Femtech brand Nagi, the first online complete fitting service in the water-absorbing shorts industry, started as a regular service

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Femtech brand Nagi, the first online complete fitting service in the water-absorbing shorts industry, started as a regular service The most important thing users care about when purchasing
water-absorbing shorts is “size and fit.” Before purchasing, we will start a try-on service that allows you to try on the size and shape you want at home.

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The femtech brand Nagi, operated by BLAST Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Rina Ishii), is a fitting service that allows you to try on your desired size at home before purchasing. “Nagi home try on” will start from Friday, November 18, 2022.
■Nagi home try on service page
What is Nagi home try on?
This is a service that allows you to try on Nagi shorts at home before purchasing. You can choose the type and size of shorts you like, and we will send you a pair of shorts for trial with a deposit of 1,000 yen. If you purchase the shorts within 7 days after the trial, the deposit will be fully refunded after you return the tried-on item, and you can try it for virtually 0 yen. Recommended for those who want to try the size and type before purchasing.
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* You can try up to 2 items per order.
* The deposit of 1,000 yen is the amount per type.
Background of Nagi try-on service
This service was launched in response to users’ voices such as “I’m worried about whether the size will fit for my first purchase” and “I want to check the fit before purchasing”.
In fact, in a survey on Nagi’s official Instagram, 62% of those who answered that “underwear feels tight during menstruation.” Many people are concerned about swelling during their menstrual period, so it seems that underwear may feel tighter than usual.
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In addition, 66% answered “size and fit” when asked what they were concerned about when buying water-absorbing shorts online. In order to eliminate the worry of leaks, there is a demand for shorts that are the right size for you.
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In general, it is difficult to try on shorts, but focusing on the need to try on water-absorbing shorts, we have decided to start the first (*) online fitting service in the water-absorbing shorts industry as a regular service. . Nagi offers various types of shorts that can be selected according to the scene, and with this service, you can choose not only the size but also the shape you are interested in up to two types. We hope that users will be able to find the perfect shorts for themselves with peace of mind, and that they will be able to support their menstrual period even more comfortably.
*Among the 15 major water-absorbing sanitary shorts brands distributed in Japan (in-house research in November 2022)
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Flow of using Nagi fitting service
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1. Select type and size
Please select the type and size set you would like to try on, and pay a deposit. 2. Try at home
When you receive the product, put it on over the enclosed paper shorts and try it at home.
3.Return within 7 days
After trying on the product, please use the enclosed return envelope or shipping label to return the product within 7 days.
4.Consideration of purchase
If you would like to try it out before purchasing, please place your order within 7 days of arrival.
5.Refund the deposit
After confirming the condition of the returned item, we will refund the full deposit to those who purchased within the period. * * If the purchase is not made within 7 days of arrival, we will refund the amount after deducting the shipping fee of 600 yen from the deposit.
What is Nagi
[Image 7d31365-61-f290f80c70c8a43aa043-7.png&s3=31365-61-b5ef08af0a6ff287e2d55f73842702a8-1500x600.png
Nagi is a pair of water-absorbing shorts that can be worn alone, born to better interact with our bodies. In addition to water-absorbing and waterproofing functions, we use functional materials that have deodorant and antibacterial effects (effective in reducing bacteria). The unique laminated structure that folds the waterproof fabric is patent pending.
The shorts are easy to care for at home and are eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly and reusable. We use fabrics from Japanese fabric manufacturers and produce in domestic factories with high technology. Each piece is carefully sewn by hand, and the packaging uses only paper materials without using any plastic materials.
In addition to 3 types of shorts, full, standard, and slim, there are 7 types in total, including sports type standard plus, 2 types of short pants, 2 types of lace mid-rise to prevent urine leakage, and 2 types of high waist. The price ranges from 5,775 yen to 8,950 yen (tax included) and can be purchased at the official online store
(https://nagi-jp.com). We also offer a service that allows you to purchase a combination of 3 or more at a great price, a gift card service that allows you to easily send Nagi shorts to your loved ones online, and a Nagi exclusive detergent, Nagi wash.
Corporate information
[Image 8d31365-61-1237264e2489450d9a2c-8.png&s3=31365-61-7a123c0ff9f3e2bc2102a782e7c22f2e-650x111.png
BLAST Inc. is a WOMEN EMPOWERMENT COMPANY with the mission of “empowering women”. We empower women’s lifestyles through our three-axis business: media, products, and community.
Company name: BLAST Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Rina Ishii
Location: PORTAL POINT YOYOGIKOEN 601, 5-7-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: January 11, 2018
Corporate site: https://blast-inc.co.jp/

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