First Accounting, AI-OCR Solution “Remota” Starts Sales of Solutions Compatible with the Electronic Book Law

First Accounting Co., Ltd.
First Accounting, AI-OCR Solution “Remota” Starts Sales of Solutions Compatible with the Electronic Book Law
-Automatic input of search requirements by AI-

First Accounting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Keitaro Mori, hereinafter “First Accounting”) has announced that the AI-OCR solution “Remota” will comply with the Electronic Book Storage Law (hereinafter, “Electronic Book Law”). We are pleased to announce that we have started selling our solutions.
The “Remota Electronic Book Law Compliant Solution” to be launched this time is a service that fully complies with the revised Electronic Book Storage Law. I can do it. Voucher data can be searched by “transaction date, amount, business partner” in accordance with the revised Electronic Book Act, and can be stored for 10 years. -Image diagram of the solution compatible with the Remote Electron Book method- [Image 1d61842-51-337be532541d6459b076-0.png&s3=61842-51-622265404110f58633f6c0c89f05b64c-1052x276.png
The Electronic Book Storage Act, which was revised in January 2022, requires electronic storage of invoices received in electronic media such as email and the cloud. Each company is forced to take necessary actions during the grace period until December 2023. In response to such changes in the environment, we have decided to provide a service that complies with the revised Electronic Book Storage Act in addition to the various services that utilize AI that we have been providing. -Solution Overview-
“Remota Electron Book Law Compliant Solution” converts billing information such as “transaction date, amount, business partner” that needs to be recorded as a search requirement by AI-OCR into data, and then stores it as a storage requirement. It is a system that complies with the Electronic Ledger Storage Act that electronically saves without “image file resolution, number of pixels, color determination information display” or correction or deletion.
1. Invoice capture
・Documents can be digitized into PDF files, uploaded directly to Remota, sent to a dedicated email address, or placed in a dedicated folder in a linked BOX to start importing and converting to data. ・The ID and email address corresponding to each import method are recorded as the saver information.
2. Digitization and requirement-based search function
・”Resolution, number of pixels, color information (color or black and white)” can be displayed from the image file to check whether the storage requirements are met.
・With AI-OCR, we convert and save billing information such as “transaction date, amount, business partner” that needs to be recorded as a search requirement. You can also search by specifying a range and search by combining multiple items.
3. Storage of invoice image data for 10 years
・You can check the data conversion result side by side with the original image file.
・The system capture date will be recorded and stored as image data that cannot be revised or deleted (*) for 10 years.
*According to the January 2022 revision of the Electronic Book Storage Act, it is now possible to take the method of “storing in a system that retains correction and deletion history or cannot be corrected and deleted” instead of adding a time stamp, which was previously required. became.
-Future Prospects-
The “Remota Electric Book Law Compliant Solution” will also support the storage and search of electronic invoice data received in Peppol format after the invoice system from October 2023.
In addition to invoices, we will consider responding to storage requirements for other national tax-related documents depending on future customer needs.
■ About “Remota”
The AI ​​solution “Remota”, a platform specialized for accounting operations, can not only read vouchers with the AI-OCR function, but also automate a series of accounting operations with AI. It boasts high reading accuracy, reduces confirmation work, and makes accounting work more efficient with automatic journal entries using AI. Unlike form-based AI-OCR, which requires coordinate settings, deep learning is used to improve character recognition accuracy.
・ Click here for the Remota product catalog
URL: ■ First Accounting Company Profile
Company name: First Accounting Co., Ltd.
Location: VORT Hamamatsucho I 3F, 1-6-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2016
Representative: Keitaro Mori, President and Representative Director URL:
“Accounting, beyond” – Improving the efficiency of accounting operations promotes the focus of accounting departments on strategic accounting operations, and strategic accounting operations lead to improved corporate productivity. We provide “Robota”, an AI solution that innovates and improves the efficiency of accounting work, and “Remota”, a business solution that incorporates the functions of the Robota series. Through these solutions, First Accounting supports the realization of corporate strategic accounting.
*All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement.
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