Finplanet Co., Ltd. Finplanet’s SaaS-type insurance robo-advisor system “RaaS (Roboad as a Service)” started to be provided to Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance

Finplanet Co., Ltd.
Finplanet’s SaaS insurance robo-advisor system “RaaS (Roboad as a Service)” started to be provided to Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance
~Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance Launches Insurance Robo Advisor “Hoken navi”~

FinPlanet Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naohiro Hasebe; Representative Director: Naohiro Hasebe; hereinafter “our company”), our “RaaS” has been introduced to SAISON AUTOMOBILE AND FIRE INSURANCE CO., LTD. We are pleased to inform you that the insurance has started providing insurance robo advisor “Hoken navi” from November 21, 2022 (Monday).

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1. Overview of RaaS (Roboad as a Service)
“RaaS” is the only SaaS-type robo-advisor system in Japan.
By introducing “RaaS”, insurance companies, banks, insurance agencies, etc. that sell life insurance will be able to provide SaaS functions necessary for insurance proposals to customers, such as insurance diagnosis algorithms, insurance product database bases, and insurance product recommendation engines. provided in the form.
As a result, financial institutions that sell life insurance can provide and operate at low cost and in a short period of time, compared to developing insurance robo-advisors/insurance diagnostic tools from scratch.
In addition, it can handle both face-to-face sales (*) and online sales according to the needs of financial institutions, and can be customized for each financial institution.
(*) In the case of face-to-face sales, financial institutions can use RaaS as an insurance sales support system at counters of financial institutions. Since AI provides necessary advice for insurance consulting sales, from the content to be interviewed to customers to advice and insurance product proposals based on the results of the interview, it is possible to raise the quality and homogenize insurance sales at financial institutions. increase.
Counter staff at financial institutions that have introduced the system can provide user-friendly consulting by operating tablet terminals together with customers who visit the store.
2. Overview of Services Provided to Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance Finplanet’s SaaS-type insurance robo-advisor system “RaaS” has been introduced to Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance.
Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance will provide insurance
robo-advisor “Hoken navi” that digitally supports customers’ insurance selection by utilizing our “RaaS”.
In the future, in collaboration with Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance, we will continue to expand the products listed on “Hoken navi” and improve its functions, while evolving into an even better service.
3. Overview of “Hoken navi”
“Hoken navi” is a free AI diagnostic service that allows you to easily select the necessary coverage for medical insurance and life insurance on your computer or smartphone.
-Use URL-
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(1) No registration required. Online in just 1 minute
Without registering personal information such as contact information or logging in, just answer up to 9 simple questions such as age, occupation, family composition, etc., and AI will provide the necessary coverage for you in about 1 minute. will diagnose. Even those who are not familiar with insurance can easily use it without hesitation.
(2) Personalized optimal proposal
AI makes a diagnosis that matches each customer. It is possible to know not only the necessary insurance items, but also recommended insurance products, appropriate insurance amounts, subscription plans, and unnecessary insurance.
For details on Hoken navi, please refer to the press release of Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance.
[About FinPlanet Co., Ltd.]
FinPlanet Co., Ltd. is a fintech/insurtech company that realizes financial DX for financial institutions through the provision of SaaS-type robo-advisor “RaaS” in the asset management and insurance fields.
By introducing “RaaS”, we will support the sales of financial products and insurance by financial institutions, and by optimizing the end-user’s selection of financial products and life insurance using algorithms, we aim to “enrich everyday life with the power of finance”. I am aiming.
Company name: Finplanet Co., Ltd.
Representative: Naohiro Hasebe, Representative Director
Established: April 2019
Location: 1-57-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Dorumi Yoyogi 205 Official site:

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