FINE GLAMPING Co., Ltd. Glamping with pool “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu” opens in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

Glamping with pool “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu” opens in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture
That FINE GLAMPING came to Chichibu, Saitama! The Group’s third glamping facility opens in Minano-cho, Saitama Prefecture

On November 19, 2022, “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu” (location: 2621 Minano, Minano-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama) will open in Chichibu, Saitama! Along with that, the “+ RIVERPOOL opening commemorative project” will be held jointly by the three FINE GLAMPING facilities.
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◇Opening of “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu”!
FINEGLAMPING Co., Ltd. will open the directly managed “EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka” in April 2021 and the first FC store “THE FIVE RIVERS FINE GLAMPING Gunma Shirasawa” in July 2022. This time, on November 19, 2022, we will open the second FC store “+ RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu”.
“+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu (hereafter +RIVERPOOL)” is located in a rich natural location surrounded by vineyards overlooking the Misawa River, a tributary of the Arakawa River, where you can also enjoy river trekking.
The guest rooms are limited to 3 groups per day, and the following 4 facilities are luxurious specifications that can be used exclusively for each guest.
Guest room “Space Dome” Shining pool spreads out in front of you Dining space “Fire Terrace” You can enjoy a luxurious BBQ with a bonfire grill Plumbing area “Aqua Room” Separate washbasin, toilet and bath; plenty of amenities
Pool & Spa “Water Garden” Refresh your mind and body in the heated pool and outdoor bath
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Luxurious space with a pool
[Image 3

with outdoor bathtub
【Equipment outline】
Opening date: November 19, 2022
Facility name: “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu”
Location: 2621 Minano, Minano-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture Guest rooms: 3 buildings (4 people per room)
Access: [Car] 25 minutes by car from Kanetsu Expressway Hanazono IC [Train] 10 minutes on foot from Chichibu Railway Oyahana Station Business Owner: Musashino Co., Ltd.
FINE GLAMPING official reservation site: ◇ “Light Glamping”
What all three FINE GLAMPING facilities have in common is lighting that makes you feel like you’ve traveled to another world.
During the day, you can experience the nature of each of the three facilities, such as the sea of ​​”EAST COAST” “THE FIVE RIVERS” and the mountains and rivers of “+RIVERPOOL”, and at nighttime, you can talk and eat with your friends under the sparkling lighting. Please spend a rich time unique to Hikari Glamping.
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“EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka”
The beautiful lighting is further enhanced by the underwater LED lighting installed in the pool, and the brilliance of the night pool creates a more enchanting atmosphere.
[Image 5

In the coming season, illumination events will be held in various places, but at FINE GLAMPING, you can enjoy your stay as if you were staying in the illumination.
[Image 6

In addition, all FINE GLAMPING facilities are designed to keep you warm in the outdoor dining spaces. Please spend a “glamping time where you can feel the warmth even in autumn and winter”, which is different from summer.
In commemoration of this opening, we will announce two joint projects. ◇ Recruitment of Ambassadors
We are looking for 12 ambassadors to publicize and promote FINE GLAMPING. [Overview of Ambassador Recruitment]
Recruitment number: 12 SNS influencers (e.g. travel YouTuber, dog lover Instagrammer, etc.)
Activities: PR on SNS, etc., in line with our company’s standards Activity period: Within 3 months, staying once a month (3 times in total) Compensation: Accommodation and transportation expenses for up to two people including companions (upper limit)
Please apply and inquire using any of the methods below.
FINE GLAMPING Instagram DM: Official LINE:
We look forward to a lot of your application.
◇ “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu” opening commemorative three-facility joint project
In commemoration of the opening of “+RIVERPOOL FINE GLAMPING Saitama Chichibu”, we will give 15% off accommodation fee and local gourmet for the first 30 groups at each facility.
In addition, 3 groups of guests will be selected by lottery, and 3 groups will receive 1 night and 2 meals for 2 people at another facility!
* Whether or not the national travel support discount can be used depends on each facility.
[+ RIVERPOOL opening commemorative project]
Period: All day until December 20, 2022
Contents: 15% off all plans and local gourmet gifts
Participation method: Online reservation from the official website below, please write “open commemorative project” in the remarks column.
FINE GLAMPING Group Official Reservation Site: ◇ Aiming for glamping that makes you want to go again
At FINE GLAMPING, we are constantly thinking, improving and evolving under the phrase “Glamping that is always incomplete” among the many glamping facilities in Japan.
In the travel industry, there are many short-term hiring such as resort part-time jobs, but glamping management is not easy enough to learn in a short period of time. increase.
The unanimity to aim for “glamping that makes you want to go again” is the word “once-in-a-lifetime glamping that today’s customers were looking forward to”.
We try to provide attentive service because we have 3 to 6 buildings. Reservations for the FINE GLAMPING 3 facilities are available below. FINE GLAMPING Group Official Reservation Site: Company name: FINE GLAMPING Co., Ltd.
Location: 442 Ajigauracho, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture Representative Director: Dai Tamura
Phone: 029-212-8318 (Reception hours 10:00-18:00)

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