First tasting event Submarine aged wine SUBRINA free tasting will be held in Yokohama on December 10th. A collaboration gift with an alcohol ink artist is also announced.

Common Sense Co., Ltd.
[First tasting event] Submarine aged wine SUBRINA free tasting will be held in Yokohama on December 10th. A collaboration gift with an alcohol ink artist is also announced.
One-night-only tasting night to enjoy undersea aged wine and art
Undersea aged wine SUBRINA-Common Sense Co., Ltd., which operates Sabrina (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture /
Representative Director Eisuke Aoki, will hold the first tasting event since business development on December 10th (Sat) in Yokohama. It will be held.
At the same time, at this event, a new series of “SUBRINA QUOTES”, a new series of gift wrapping that conveys the feeling of giving to others, will be announced along with the original drawings, which will be released from December 1st. Enjoy 5 types of art drawn by 5 artists with undersea aged wine in one hand.
[Image 1

Launched in 2011 as Japan’s first undersea aged wine, SUBRINA has been chosen for various occasions, mainly through online stores. At the beginning of this year, it was also used in a TV commercial on, and we were able to deliver the appeal of undersea aging and Minamiizu to many people.
[Image 2

On December 10, 2022 (Saturday), we will hold the first tasting event of SUBRINA with gratitude so far. At this event, titled “SUBRINA Tasting Night 2022,” you can drink “ACT4 2020,” which was salvaged from the sea in June 2022, and is now on sale. In addition, a limited number of pairing finger foods with SUBRINA will be prepared by the chef of the venue restaurant NOUMU (
For those who are looking for SUBRINA on a regular basis, those who are hesitant about purchasing it, and those who are interested in submarine aged wine, please come and visit us at this valuable opportunity. We also welcome tastings from restaurants, liquor stores, and the media.
Collaboration with 5 artists.
Exhibiting the original drawings of the gift wrapping series “SUBRINA QUOTES”, which expresses the feelings you want to convey to the other person with art at the venue
Submarine Aged Wine SUBRINA has always ranked high in the Amazon Wine Gift Ranking since its release, and has received the Topic Award*2 as a gift chosen by a secretary*1 as a gift for entertaining guests, and has been recognized as a “wine that you want to give as a gift or present.” It has been chosen by many people.
* 1: A service that introduces reliable souvenirs selected by active secretaries operated by Gurunavi Co., Ltd. * 2: Selected as the “Topic Award” of “Entertainment Gift Selection 2021 spin off” officially recognized by “Here Secretary Room”
Through our business so far, we have realized that gifts are not just an act of giving things, but an important means of conveying feelings. I kept looking for it. As a result, in August 2021, we announced the first QUOTES wrapping series, which is expressed as “QUOTES” that we want to convey to the recipient, and is colored with petals that match the emotional scene.
[Image 3

The second edition, which will be released from December 1, 2022, is the QUOTES wrapping series with alcohol ink art drawn using wind, color, and alcohol, which are new art methods in Japan.
We welcomed five alcohol ink artists who are active on the front line, and expressed the five words of QUOTES with a mixture of many colors of ink, like words and thoughts that cannot be expressed with one. [Image 4

This art, which changes over time, overlaps with SUBRINA, where a single bottle of wine draws on the natural power of the sea to change more mellowly, and this collaboration has been realized. By combining both, it will be born as a more attractive “only one gift”.
■SUBRINA QUOTES / Artist introduction site
[Image 5

At “SUBRINA Tasting Night 2022”, this new wrapping series will be exhibited along with the original art. Talk sessions by artists and SUBRINA and workshops where you can experience alcohol ink art are also held. It is the content that you can fully enjoy wine and art.

SUBRINA Tasting Night 2022 in YOKOHAMA Overview
date and time
December 10, 2022 (Sat) 16:00-21:00 (Last entry 20:30) *Hourly admission system place
NOUMU Hotel Edit 1F NOUMU, 6-78-1 Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Access] Go out the JR Sakuragicho Station New South Exit ticket gate, go to the front left side, go up the stairs of the Sumiyoshi Bridge pedestrian bridge and turn right. 1st floor of Hotel Edit on the right after crossing Sumiyoshi Bridge (5 minutes on foot)
Entry fee
Free *Reservation required
On the day of the event, please present the electronic ticket issued by the reservation site Peatix at the reception.
About talk time
・Around 18:30 ~ Representative Aoki will talk casually about SUBRINA’s efforts so far and the future of undersea aging.
・From around 19:00 The artist who drew the QUOTES art will talk about the appeal of alcohol ink art and his thoughts on this art in a session format.
Common Sense Co., Ltd. (SUBRINA planning and operation)
Reservation method (advance reservation system)
Please make a reservation in advance from the event site “Peatix”. You can take up to 3 at a time.
*If you are using Peatix for the first time, you need to register an account. -Reservation site-
Requests to all participants
・Cancellations and time changes are accepted until the day before the event. Please contact us from the reservation site inquiry.
・Please cooperate in preventing infectious diseases. The number of people may be limited during busy times.
・Please participate within 1 hour per person. Advance reservations will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
・If all the bottles are empty, it may end earlier than the scheduled time. ・We cannot keep your luggage on the day. Please manage by yourself. ・For food hygiene reasons, please refrain from bringing in food and drink. ・Drunk driving, underage drinking, and illegal parking are strictly prohibited. ・If you are planning to experience art, please come in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

What is submarine aging wine SUBRINA?
It is a red wine that has been aged for about half a year at a depth of 15m off the coast of Minami Izu Okuiroro Nakagi, which has Hirizo Beach, Mikai, which boasts one of the most transparent waters in Japan. A dish with a beautiful proportion of rich fruit, soft tannins, and rich acidity born from mature grapes. As a proof that it was sleeping on the seabed, the bottle has “gifts from the sea” such as barnacles and lime algae attached. A story about the sea and wine creates a special gift. ACT4 2020 is on sale in limited quantities from July 11, 2022.
SUBRINA brand site/online shop:
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Company Profile
Company name: Common Sense Co., Ltd.
Location: 303 Shimizu Building, 344 Yatsucho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 236-0016
Established: March 22, 2012
Representative: Eisuke Aoki, President and Representative Director Business: Alcoholic beverage sales (wholesale/retail)
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