◆ Felissimo’s social activities — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/3/ ◆Fund activities aiming for a happy society with everyone–
◆ “Stage Felissimo” Introduction [Video] — https://feli.jp/s/pr210620/5/ *Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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