First 10 people can get qualifications for free SASSEN x Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified drone course Science and engineering university students only will be held

All Japan Sassen Association
[First 10 people can get qualifications for free] SASSEN x Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified drone course [Science and engineering university students only] will be held You can take a total of 3 days of academic and practical training at the Central Drone School (certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) and acquire qualifications.
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Since January 2020, the All Japan Sassen Association has been holding regular digital sports events at Akihabara A-LABO, a training facility of Central Engineering Co., Ltd. This time, we will hold a
collaboration event with Central Drone School, which is conducting training at the same venue. Both SASSEN and Central Drone School have a deep connection with Central Engineering Co., Ltd., and have in common that they exist above engineering. With Akihabara, the mecca of Japanese pop culture, as the venue, we will create opportunities to experience and learn about cutting-edge technology.
Event details
1. Deployed at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-certified Central Drone School
(, a standard course (department (4 hours)), practical skill course ( 10 hours) for a total of 3 days). !
* The first 10 people will be accepted throughout the entire period. *If the number of non-science and engineering students exceeds the first 10 people, only the course will be free, and the practical skill course will be charged.
* Practical training is optional, and the schedule will be adjusted with the instructor.
* Regarding first-come-first-served basis, it will be in order of completion of the course, and in the case of the same arrival, it will be in order of application.
2. Drone experience event
We have prepared drone experience content that anyone can participate in for free.
Here, an instructor from the Central Drone School provides an explanation and piloting experience for those who do not know much about drones. We will talk about various contents such as “What is a drone?”, “Where is it used?”, “Future development?”
3. SASSEN experience meeting, tournament, practice meeting, etc. (free for first-time participants)
A sword with a sensor is linked with Bluetooth, and you can
participate in the new sports SASSEN trial meeting or tournament for free, which is automatically judged by the app. You can experience sports that have been featured in Itte Q and Sukkiri.
4. Job hunting consultation (free)
Always available during event hours Please feel free to contact us for career counseling, job hunting support, etc.
*Members are introduced below.
time schedule
11/20 (Sun), 12/4 (Sun), 12/18 (Sun)
10:00~12:00 Drone experience event
14:30~18:30 Drone School Course (Department)
10:00~12:10 SASSEN classroom
13:00~14:00 Experience session for SASSEN inexperienced people 14:15~15:15 Experience session for SASSEN inexperienced people 15:30~16:30 Experience session for SASSEN inexperienced people 11/27 (Sun), 12/11 (Sun), 12/25 (Sun)
10:00~12:00 Drone experience event
13:00~15:00 Drone experience event
16:30~18:30 Drone experience event
10:00~12:10 SASSEN classroom
13:00~14:00 Experience session for SASSEN inexperienced people 14:00~16:00 SASSEN official match
16:00~18:00 SASSEN free practice
Ashita no Jibun Kenkyujo [A-LABO]
Akihabara HF Building 6F, 3-14-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Nearest station: 5 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit Application for participation (Google form)
Target departments: mechanical, electrical/electronic, materials, robotics, aerospace, information, chemistry, architecture, civil engineering, and other science-based university students
(For university students other than science and engineering, the first 10 students who are limited to practical training (qualification acquisition) are not eligible for free, but other parts (department attendance, experience events, etc.) are free.)
Seita Sukisaki (Central Drone School Founder, All Japan Sassen Association CTO) [Image 2

■ Profile:
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture
2015 University of Tsukuba, School of Science and Engineering, College of Engineering Systems, Graduated
2016- CTO & CSO of All Japan Sassen Association (currently All Japan Sassen Association, SATSUZEN Co., Ltd.)
2017 Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba, Department of Intelligent Systems
2017-2018 Narita International Airport Corporation
2018-Revot Co., Ltd. Established Representative Director (A venture company from the University of Tsukuba whose main business is research and development and consulting for drones, robots, etc.)
Since 2018: Owner of Cafe & Bar Uninhabited Island (founded a bar where idols and influencers hold events in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku)
From 2020: Supporting Central Engineering Co., Ltd.’s drone-related business (Central Drone School)
From 2021: Currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Intelligent Mechanism Systems, University of Tsukuba (Doctoral Program)
2021-Currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Business
Administration (MBA), University of Tsukuba
From 2021 Ouchi Honpo Co., Ltd. Founded Representative Director (real estate company whose main business is to support real estate investment through brokerage, purchase and resale, mainly for beginners interested in asset building)
In addition, lectures on careers are held at universities in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Conducted many consulting and financing related to new businesses (idol business, FC store business, web-related business, etc.) for individuals and corporations.
Takama Motomura (President, All Japan Sassen Association)
[Image 3

■ Profile
2009 Graduated from Fukuoka Prefectural Yawata High School
2009 Entered Konan University, Faculty of Management Creation, Department of Management Creation
2013 Konan University Faculty of Management Creation Department of Management Creation Graduated
July 2020 Appointed CEO of SATSUZEN Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the Faculty of Management Creation, Konan University. After experiencing sales at event exhibitions as a new graduate, changed jobs to medical office work. Became an assistant instructor at his family’s karate dojo, which he has continued since childhood, and worked as a medical office karate practitioner while teaching children and adults.
After that, he co-founded Lifelong Sports SASSEN and became
independent. Appointed as CEO of SATSUZEN Co., Ltd. Taking advantage of the experience of being in the middle of launching sports from 0, he is active in various fields in cooperation with other industries as a “sports designer”.
■Representative works/main achievements (partial)
March 22, 2022 Fuji TV Mezamashi TV “Kirabito” TV appearance November 3, 2021 NTV “Sukkiri” TV appearance
June 27, 2021 Nippon Television Itte Q to the end of the world! TV appearance December 4, 2020 TV Asahi Momokuro-chan! TV appearance
Akihito Nishida (Central Drone School Manager/CE Drone PJ)
[Image 4

■ Profile
Born in Aichi Prefecture
2021 Nihon Fukushi University Department of Welfare Engineering Department of Health Science Graduated
2021 Joined Central Engineering Co., Ltd.
Central Drone School Representative Has the authority and
responsibility to comprehensively manage the course.
Over 100 students will be given lectures and practical skills related to skill certification, and will be involved in aerial photography and property dropping at events.
* In addition, you can feel free to consult with experienced event management members.
What is Central Drone School
It is a drone school certified by the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism managed and operated by Central Engineering Co., Ltd.
Features are as follows.
・Even if you have no experience with drones, you can immediately acquire certification from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism! !
At Central Drone School, you can acquire the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certification in two days. The reason why you can acquire qualifications in a short period of time is because there is a unique curriculum of the Central Drone School, which is certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
・Even inexperienced drone pilots can improve their piloting skills immediately! !
At Central Drone School, experienced instructors conduct classes. I am a professional pilot who flies for business. Each instructor teaches in a small group of up to 3 students, so you can learn techniques in a way that suits you according to the student’s skill level.
・Enriched learning environment
Since we use a training institution called A-LABO in Akihabara, we have a complete training environment. Because it is a school based on training and education, teaching is “good”.
What is Ashita no Jibun Kenkyujo “A-LABO”?
“Ashita no Jibunkenkyujo” ( for discovering “myself” and facing myself with all my might A-LABO conducts training seminars and career support for employees of Central Engineering Group companies to improve the skills and skills necessary for their work. However, we provide opportunities for each individual to achieve self-fulfillment (find a calling), not as a place for training seminars or career support.
How many people are able to understand and implement
“self-actualization”? It feels like very few people are consciously facing themselves and taking action to achieve what they want to achieve. We believe that discovering and understanding your own uniqueness and then taking concrete actions toward achieving what you want to achieve is the first step toward self-fulfillment.
At A-LABO, we will hold training seminars and one-on-one career interviews tailored to each individual’s stage, and we will do our best to support the path from discovery to self-realization. About Central Engineering Co., Ltd.
Founded 60 years ago, we have been developing our own products in the fields of disaster prevention and security. We are a company that supports Japanese manufacturing with more than 1,000 engineers who conduct development support projects such as “engineer dispatch” to solve various technical problems of customers.
What is SASSEN
[Image 5

All you need is a smartphone. A next-generation digital chanbara that reproduces the samurai’s serious game in modern times. The tools are only a 70 cm long polyethylene foam sword “SASSEN Katana” with built-in sensors and a smartphone (tablet).
[Image 6

If you hit the body other than the head, it will become one, and the application will perform the hit judgment. The SASSEN sword was patented on December 22, 2016 (No. 6062592 “Sports Engagement Device”) [Image 7

The winner will be either “best two” or “the one with the highest number of runs within the 60 seconds of competition time”. Attacking is up to 5 swings (5 strokes) per person, and after that you can only defend, so it also has the aspect of a brain battle to think about how to make the most of the limited attack opportunities.
[Image 8

It was born from the desire to create an event that everyone who participates, spectates, and supports can understand and enjoy.
[Video 2:] *SASSEN2022 promotional video
Features of SASSEN Implementation
□ No need to change into a special uniform
□ No need to wear armor (headgear)
□ Can be played indoors and outdoors (except when it rains)
□ All the equipment you need is in one bag
□ Less burden on referees
Excellent compatibility with cosplay
[Image 9d80158-58-53d3750c78d83719c894-4.jpg&s3=80158-58-724f56c9ea3bca0537676c0ecf7273e2-2048x1638.jpg
Since I only use the SASSEN sword, it doesn’t interfere with cosplays such as Annihilation Blade and STARWARS. Parents are also attracted to the “appearance”, such as holding a shining sword and taking pictures. A lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages [Image 10d80158-58-ce924e0f6336d7c4424b-5.jpg&s3=80158-58-7d04941c7c3d6a0167a28fbc7e966661-960x720.jpg
The rules are simple, so everyone from children to the elderly can participate. Because it can be enjoyed regardless of age, gender, or disability, it is a new sport in which disabled and able-bodied people can compete under the same rules and conditions.
Nationwide expansion and competitive population
[Image 11d80158-58-64d1e5117119c04f5d9b-6.jpg&s3=80158-58-7971c664f9f672edfa5b5f4e980bed64-2048x1152.jpg
Further evolution of competition precision and expansion of the competition population. Even now, development is underway with the aim of creating a Japanese lightsaber. In January 2020, the first experience meeting in Tokyo will be held in Akihabara, Tokyo. Over the next two years, a total of 2,500 people experienced it. (As of August 2022)
SASSEN is a non-contact sport that can be done even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a major reason why it continues to expand despite the coronavirus pandemic. Click here for details about SASSEN What is SASSEN →
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