finetrack Co., Ltd. 2022/12/4 (Sun) Active Mt. Fuji guide Yuichi Enokido looks back on the 2022 Mt. Fuji season

finetrack Co., Ltd.
[Sunday, December 4, 2022] Mt.Fuji guide Yuichi Enokido looks back on the 2022 Mt.Fuji season

finetrack Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yotaro Kanayama) will hold a talk event “Looking back at Mt. Season” will be held.
At the event, we will look back on the 2022 Mt. Fuji season with the latest Mt. Fuji “climbing” photos taken by Mr. Enokido, not the familiar landscape photos, and talk about the appeal of Mt. Fuji climbing, and challenge Mt. Fuji climbing next season. This is a talk & workshop event where you can talk about training and equipment for those who are thinking about doing it.
[Image 1

Did you know that about 70% of people climb Mt. Fuji?
Altitude sickness and lack of physical strength are the main reasons for not being able to reach the summit, but there are also other causes such as the risk of falling rocks and hypothermia caused by inadequate equipment.
It is not a mountain that can be climbed just by walking, but it is necessary to take measures against risks to climb.
Looking back on this season’s Mt. Fuji climbing while appreciating Mt. We will tell you the splendor of Mt.
In the second half of the event, we will also hold a workshop to teach you the preparations and necessary equipment for climbing Mt. Fuji for the next season.
[Event content] In-store talk event & workshop
About Mt.Fuji “climbing” photos ~ About Mt.Fuji climbing photo book scheduled to be published next spring ~
Looking back on the 2022 Mt. Fuji season
2023 Training and equipment for those considering climbing Mt. Fuji Q&A time
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Mr. Enokido will present a picture postcard of Mt. Fuji to everyone who participates in the event.
Many precious and beautiful Mt. Fuji can be photographed only by a Mt. In addition, this time, we will also include a clear file of Mt. Fuji! ! [Image 3

[Event Information]
Date/Time: December 4, 2022 (Sun) 14:00-15:30
Venue / special venue on the 2nd floor of finetrack TOKYO BASE Open with Google MAP – Capacity: 20 people
Participation fee: Free
Lecturer: Mr. Yuichi Enokido (Mt.Fuji Guide)
▽ Click here to apply ▽
*Opens the reservation site “coubic” form
[Image 4d99387-49-e5df6a5c866646c19078-4.jpg&s3=99387-49-633eb834a4c7e822972046a48d2d8907-2000x1333.jpg
In addition, the following measures will be taken for the event. 〇 Efforts for safety and security
・Please wear a mask when visiting.
・We will measure your temperature when you visit, so please cooperate. ・If you have a fever, cold symptoms, or are worried about your physical condition, please refrain from coming to the store. ・We will always take in outside air and strengthen ventilation promotion. ・Alcohol disinfectant is installed.
・We regularly disinfect common areas such as handrails and doorknobs in the store.
・We pay close attention to the health management of our staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers and ask for your understanding.


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