Finetrack Co., Ltd. For everyone who plays in the snowy mountains! “Ever Breath Snow Line” that can be used for multiple purposes from skiing to full-scale snow mountain climbing is now on sale | finetrack (Fine Track)

finetrack Co., Ltd.
For everyone playing in the snowy mountains! “Ever Breath Snow Line” that can be used for multiple purposes from skiing to full-scale snow mountain climbing is now on sale | finetrack (Fine Track)
“Dry, so warm” Wear to avoid feeling cold during autumn and winter activities when the temperature drops

On November 18, 2022, finetrack Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yotaro Kanayama) launched the new product “Ever Breath Snowline” for the fall/winter 2022 season.
The theme that finetrack wants to convey in the fall and winter of 2022 is “dry, so warm”.
During activities in the fall and winter when the temperature is low, sweat and bad weather can deprive you of your body temperature and increase the risk of hypothermia.
At finetrack, under the theme of “warm because it’s dry,” we develop clothing that reduces the amount of body heat taken by wet clothing and allows you to act safely and comfortably even in the outdoor fields in autumn and winter.

[Image 1

[L5] Ever Breath Snow Line
There is a wide variety of ways to enjoy snowy mountains, from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe hiking, trekking to full-scale snow mountain climbing and backcountry skiing.
The necessary functions are different for each, and although the dedicated wear is certainly easy to use, it is not kind to your wallet to prepare several.
“I want to do everything in one piece of clothing.”
EVERBREATH SNOWLINE is the embodiment of the greedy feelings of the finetrack staff who play in the snowy mountains.
While focusing on slipping activities such as skiing and snowboarding, we have created a wear that can be recommended for everyone who enjoys snowy mountains by adjusting the details such as pocket placement and cutting design to make it easy to use even when climbing snowy mountains.
-Stretch fabric and cutting for extreme ease of movement
Although it uses a mechanical stretch that does not use polyurethane, it uses a special fabric that boasts 127% stretch in both vertical and horizontal directions.
– Detail for ease of use
The jacket has a large pocket, a powder skirt, and zipper pulls that are easy to operate while wearing gloves, while optimizing for ease of use in downhill activities, while pursuing ease of use in snowy mountains.
Considering the ease of use for various snow mountain activities, the pants have carefully selected basic functions.
“Ever Breath (R) fabric” that is comfortable and does not get stuffy Finetrack’s unique “Ever Breath Membrane” is used to maintain high moisture permeability for a long period of time. If you use the ventilation “link vent” that is easy to operate even during action, you can instantly discharge the heat inside the wear.
detail | detail
[Image 2

Large pockets with gussets on both chests. The left chest pocket has a large opening and can store large accessories.
[Image 3

Helmet compatible hood with adjuster. There is also a sound release hole near the back of the head
[Image 4

Breath ventilator for easier breathing when wearing the hood [Image 5

Underarm gussets for better arm mobility
[Image 6

Link Vent (R) for efficient ventilation
[Image 7

Powder skirt to prevent snow from entering
[Image 8

Left and right hand pockets
[Image 9d99387-51-6e9254936a6b1f6a6cf5-7.jpg&s3=99387-51-9077adade9177b4dd8319c76330483ce-708x360.jpg
Link vents (R) for efficient ventilation (common to pants and bibs) [Image 10d99387-51-e805384664c117a2269c-10.jpg&s3=99387-51-b71bb6aef08af4e16f350cef0f6de8c1-708x360.jpg
Thigh pocket convenient for storing maps, etc. (common to pants and bibs) [Image 11d99387-51-ea5484f9384293887ed3-14.jpg&s3=99387-51-d2a6992a66ae08d7f819c75fbdd9b1a2-708x360.jpg
Inner spats to prevent snow from entering (common to pants and bibs) [Image 12d99387-51-ca71e1078e3a5da9a1c8-19.jpg&s3=99387-51-24300f01cca8b43055cb1cfc688e78c9-708x360.jpg
Left and right hand pockets (common to pants and bibs)
[Image 13d99387-51-99eb223523c74c6e55a3-9.jpg&s3=99387-51-9de4ee55fae79f7c4966e61b0de9fa7d-708x360.jpg
Bib pocket for convenient storage of small items (bib only)
[Image 14d99387-51-7fc85ca7391012625a16-15.jpg&s3=99387-51-bd48a71e9d5f58992ffac36a24462955-738x300.jpg
Wide open buttocks for easy urination (bibs only)
[Image 15d99387-51-f52c5ca2017fea43b200-2.jpg&s3=99387-51-75dc2b26899ad95ad7dd0bb10e7c176d-550x550.jpg
Mens Jacket (Fox Brown)
■ Ever Breath (R) Snow Line Jacket ¥61,600 (tax included)
Color: Fox Brown, Duck Blue, Dark Navy
[Image 16d99387-51-8619a83b8b312eeabf2b-3.jpg&s3=99387-51-dd34c6be33f75b70ea916a8c62021edd-900x900.jpg
Men’s Pants in Graphite
■ Ever Breath (R) Snow Line Pants ¥50,050 (tax included)
color/graphite azure
[Image 17d99387-51-f5830264982fb05e1d17-4.jpg&s3=99387-51-587810a8a17549aaa6c247dbd1910a15-900x900.jpg
Womens Jacket (Dark Navy)
■ Ever Breath (R) Snow Line Jacket ¥61,600 (tax included)
Color: Dark Navy, Fox Brown, Peacock Green
[Image 18d99387-51-cc0e6bb2f676c4e2c98c-1.jpg&s3=99387-51-294bc03d6acc9ae179d0c928989544ec-900x900.jpg
Womens Pants (Azur)
■ Ever Breath (R) Snow Line Pants ¥50,050 (tax included)
Color/azure graphite
[Image 19d99387-51-c83ee4e674b0ab7e3881-5.jpg&s3=99387-51-5791b4e6f5a0ba1f5fe3cc922fb472b5-900x900.jpg
Unisex bibs in graphite
■ Ever Breath (R) Snow Line Bib ¥57,750 (tax included)
▽ Click here for details on Ever Breath (R) Snow Line ▽ About finetrack
[Image 20d99387-51-b95b7d6c53ebf2d2751f-0.jpg&s3=99387-51-a2b19c1a2c202063965baf887d292f74-2000x905.jpg

finetrack Co., Ltd. is a 30-year veteran of planning and development at a major domestic general outdoor manufacturer, etc.
Founded in January 2004 as a domestic venture by volunteers who have practiced outdoor activities for many years.
With a business model that directly connects the seeds and needs of “players = creators”, which has been certified by Hyogo Prefecture’s management innovation plan, we are promoting manufacturing that is particular about material development.
▽ Brand history ▽
▽Brand policy “Players are creators”▽
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