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Flag Co., Ltd.
[Advance sale also] “Ethical Christmas coffret feature” style table (style table) fair held
Introducing a limited quantity set of organic brands that are currently attracting attention, such as a pre-release set of organic beauty essence that focuses on skin oxidation.

The ethical select shop brand “style table” operated by Flag Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naoko Fukiage) will hold part 2 of “Christmas Coffret Collection 2022” from November 24, 2022 (Thursday). I will. Picked up ICOR (Iko), NowLd (Nord), nailmatic (Nailmatic) as the second. Hokkaido’s ethical cosmetics ICOR Christmas limited set is a collaboration limited product with style table. A treatment oil beauty essence that focuses on skin oxidation will be released in advance, and it is a content that you can’t take your eyes off.
A set of cosmetics and skincare brands that are friendly to the earth and people, and which are limited to the holiday season, are linked to style table’s desire to “leave a clean earth for our next generation, and the next generation.” line up.
[Image 1d60883-89-814babe877b20eda4c5e-3.jpg&s3=60883-89-f883c9a8af7fae58820fc3ccafe77cf4-1006x1006.jpg
■ Period: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) ~Limited quantity release ■ Available stores: “style table” 9 stores nationwide https://styletable.jp/ Please contact each store for the handling of each product.
Introducing part of the lineup
*Each image is an image. Actual package and product size may differ. ◆ ICOR
[Image 2d60883-89-769704105c4650594bbf-0.jpg&s3=60883-89-79cdc8f3b56250cf27e0a314643ea116-1920x1280.jpg
■ ICOR “ICOR x style table Christmas limited set” ¥ 5,500 (tax included) A limited-edition Christmas coffret in collaboration with style table and an ethical skin care brand from Hokkaido, focusing on the treasure “water” that is important to nature and people.
The focus of this coffret is the pre-sale of “Fabulous Oil 001”, which focuses on skin oxidation.
A treatment oil serum containing 11 kinds of botanical oils, such as wine, astaxanthin, and jojoba seed oil, moisturizes and smoothes dry, rough skin.
Based on deep sea salt from Rausu, the set also includes a limited edition bath salt that uses white birch sap from Hokkaido. The content will provide holistic skin, body, and mind care, and the more you use it, the more enjoyable the holiday season will be. .
A set where you can try high-quality domestic skin care that incorporates carefully selected ingredients such as the spring water of Niseko Mt. Yotei and the natural blessings of Hokkaido.
-set content-
・ICOR Fabulous Oil 001 / 30ml (new release, regular price 5,500 yen including tax)
・ICORxMAOIQ collaboration bath salt / 40g x 3 packs (limited edition, regular price 1,980 yen including tax)
・ICOR original purse
[Image 3d60883-89-837605d6635016273420-8.jpg&s3=60883-89-6d38062ccc017bbe6723c08cc130b190-3900x2603.jpg
■ NowLd “Christmas skin care set (with purse)” 6,710 yen (tax included) A skin care brand that is currently attracting attention from Japan, by a hair and makeup artist. Our philosophy is to awaken the skin’s natural power through a multifaceted approach to the mind, body, and skin.
Two items that are very popular on the style table are now a great value set! A mini-sized set of Plump Essence and Plump Oil, a cosmetic lotion that professional beauticians praise for its luster and firmness of the skin, is now available as a Christmas coffret.
Plump Essence is based on damask rose water from Bulgaria, which is said to be the highest peak instead of water. A blend of rare organic ingredients and powerful beauty ingredients to achieve 99.9% naturally derived ingredients. A rich, thick and dense texture envelops the skin.
The scent of rose gently envelops your skin and your heart, inviting you to a quality time. Recommended as a reward for yourself. -set content-
・NowLd plum essence 60ml
・Plump oil B+ mini size 5ml
・NowLd original purse
[Image 4d60883-89-7c94a991e7d60d6dffbc-7.png&s3=60883-89-4fc8caba3bc8a9f8b1866287be133934-294x283.png
◆ nailmatic
[Image 5d60883-89-fda9da6ed19db771e66c-9.jpg&s3=60883-89-f6c66ee58d9450fb05713132497c20e0-1080x810.jpg
■nailmatic “nailmatic holiday color set “green”” 4,510 yen (tax included) A nail brand that is friendly to natural nails and the environment, with a focus on the use of plant-derived ingredients from France. From the brand icon pure color series, popular colors have become a great value Christmas set. The gorgeous color combination that will liven up the holiday season is also recommended as a gift.
The Pure Color series contains up to 84% plant-derived ingredients. While using vegetable solvents such as cotton, corn, and potatoes instead of petroleum solvents, you can enjoy nail colors like fashion and accessories like conventional nails.
-set content-
・NM pure color MIKY (Mikey emerald green)
・NM pure color BONNIE (Bonnie gold glitter)
・Nail file (regular price 1,100 yen including tax)
・nailmatic purse
[Image 6d60883-89-38d58e3842a2ae057001-10.jpg&s3=60883-89-6014edb8c0b4a80b9de61bb05090897b-369x369.jpg

Instagram live to learn about the appeal of ethical brands
We welcome the best ethical brands and hold a talk session on Instagram Live. It is a valuable live stream where you can directly hear a lot of content, such as the brand’s commitment and organic thoughts. Collaboration brand: ICOR *Archive now available
style table official Instagram
https://www.instagram.com/tv/CkqBO_oDVIv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Introduction to Christmas Coffret *Archive now available
https://www.instagram.com/tv/Ck71MS8DbBn/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Click here for past Instagram Lives
What is a style table
Style Table is a brand that carefully selects organic, ethical, and sustainable products.
[Image 7d60883-89-b0f5ca7e48e3224c2e4f-4.png&s3=60883-89-a7001e89a12d625d43f047f77bb4a64f-1669x544.png
“style table” brand site
URL https://styletable.jp/
[Image 8d60883-89-5c3efb3e55b851d37b63-5.jpg&s3=60883-89-203466f575a81edc74dcce70ae1316a1-1125x750.jpg
The theme of “style table” is “Ethical x Sustainable x Vegan”. A select shop brand that collects the voices of more than 100 working women and working moms in their 20s and 30s living in Tokyo and offers safe and secure cosmetics, foods, and lifestyle goods that are particular about raw materials and production areas.
We aim to be a brand that continues to learn and grow with our customers, and we will continue to propose ethical lifestyles. Behind the birth of organic products that are friendly to people and the earth, there is a story written with the thoughts of producers and companies.
We value that story when selecting products, and communicate the value of organics.
[Image 9d60883-89-580b0fb6a4690814ad78-6.png&s3=60883-89-3f72a637f7bc767bfb9170c77aeb896f-885x171.png
The style table expresses “ethical” in an easy-to-understand manner with seven themes.
It is written so that you can see at a glance what kind of ethical consumption is connected to shopping on the style table.
Feel free to enjoy ethical shopping with peace of mind.
【store information】
*Business hours and business days are subject to change, so please check the website for the latest information.
■style table DAIKANYAMA
■style table Shinjuku Mylord Mosaic Street
■style table COREDO Nihonbashi store
■style table Tokyo Dome City LaQua
■style table Shibuya Scramble Square -Long-term POP UP-
■style table LaLa Terrace Musashi Kosugi
■style table Tobu Ikebukuro
■style table LUCUA Ile shop
■style table living Hanshin Umeda Main Store
Click here for the shop list
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