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Financier Co., Ltd. First in Japan! The challenge of a spice farmer from “Yanbaru”, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, which is attracting the attention of world-class chefs. FiNANCiE launched a Web3 project to create a food experience where producers

Financier Co., Ltd.
First in Japan! The challenge of a spice farmer from “Yanbaru”, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, which is attracting the attention of world-class chefs. FiNANCiE launched a Web3 project to create a food experience where producers and consumers touch and create together.
Financier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hirohisa Kunimitsu) has started the “Hatabito 3.0” project launched by Cooksonia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, President: Yukio Yoshino), an agricultural production corporation, and has started issuing and selling new tokens. I will let you know. (URL:
Project overview
[Image 1

Based in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, which has the only subtropical rainforest in the world, “Hatabito 3.0 (Halser Santen Zero)” has been working to create a system for community-based agriculture and distribution. Yukio Yoshino” is the founder, and at the same time as spreading the appeal of Yanbaru’s direct food ingredients, it is a project that aims to think together and update the way of the producer community and the way to interact with the region and consumers. Utilizing FiNANCiE’s token issuance and co-creation community, the process of cultivating, processing, and selling agricultural products is visualized and know-how is shared, as well as the construction of a production and distribution system that is not influenced by the market, and is implemented in real and online. Producers and supporters work together to take on the challenge of creating new agriculture, such as recipe development and cooking classes. *What is Harusa?
A dialect of Okinawa that refers to “farmers” and “farmers”
*What is Yanbaru?
A dialect of Okinawa that refers to a place where nature remains in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa.
[Image 2

Chefs from all over the world, such as Noma’s Rene Redzepi, travel to Yanbaru in search of ingredients
~ 1st bullet! Making spices
As the first initiative, we will challenge “original spice
development” with supporters. We will start by learning about the cultivation methods and characteristics of each spice, and will create unique combinations while discussing compatibility with home cooking, regardless of whether it is a mixture of Japanese and Western styles. The resulting spices and recipes will be offered in gift projects and preferential sales on the condition of holding a certain amount of tokens.
In addition to this, various projects are planned that utilize the network that the project owner has cultivated over the past 20 years. Please pay attention to this project, which is expected to develop on a wide range of themes such as SDGs, regional revitalization, food education and gastronomy, starting from “Yanbaru no Chi”, which has attracted attention as the stage of a continuous TV novel.
Local producers and supporters will voluntarily get involved, create experiences that are mutually beneficial, and disseminate them both internally and externally to show a model case for next-generation agriculture that utilizes Web3. We will implement token issuance type funding for initiatives.
・ Funding period: November 7, 2022 (Monday) 15:00 to January 11, 2022 (Wednesday) 20:00
・ Funding page URL:
About token issuing type funding
[Image 3

“Token-issuing funding” is a new type of crowdfunding in the Web3 era that seeks support by issuing tokens.
In this project, through this token-issuing type of funding, we will raise funds through token sales → use the support money to operate the project → visualize the activity status in the co-creation community → increase the value of the project together with the token holders. We will challenge ourselves to create a new ecosystem.
[Video 2:] “FiNANCiE” service introduction video
■ About tokens
Tokens in FiNANCiE are “digital items” that serve as proof of connecting project owners and supporters.
This token has a quantity like a point, and has a feature (*) that its value (price) fluctuates according to demand.
In addition to enjoying secondary distribution freely in the marketplace that opens after the funding ends, supporters can also give tokens to each other in the community.
* FT (Fuingible Token) will be issued in the Hatato 3.0 project. Please note that this token is neither a security under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act nor a crypto asset under the Payment Services Act.
Activities after funding
The funds collected in the initial funding will be used for operating funds for projects such as the development of a different formulation of “Yanbaru Spice”.
In the co-creative community of FiNANCiE, we will implement the following projects to encourage two-way communication between owners and supporters, such as token voting and lottery projects.
■Cooking class ・Questions to the chef
As a real and online participatory event, we invite guest chefs every time and work on recipe development that maximizes the appeal of Yanbaru ingredients. Starting with Okinawan cuisine, which has been a hot topic in morning dramas, we aim to fuse with food cultures from all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. [Image 4

              Nakijin village “Haramitsu” Cooking class with Ms. Kiko Nemoto ■ Shijiri field people
As a place where you can come into contact with living knowledge, based on the actual experiences (failure stories) of the project owner, we will deliver stories and secrets that can not be told to those who actually want to farm and those who are interested in food. I will continue. As a derivative project, a question session with veteran lecturers is also planned.
■Halser direct sales
Direct sales will be made to token holders using FiNANCiE’s premium reward function. Preferential sales of ingredients planned and planted by the community will also be held in the same way.
[Image 5

■ Token voting
Various themes will be set up and implemented, from casual ones such as design selection to those related to planning and management. [Image 6

* Token voting image: Vote as the number of tokens owned = the number of votes! (In some cases, one vote per person)
In addition, the community will plan and consider various measures in response to the voices and ideas received from supporters, and will disseminate them both inside and outside the community.
About support benefits
In the first funding, in addition to token distribution according to the amount of support, we will prepare support benefits according to the sales price of the support course.
[Image 7

《Introduction of some support benefits》
○Blessings of Yanbaru
We will deliver a tasting pack of “Yanbaru spices” produced and processed by the project owner.
○ Commemorative Collection ~November ver.~
Digital items that can be viewed and traded within the FiNANCiE app. The design is based on freshly picked seasonal vegetables.
[Image 8

○ on the farm charter event planning & implementation rights This is the right to rent out the restaurant-type pop-up space “on the farm” in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. It is also possible to hold a collaboration with the project owner.
The above is just an example, and there are many other support benefits available.
For details on support benefits, please check the purchase page for each support course.
Message from the project founder
[Image 9

Nice to meet you, my name is Yukio Yoshino. This year marks the 20th anniversary of my coming to Okinawa with the aim of becoming a farmer. Before I came to Okinawa, I envisioned a direct distribution system in which I would form a shipping group with my friends and sell the crops we had grown ourselves. I grew up enough to make a corner.
Over the past 20 years, we have continued to take on many challenges. “Yanbaru Hatake Project”, “Sixth Industrialization”, and “Support for New Farmers” to connect with people from different industries and revitalize the region with food.
At first glance, it may look like I’ve been involved in many things, but ever since I decided to move to Okinawa 20 years ago, my dream has always been to live a rich life in the land as a full-time farmer. only.
The more I progressed toward that goal, the more problems I encountered. The answer I gave was how to comprehensively solve the complexly intertwined problems, rather than looking at and solving one problem alone. That’s what it means. This led me to the answer, “Creating a prosperous region centered on primary industry.”
Knowing and eating local products and living a rich life lead to rediscovering the richness of the region in which we live, and this is where pride is born. I believe that this pride will become the brand of the “rich region of Yanbaru”, and that people from all over the world will gather to experience the way of life, experience the food, and develop into a tourism industry.
The foundation of all things is the “primary industry”, and as a person responsible for agriculture in it, I would like to continue to challenge new things while getting others involved, without being satisfied with the present.
The challenge for FiNANCiE this time is to let many people know about our activities so far and have them join us. .
Over the past 10 years, I have continued to run with the aim of building “connections” by increasing the number of farmers and collaborating with chefs who agree with them.
By firmly connecting everyone who eats here and everyone who participates in this project, we will change from a one-way approach to a cyclical approach.
With this FiNANCiE initiative, I hope to connect with people I have never met before and spread the word “Yanbaru is delicious” to the world.
My farm for spices and vegetables to decorate your dining table is here in Yanbaru! I would be happy if you could support and participate with that feeling.
Here we go! “Yanbaru is delicious” to the world! !
What is FiNANCiE?
[Image 10
App: App Store (Supported OS: iOS 14.0 or higher)
App: Google Play (Supported OS: Android 6.0 or higher) Company name Financier Co., Ltd.
Representative Hirohisa Kunimitsu
Date of establishment: January 2019
Location 15F Cerulean Tower 26-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact information:
* About the notation of “first in Japan”: In the status of FiNANCiE token issuance as an agricultural worker and agricultural business (according to our research in November 2022)
Details about this release:

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