First exhibition and business meeting held for low GI food and rich in dietary fiber Setouchi Naked Mugi. Expect new possibilities for domestic ingredients!

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First exhibition and business meeting held for low GI food and rich in dietary fiber [Setouchi Naked Mugi]. Expect new possibilities for domestic ingredients!
~Try healthy food from Setouchi~

The Setouchi Barley Promotion Council (Chairman: Ryoichi Yoshihara) will hold the “Setouchi Naked Barley Exhibition and Business Meeting” for food-related company buyers, product development staff, and media on December 1, 2020 in Yotsuya, Tokyo. It will be held.
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[What is “naked barley”? ]
Naked barley is a type of barley that has long been used in Japan as an ingredient in barley miso and barley tea, as well as in barley rice that is mixed with white rice and cooked. Unlike other barley, it is called “naked barley” because the husk can be easily peeled off. In Japan, production is thriving in the Setouchi area such as Ehime, Kagawa, and , and more than 50% of domestic production is produced in the Chugoku-Shikoku region.
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[Healthy ingredients]
Various new uses Barley is a low GI food, and it is a very healthy ingredient that contains about 20 times more dietary fiber than white rice. Water-soluble dietary fiber (β-glucan), which is particularly abundant, has been shown to have effects such as normalizing blood cholesterol and slowing the rise in postprandial blood sugar levels. Due to these functionalities, naked barley is gaining attention as a “guilt-free food” that can be eaten without feeling guilty.
In addition to its traditional uses, it can be processed into cereals, used as a substitute for flour, or made into jelly for drinks. You can enjoy it deliciously in a variety of applications that have never been seen before, such as processing it into jelly.
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[Setouchi Naked Wheat Exhibition and Business Meeting in Tokyo] ・We will provide information on naked barley, such as “useful for new product development” and “new ways to eat”.
・If you are interested in using low GI foods and bare wheat jelly (viscosity), please join us.
・It is a very attractive powder as a substitute for wheat flour. (Overview)
 Date and time; 2022/12/01 13:00-17:00 (Thursday)
Venue: Rental kitchen space Patia Yotsuya
1F MEISTER YOTSUYA 1-17 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004 Format: Free admission, free entry and exit
Note: We will ask for two business cards at the reception.
Target audience: Food-related company buyers, product development managers, media personnel
      ※Since this event will be a business meeting, we ask that the general public refrain from attending.
       We are planning events for consumers in the future.
Sponsored by: Setouchi Mugi Promotion Council (About holding)
At this business meeting, visitors will be able to taste products and dishes (confectionery, pancakes, tempura, chijimi, barley rice, etc.) made from grains, flour, and gelée of Setouchi’s specialty “Hadaka barley,” and learn about their functionality, uses, and deliciousness. We aim to let you feel the various charms of “naked barley” such as We look forward to welcoming many interested parties.
(How to apply for participation)
Please contact us in advance by phone or email.
You can come anytime during the opening hours. I would appreciate it if you could watch it for an hour or two.
Japan Professional Agriculture Comprehensive Support Organization Secretariat (Yamazaki)
Tel: 070-6966-4451 Email:
Application acceptance period: 11/7-11/30
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Producers and processors in the Setouchi region work together to develop demand Barley is often cultivated in combination with rice cultivation (double cropping), and is a very important crop in supporting regional agriculture.
On the other hand, compared to its cultivation history and
functionality, the reality is that it is not well known to consumers. Therefore, in July of this year, the Setouchi Barley Promotion Council was established, mainly by barley and flour milling companies and producer groups in the Setouchi area, and is working on dissemination activities to expand demand.
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Overview of the Setouchi Wheat Promotion Council
Location: 5-3-13 Kusuno, Shimonoseki City, Prefecture Work With Co., Ltd. Office
Officers: Chairman: Ryoichi Yoshihara (President and CEO of Yoshihara Shokuhin Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chairman: Mitsuhiro Takahata (President and CEO of Takahata Seimugi Co., Ltd.)
Executive Director: Takao Kato (Representative Director of Workwith Co., Ltd.) Producer: Ryosuke Uramatsu (Business Coordinator, Business Development Department, NARO Headquarters)
Members: Yoshihara Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Takahata Seimugi Co., Ltd. Sanyo Seimugi Co., Ltd.
Maeda Co., Ltd. J Wing Farm Co., Ltd.
Katabo Co., Ltd. At Hand Co., Ltd. Work With Co., Ltd.
Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative Association Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative Association
Observer: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives Okayama Prefectural
Okayama Prefectural Staple Food Collection Commercial Cooperative Association National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative
Associations Barley Agricultural Products Office
National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations Ehime Headquarters Okayama prefecture prefecture Kagawa prefecture Ehime prefecture National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Chugoku-Shikoku Agricultural Administration Bureau

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