Firewood is unnecessary and ignition is easy in an instant! Makuake project will start on November 18, 2022 (Friday) with a new sense of interior concept bonfire EASY FIRE

Iron field gear (THE IRON FIELD GEAR)
Firewood is unnecessary and ignition is easy in an instant! Makuake project will start on November 18, 2022 (Friday) with a new sense of interior concept bonfire [EASY FIRE]
Enjoy the flame without using firewood, “new sense bonfire stand” of interior concept Easy Fire

Koei Kikaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Ryuji Moriyama), which develops the outdoor brand “THE IRON FIELD GEAR” by iron processing professionals, will open on November 18, 2022 ( Pre-orders for “EASY FIRE” will be accepted on the support purchase site Makuake from Friday).
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■ Project name
Ignition is easy in an instant! Enjoy the flame without using firewood, “new sense bonfire stand” of interior idea
■ Project page (released November 18, 2022)
・High and low that can be selected according to the purpose and scene! Feel free to enjoy the feeling of a bonfire anywhere with OD cans and CB cans.
・Since it is gas fuel, no ignition technique is required. It can be set up quickly and can be easily ignited by anyone.
・Since there is no ash, cleanup is not required. It can be stored compactly and is easy to carry!
[Image 2d78294-21-a4eb2b07c9c25d5020a9-0.jpg&s3=78294-21-4a93e73b04760178583b486935c0117f-640x158.jpg
No technique required, anyone can easily ignite in 1 second. I want to enjoy chill time with a bonfire more easily! The bonfire stand that was born from such thoughts is “EASY FIRE”.
[Image 3d78294-21-0a039c16487fd13bcb54-15.jpg&s3=78294-21-c988bbbd1f96a8f9f10edfb54f7f8785-1200x800.jpg
A wild, beautiful, and easy-to-use gas bonfire made by an outdoor brand that specializes in bonfires and BBQ grills.
A new concept fire place brings a bonfire to everyday life!
[Image 4d78294-21-f915d387d9286a75310a-16.jpg&s3=78294-21-46f38d37c4e663dafb92dda56d7f2869-640x158.jpg

1. No need to start a fire! Because it is a gas type, you can enjoy a bonfire from the moment you light it!
Bonfires are the highlight of camping. However, preparing firewood, starting a fire, and keeping the flames alive… is surprisingly hard work. Also, it is true that it takes a lot of effort and time to clean up after yourself.
Easy Fire saves you time and effort on those things and gives you more time to hang out.
[Image 5d78294-21-733d9d230625a2e9df8c-4.jpg&s3=78294-21-7a4d94ad10119fe0fa6ede5acca0101c-1200x800.jpg
If you want to make a normal bonfire, start by finding a good place to use the fire, prepare the firewood, start the fire, and keep the fire. Even after having fun, you have to extinguish the fire or throw away the ashes.
In that respect, “Easy Fire” is a gas fuel type, so it’s super easy! It doesn’t burn firewood or charcoal, so it ignites in an instant. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about it smelling like smoke. After the main body and stones cool down, all you have to do is store them in the storage bag, so cleaning up is easy.
2. It does not use firewood and does not emit smoke, so you can enjoy the feeling of a bonfire even in the garden or on the terrace. [Image 6d78294-21-c562d37e14dd786de776-5.jpg&s3=78294-21-392fc5f5a47482b8e92a46bf98d67919-1200x800.jpg
Even if you have a large veranda or garden, you can’t have a bonfire out of concern for your neighbors. With Easy Fire, you can easily solve such problems! ?
If you bring a bonfire into your usual relaxing space, you will be healed by the fluctuations and your heart will be warmed.
[Image 7d78294-21-9076637b99ab346b4ef9-6.jpg&s3=78294-21-8a167e449ddf00d1324110384fbe0cc2-1200x800.jpg
The black painted body goes well with the interior. Also, it doesn’t take up much space even when assembled, so you can leave it assembled and enjoy the flames immediately when you need it.
3. Comes with 2 types of high and low legs, and the height can be changed according to the scene.
[Image 8d78294-21-35d2dce9fa01d57430a2-7.jpg&s3=78294-21-0b53fe1bbba53844d72135302029e2b2-1600x1066.jpg
Two types of leg parts are included to match the gas fuel you use. Long legs are for CB cans that are cheap and easy to buy anywhere. The short legs are highly resistant to cold and are designed for compact OD cans.
4. Compact design that can be easily carried with one hand.
[Image 9d78294-21-4985861d05a275dc816d-8.jpg&s3=78294-21-e1ae4d9c01cbc9b6bf941792d88d019c-1599x1066.jpg
The main body weight is 2.7 kg including lava stones and two types of legs. It can be compactly carried in a dedicated storage bag that can be held with one hand.
[Image 10d78294-21-bf86849026b491f3a9bb-9.jpg&s3=78294-21-f85f10e2375329ef15516cd0d995819e-1599x1066.jpg
The storage bag is made of thick cotton canvas so that it won’t tear even if you put iron parts or lava rocks in it. The roll top opening and closing has a wide frontage, so you can quickly put it in and take it out.
[Image 11d78294-21-ec39cf45ad801484f7a1-10.jpg&s3=78294-21-99adf3a599af859dcefa0230163a8993-640x158.jpg
[Image 12d78294-21-c1bef489e55ba999656f-11.gif&s3=78294-21-23c5050698c5b6ff5258f1d53d573db8-640x426.gif
The real thrill of this product is that you can enjoy the flames just like a bonfire with a gas can.
This random fluctuation is due to the flow of air produced by the lava stone, and the jet-black lava stone illuminated by the burning flames is perfect for the atmosphere.
To put it plainly, the easy fire system is like an outdoor gas burner that has become a bonfire stand for enjoying flames. It’s a bit of a dream to enjoy a bonfire in the same way as using a burner.
Product Specifications
[Image 13d78294-21-71f917b02ff46a010335-12.png&s3=78294-21-eb9fcec28a853b5a03b7a390538ccfd3-1446x900.png
When using OD cans (short legs): about W183 x D183 x H201 (mm) When using CB can (long legs): about W183 x D183 x H321 (mm) [Image 14d78294-21-8672ee3a627ab0ca0f29-13.jpg&s3=78294-21-bb38df5d8580b04572217767760107c7-1600x1066.jpg
Set contents: Main body (including short legs for OD cans and long legs for CB cans), lava stone, storage bag (including drawstring bag for lava stone)
Weight: Approximately 2.5 kg (set weight for long legs, including body, long legs, and 500 g of lava stone)
Country of Origin: Japan
*Gas can is not included. Please bring your own.
■ Project period
November 18, 2022 (Friday) to January 16, 2023 (Monday)
【Company Profile】
Company name: Koei Planning Co., Ltd.
Location: 1838 Kawahara, Iiyamacho, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture Brand name: THE IRON FIELD GEAR

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