First Cabin HD Co., Ltd. The latest model of the world’s first AI smart pillow “Nemurisu” was first introduced at “First Cabin Ichigaya”. The pillow transforms according to your posture… TBS series “Gacchiri Monday” reveals its performance

First Cabin HD Co., Ltd.
The latest model of the world’s first AI smart pillow “Nemurisu” was first introduced at “First Cabin Ichigaya”. The pillow transforms according to your posture… TBS series “Gacchiri Monday” reveals its performance
~ Experience the latest smart pillow for 500 yen for 1 night ~
First Cabin HD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Mera), which operates a compact hotel inspired by the first class of an airplane, is working on the development of products and services that update the quality of sleep. Ax Robotix Co., Ltd. Partnered with a company (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuichi Kawamura). In order to provide customers with a better sleeping environment, we introduced the world’s first smart pillow “Pixx” to “First Cabin Ichigaya” and conducted a demonstration experiment for about half a year from May this year. This time, the latest smart pillow “Nemurisu” was born, reflecting the voices of customers received in the demonstration experiment. In order to commercialize this product, it will be installed at the beauty and health hotel “First Cabin Ichigaya” and sold as “Sleep Reform Smart Makura Sleep / Sleep Plan”. “First Cabin Ichigaya” is the only lodging facility where you can experience “Nemurisu” before the general sale for 500 yen according to the questionnaire (as of November 2022). “Nemurisu” will also be introduced on the TBS series “Gacchiri Monday” broadcast on November 27th.
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■ Background of the partnership
From May 2022, as a new project to support customer health promotion, we have started a demonstration experiment to tackle sleep issues closely related to health in collaboration with Ax Robotix Co., Ltd. Pixx is a cutting-edge smart pillow that automatically reshapes itself while you sleep for optimal sleep. “Nemurisu” was created based on the feedback from customers who responded to questionnaires during the half-year demonstration experiment, and has been improved to be more compact than “Pixx” and easier to use as a pillow. In addition, the accuracy of automatically following the posture has been improved, and it is possible to determine whether you sleep on your back or on your side with almost 100% accuracy.
In this demonstration experiment, “Nemurisu” was introduced in the guest room of “First Cabin Ichigaya” in order to acquire actual sleep data for the commercialization of smart pillows. We will continue to cooperate in the development of the world’s first smart pillow that pursues the best sleep, and support it until it is commercialized. In addition, “Nemurisu” will be introduced in detail in the TBS series “Gacchiri Monday” (Sunday 7:30 am) broadcast on the 27th of this month. After watching the program, please use it at First Cabin Ichigaya.
■ What is the smart pillow “Nemurisu”?
“Nemurisu” is a smart pillow that automatically transforms during sleep with left and right motors to maintain a comfortable sleeping posture. We will solve the problem that the shape of the pillow that the human body wants changes depending on the physical condition of the day. You can easily set up by simply connecting the dedicated remote control and smartphone via Bluetooth.
■ Smart pillow “Nemurisu” 3 features
1) Automatic deformation
The pillow automatically changes to maintain a comfortable sleeping position, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free sleep. Sleeping on your back or on your side is determined with almost 100% accuracy, and the pillow automatically transforms to the optimal height during sleep. 2) Sleep analysis
Sleep analysis is possible in conjunction with the recording device “Fitbit Sense2”.
*Fitbit and the Fitbit logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Fitbit, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.
3) Quiet design
The quietness is less than 45 dB, which is quieter than air
conditioners, and it is designed so that the operating noise does not disturb sleep.
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Dimensions: 715W 350D 160H
Mass: 5kg
Power supply: AC100V
Operating time (attitude sensor): 6 hours
Communication standard: Bluetooth4.2
Left and right motor height adjustment: quietness less than 45dB, speed 3mm/sec ■ Activities
“Smart Makura Nemurisu / Sleep Plan”, which provides “Nemurisu” at First Cabin Ichigaya, is sold to the general public. After your stay, we ask guests who experience Sleeping to fill out a questionnaire about how their sleep quality improved. Sleeping data accumulates sleep data and grows as more people use it. Through this demonstration experiment, customers can analyze their sleep such as “how the pillow moves to improve the quality of sleep”, and by confirming their own sleep with numbers, the results show that the quality of sleep has improved. You can expect it.
[Sleep Reform Smart Pillow Sleeping Sleep Plan Overview]
Period: December 5, 2022 to May 31, 2023 (planned)
Target facility: First Cabin Ichigaya
Applicable cabins: First Class Cabin, Business Class Cabin, Premium Economy Class Cabin
Sales: Limited to 4 people per day
Price: Regular accommodation fee + 1,000 yen (500 yen cashback for survey responses)
*Since this accommodation plan is sold as part of a demonstration experiment for the commercialization of the smart pillow “Nemurisu”, we ask customers to cooperate with the questionnaire. We will give you a 500 yen discount if you answer the question.
Reservation site: (official HP limited sale) Notes :
*Functions, etc. may be improved or changed through demonstration experiments. * Since it will be operated during the demonstration experiment, there may be cases where problems that cannot be handled may occur. In that case, we will reduce the accommodation fee and may replace it with a regular pillow.
*If a problem occurs by the day before, we will contact the affected customer in advance on the day of the stay.
*When the above occurs, no cancellation fee will be charged if the guest on the applicable accommodation date wishes to cancel. [Overview of First Cabin Ichigaya]
[Table 2: ]
[What is First Cabin]
First Cabin is a compact hotel with the image of first class on an airplane. Under the new concept of “STAY SMART” in November 2021, we will rebrand the hotel as a hotel that will increase the value of work and life by making a smart choice to stay in the city center for people who are busy with their daily lives. I was.
Currently, in addition to Haneda Airport and Kansai International Airport, we have nine facilities mainly in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. (Including direct management and franchises) Ax Robotix Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Representative: Yuichi Kawamura, Representative Director
Location: 3-1-23 Iko, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Rasampleco Takenotsuka 3F Company Established: April 2019
Capital: 80 million yen (as of February 2022)
Business description: Development of product groups and provision of services mainly for improving sleep quality
Official website:
First Cabin HD Company Profile
Representative: Hiroyuki Mera, President and Representative Director Location: 2-7-9 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Company Established: April 2019
Capital: 100 million yen (capital reserve 1.3 billion)
Business description: Compact hotel operation and franchise headquarters * First Cabin Co., Ltd. transferred its business to NAP Co., Ltd. in July 2020. NAP Co., Ltd. changed its name to First Cabin HD Co., Ltd. in January 2021.

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