Firework Starts Providing Vertical Short Video Solutions for the App and Web Versions of the Entertainment Information Media “Pia”

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Firework Starts Providing Vertical Short Video Solutions for the App and Web Versions of the Entertainment Information Media “Pia” Simultaneous introduction of media website and app is the first in the Firework Japanese market. Supporting “accidental encounters and discoveries with entertainment” provided by “Pia” by enriching content
Loop Now Technologies (Headquarters: Silicon Valley, USA, CEO: Vincent Yang), a leading company in vertical short videos and live commerce, is an entertainment information media “Pia” operated by Pia
Corporation (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). We have started providing the video marketing platform “Firework” for the app version and the web version ( The official launch date is November 14th. Firework’s vertical short video format supports “accidental encounters and discoveries with entertainment” provided by “Pia”. As a new usage, we will also deliver short radio program planning.
Introduction background and overview
“Pia” (app), which started in 2018 as a media following the flow of the information magazine “Pia”, which was suspended in 2011, has exceeded 1.5 million downloads. Together with the web version, in addition to information on movies, music, stages, art, classical music, and leisure works and performances, there are also useful functions such as cross-genre searches for various projects and entertainment information, such as topical news and serials by popular artists. It offers.
This time, in order to further enhance the value provided by “Pia” of “accidental encounters and discoveries with entertainment”, by introducing the video marketing solution “Firework”, a new vertical short video and audio content function will be implemented. The contents and functions provided by “Pia” are summarized visually in an easy-to-understand manner and provided in the form of short videos, and a new audio content project “Kiku Pia” has also started. Started audio content project “Kiku ♪ Pia”
At the same time as the introduction of “Firework”, we started the audio content project “Listen with your ears! The latest entertainment TOPICS ‘Kiku ♪ Pia'”. “Kiku ♪ Pia” is updated daily in the form of short radio programs with topics carefully selected from the Pia editorial department’s own perspective.
[Image 1d75453-61-4bd7640a90836e67cf57-0.jpg&s3=75453-61-ec6669e598ced24cb649bccb027411b0-2000x1640.jpg
By utilizing Firework, it is possible to develop audio content using audio, visuals, and text. As a result, it is now possible to convey entertainment information in a more enjoyable way on both the app version and the web version of “Pia”.
In the future, we will also consider implementing live distribution using Firework, etc., and will deliver various information in the leisure and entertainment fields using the most suitable method for each.
Comment from Masahito Oka, General Manager, Media Business Promotion Department, Pia Corporation / Chief Editor of “Pia”
“Pia” (app), which started in 2018, has exceeded 1.5 million downloads this fall and is used by many entertainment fans. During this time, along with the launch of the web version, there is a “Gohiiki” function that allows you to follow your favorite artists and check all information, and a “Pia Pilot Guide” corner where entertainment experts and Tsu will tell you what you should watch now. We have expanded the functions and content that create “accidental encounters with new entertainment”, but responding to content such as video and audio, which has become a trend in recent years, has become an issue for the editorial department. rice field.
Under such circumstances, the encounter with “Firework”, a solution that can realize content enrichment and marketing utilization, “in our own media, not in external SNS” and “using existing photos and text materials” , It was just a “chance meeting” including the timing. While utilizing the assets and know-how accumulated in the information magazine “Pia”, we were able to implement a function that can create “+α” by combining videos and live distribution, etc. gender has expanded.
Most of all, the Japanese team of “Firework” has a deep understanding and love for “media and content”, and I feel reassured that they will accompany us. Now, new ideas are born one after another in the editorial department. Please look forward to the future of Pia. Comment from Yuji Ando, ​​Firework Japan Director, Publisher Partnerships & Success
We are very honored to receive the simultaneous implementation of the app version and the web version of the entertainment information media “Pia”, which follows the flow of the historical information magazine “Pia”, which was first published in 1972. As a video marketing platform, we are striving to provide the communication with readers that media companies are aiming for and the usage methods that shine with their “character”.
The voice content “Kiku ♪ Pia” implemented this time was the realization of an idea from “Pia”. More than we at Firework think, we will explore the possibilities of how to deliver information to many entertainment fans as “Pia” without being bound by posting examples such as vertical short videos and live distribution. I am impressed with the ideas pursued and the ability to execute them.
While continuing to receive opinions, we will explore the
possibilities of new vertical short videos and work together as a team to provide support for further leaps.

Overview of “Pia” (app)
Distributor: Pia Corporation
Provided OS: iOS, Android Language: Japanese
Price: Basic free + in-app purchase available (500 yen per month, tax included) [Image 2d75453-61-eb4a49fd400381958418-1.png&s3=75453-61-a4f1ddea9405906dbebf6c817e13b502-1069x245.png

About Pia Corporation
In 1974, two years after the launch of the information magazine “Pia,” Pia Corporation was established. Currently, the Pia Group constantly registers approximately 20,000 performances such as music, sports, theater, movies, and various events, sells approximately 70 million tickets annually, and has over 17 million members and approximately 30,000 members. Japan’s largest ticket agent with a sales network of 8,000 locations. In addition, we host and operate concerts and events, provide ticket sales solutions to halls and theaters, show organizers, sports groups, etc., publish publications and create web media in the leisure and entertainment field, and operate halls. We are developing a wide range of businesses in the entertainment field, such as establishment and operation (TSE 1st section / securities code 4337). About Firework (Loop Now Technologies, Inc.)
Firework is a “video marketing platform” that provides vertical videos, live commerce, video editing tools, and ad monetization functions all at once. It can be installed on your own website or app in just 5 minutes without the need for engineers.
In recent years, the power of attracting customers and monetizing giant SNSs has become stronger, and brands and media are under pressure to build businesses on giant SNSs. Firework’s video marketing solution comprehensively implements the digital strategy that it should be, helping brands and media to attract customers and strengthen monetization within their own domains, and by extension, enabling them to control their own futures. Support.
As of September 2022, more than 900 brands, retailers and media companies worldwide have deployed Firework. Yamato International, an apparel maker in Japan, and various media clients such as CLASSY. I have received it.
In addition to improving engagement and conversion within the site through vertical short videos and live commerce, leading to increased sales, OMO (integration of online and offline) is realized for brands with stores, and retail media is used for retail companies. For construction and media companies, it is a driving force for promoting video DX for each company, such as creating new monetization. Firework (Loop Now Technologies) has raised a total of approximately 30 billion yen in funding up to Series B, and has 370 people involved in development and service provision globally. Our services are being used in various countries, leveraging our overwhelmingly fast development capabilities with a 24-hour system in 37 countries around the world.
Head office location: 234 7th Ave 2nd Floor, San Mateo, CA 94401 CEO: Vincent Yang
Japan Country Manager: Yusaku Takizawa
Contact: (Contact: Ueda)

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