Financier Co., Ltd. Web3 music label! A co-creative project “ALL-UP Diva” aiming for the world with artists x fans x labels has started at FiNANCiE.

Financier Co., Ltd.
Web3 Music Label! A co-creative project “ALL-UP Diva” aiming for the world with artists x fans x labels has started at FiNANCiE.

Financier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hirohisa Kunimitsu) is a music label that produces female singers from around the world. We are pleased to announce that we have started issuing and selling new tokens.
(Project URL:
[Image 1

project overview
This is a co-creative project aiming for the world with artists x fans x labels. The music label “ALL-UP Diva”, whose mission is to deliver happiness from Japan to people all over the world with Asian music that is not bound by preconceived notions, is an initial member who will work together with the affiliated artists to expand their efforts to the world. We are looking for
Utilizing FiNANCiE token issuance and co-creative community, we will produce music, live event production, official goods and promotion planning.
From fans who support artists to people interested in the music business, we will challenge to create a system that can be involved in the management process of ALL-UP Diva.
・ Funding period: November 4, 2022 (Friday) 13:00 to December 20, 2022 (Friday) 20:00
・ Funding page URL: 1st! Nanao Project
[Image 2

The first project is a LIVE event with 4 popular singers scheduled to be held at the end of the year with Nanao, a new singer of ALL-UP Diva, a LIVE event held once every other month, and a plan to form a large Nanao band. I’m going to create it with you.
For those who can participate, we will ask you to own a token, create a project through the token, and participate in a participatory experience that can only be obtained by the holder.
▼Example of initiatives
□ Planned to hold a planning meeting limited to token holders □ Scheduled offline meetings for token holders only
□ Planned plans for Nanao official goods limited to token holders ▼Nanao’s recent activities
New single “Burn My Heart!!” released on October 26, 2022
[Image 3

・Nanao’s “Burn My Heart!!” won the 1st place in the J-POP top music video on the iTunes Store (Japan).
・Nanao’s “Burn My Heart!!” won first place in the iTunes Store (Japan) overall top music video list.
・Nanao’s “Burn My Heart!!” won first place in the iTunes Store (Australia) J-POP overall top music video.
・Nanao’s “Burn My Heart!!” won first place in RecoChoku’s daily music video ranking.
About token issuing type funding
-Token issuance type funding provided by FiNANCiE-
“Token-issuing funding” is a new type of crowdfunding in the Web3 era that seeks support by issuing tokens.
In this project, through this token-issuing type of funding, we will raise funds through token sales → use the support money to operate the project → visualize the activity status in the co-creation community → increase the value of the project together with the token holders. We will challenge ourselves to create a new ecosystem.
-“FiNANCiE” service introduction video-
[Video 2:]

token role
[Image 4d42665-246-5103c7ec76b26a653562-3.png&s3=42665-246-a7723323a4d78b1e9f163de78b439e92-1280x670.png
Tokens in FiNANCiE are “digital items” that serve as proof of connecting project owners and supporters.
This token has a quantity like a point, and has a feature (*) that its value (price) fluctuates according to demand.
The marketplace that opens after the funding ends allows for secondary distribution, and the community allows supporters to give tokens to each other.
*The token issued by the ALL-UP Diva project is FT (Fuingible Token). Please note that this token is neither a security under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act nor a crypto asset under the Payment Services Act.
Advantages of buying tokens

In FiNANCiE’s co-creative community, you can participate in the following projects that encourage two-way communication between owners and supporters, such as token voting and lottery projects, by owning tokens.
■ Voting plan using tokens
We will regularly hold a voting plan limited to token holders. By participating in the voting project, it is an experience where you can support while participating in some of the activities.
・Selection voting plan for LIVE venue
・ Goods voting plan for gifts
・ Voting plan to decide events and LIVE plans
・Product and album name voting planning
■ Lottery benefits using tokens
Going forward, token holders will receive special benefits. There is also a lottery benefit that the target person is limited, and there is also a plan that the winning probability changes depending on the ratio of the number of tokens held.
・Limited goods lottery
・ Event invitation lottery such as live performances
[Image 5d42665-246-0d02406a993806472a6a-5.png&s3=42665-246-fc60596c82462a7df8e03448e662cf79-1280x670.png

■ Benefits of continuing to hold tokens
If you continue to hold tokens continuously, you can receive various benefits of ALL-UP Diva and artists.
・Right to participate in online meetings hosted by ALL-UP Diva ・ The right to get a LIVE ticket hosted by ALL-UP Diva at a great price ・ALL UP Diva audition participation right
・Participation rights as a judge of the ALL UP Diva audition

About support benefits
In the first funding, in addition to token distribution according to the amount of support, we will prepare support benefits according to the sales price of the support course.
《Introduction of some support benefits》
○ALL-UP Diva Token
○ALL-UP Diva1st Project Collection
Commemorative Collection = Digital items that can be viewed and traded within the FiNANCiE app. You can enjoy holding and trading in the app as a proof of ALL-UP Diva initial supporter.
○ Limited online live participation right
We invite you to an online live where only token holders can participate. Please enjoy movies and music that can only be seen there.
○ Membership NFT
Having a membership NFT gives you access to a dedicated site. On this site, you can view limited off-shots and special interviews before the LIVE.
*The above is just an example, and various other support benefits are available. *For details on support benefits, please check the purchase page for each support course.
Message from the project founder
ALL-UP Diva label representative
Mr. Akiyama
Nice to meet you, this is Akiyama, the representative.
The entertainment industry is now at a crossroads.
This is due to the fact that the old profit structure has not kept up with the times.
With the spread of SNS, there are many opportunities for individuals to send messages.
In addition, analog culture such as CDs has faded, and music is enjoyed in digital data, and most people enjoy it for free using streaming sites such as Spotify.
This is the trend of the times, so it can’t be helped.
Traditional entertainment was an era when one-way traffic was allowed. Because media outlets were limited and releases were concentrated on CDs, branding and marketing were monotonous and easy to manipulate. It’s very complicated now.
in modern entertainment
1. You can grow together and realize it.
2. You can follow the story with friends who have the same mind. 3. You can create by yourself, not what is given.
I feel that the key to future entertainment is hidden in these. ALL-UP Diva, a next-generation label with the participation of “listeners x creators x artists”, was put together based on this premise.
Why don’t you join us and experience the trajectory of innovation in the entertainment industry? “I’m sure there’s a world out there that you’ve never seen before.”
Let’s see the value while having fun together.
What is ALL-UP Diva?
[Image 6d42665-246-d8c34c8c11b011ad6bb9-4.png&s3=42665-246-a34e83fcb8bbc28aab0faccef7a1675d-760x200.png
ALL-UP Diva is an online-only music label.
Our mission is to spread music from Asia and deliver happiness to people all over the world through Asian music.
Enjoy the best entertainment by female singers from Japan,
Philippines, China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.
-Operating company-
Company name Pay4ward Inc.
Representative Manabu Akiyama
Location: KS Floor, Resona Kudan Building 5F, 1-5-6 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Contact information
■ HP:
■ Twitter:
■ Instagram: ■YouTube: What is FiNANCiE?
[Image 7d42665-246-efc0e2b8bf7e55b6c592-6.png&s3=42665-246-4725da586df6537ba18a2b4f35576923-512x339.png
Financier Co., Ltd. is developing the NFT business and crowdfunding 2.0 service “FiNANCiE” using blockchain technology, aiming to “realize a creator economy that supports the challenges of 1 billion people”. Currently, we have a track record of issuing, selling, planning and operating more than 180 tokens (FT & NFT) (individuals, groups, projects).
*Blockchain is a transaction data technology for a new autonomous decentralized network. It is used for Ethereum and Bitcoin due to its characteristics such as “it is difficult to falsify and can leave a clear record of transactions”, and recently tokens on blockchains have begun to be used for various services other than crypto assets. Financier | FiNANCiE
App: App Store (Supported OS: iOS 14.0 or higher)
App: Google Play (Supported OS: Android 6.0 or higher) Company name Financier Co., Ltd.
Representative Hirohisa Kunimitsu
Date of establishment: January 2019
Location 15F Cerulean Tower 26-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact information:

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