Finished with great success! A future product that achieves both sustainability and production efficiency! HANDA GROUP Exhibition Event Report!

Finished with great success! A future product that achieves both sustainability and production efficiency! HANDA GROUP Exhibition Event Report!
Sustainable Labo 2023SS ~Creating Tomorrow with HANDA GROUP~ This is a report on the contents of the exhibition.

HANDA GROUP (Headquarters: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, Chairman Han Chun) held the exhibition “Sustainable Labo 2023SS ~ HANDA” at OMOTESANDO MUSEUM from November 8 (Tue) to November 11 (Fri), 2022 Report on the event of “Tomorrow to create with GROUP”! [Web page]
HANDA TOKYO will be a 100%-owned Japanese subsidiary of HANDA GROUP. [Image 1

About 400 people will visit the exhibition in 5 days! Finished with great success!
When you enter the venue, the first thing that catches your eye is a panel with 17 SDGS items. For each initiative, a photo is attached, and how the actual initiative is being carried out at HANDA GROUP. … can be visualized concretely. It conveys the strong desire of HANDA GROUP to seriously challenge the SDGs as a company, not just a formal SDGs.
[Image 2

Inside the venue, which is decorated with white as the base color, 500 to 600 types of sustainable and functional materials are displayed, and the space is clean and open, and the first impression is that it is very comfortable.
[Image 3

[Image 4

At the corner where you can actually experience the functional materials installed immediately at the venue, there is always a crowd of interested visitors. This is a place where you can enjoy viewing, such as “experience with cool materials that you can immediately understand by touching and comparing fabrics”, “experience with your own eyes about fabrics that improve blood circulation”, and a corner where you can feel the water absorption of fabrics. This is a feature of the exhibition.
[Image 5

[Image 6

The ultimate is the 3D system, which is the main feature of this time! When the 2D pattern is completed into an actual sample product, “Huh? Is it different from what you thought? ] has probably been experienced by everyone. This system eliminates such customer worries and eliminates waste and leads to sustainability! I actually experienced it at the venue, but I was surprised at how freely I could try various patterns, colors, shapes and sizes in real time! (It can be changed to various patterns and colors according to the client’s request!) The so-called “clothing function” using 3D models seems to have been similar for a while, but this is the only practical development. Isn’t it hard to find a convenient system? It is a glimpse of what the future factory (Labo) will look like. The same 3D system can actually be experienced on the HANDA GROUP site, so if you are interested, please try it.
[Image 7d109954-7-a60d73d499403ecd93e8-16.jpg&s3=109954-7-39075d9254c25d01252a27bf226f2b4b-1011x292.jpg
■ 3D demo video URL:
      ■QR code for actually experiencing 3D
[Image 8d109954-7-2eaae720911f9787daa1-7.jpg&s3=109954-7-484b4e5f5676f0a433413329102b25e9-3900x3527.jpg

A sustainable future created with many partner companies!
What was characteristic of this exhibition was the attitude and atmosphere of “creating together with many business partners”. Work sustainably and create a better future together. The theme is a common problem given to the world today, and it requires a lot of wisdom, effort, and resources. be born. . . It was a content that could feel such a future once. The future trend of HANDA GROUP is worth watching. (writer: kazuma)


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