FLIGHTS Co., Ltd. The first free demonstration in Gifu Prefecture of the drone-mounted LiDAR “FLIGHTS SCAN ” released in August this year was held in Kaizu City on November 18th.

The first free demonstration in Gifu Prefecture of the drone-mounted LiDAR “FLIGHTS SCAN” released in August this year was held in Kaizu City on November 18th.

We will demonstrate from data acquisition to point cloud generation with a drone-mounted LiDAR “FLIGHTS SCAN” that has a high-precision IMU and a 360-degree omnidirectional sensor. Please take a close look at the performance that is compatible with public surveys at about half the price of conventional products.
FLIGHTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shuhei Togeshita, hereafter: FLIGHTS) will launch a drone-mounted LiDAR “FLIGHTS SCAN” in Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture from 11:00 on November 18, 2022 (Friday). ” will be held. This demonstration is a trading company with a history of more than 130 years since its foundation in Gifu Prefecture, but has already been using laser scanners and drones for more than 10 years. It will continue to be hosted by Kameta Co., Ltd. (Head office: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, President: Naofumi Hashimoto) and co-hosted by FLIGHTS.
If you want to improve the productivity of your surveying work or expand the scope of your work by using a drone-mounted LiDAR that has performance comparable to conventional high-priced LiDARs but also has excellent cost performance, please take this opportunity. Please join us.
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Contents of the demonstration
■ Practical part
・Demonstration of creating a “terrain following” flight plan using the “FLIGHTS PLAN” app
・Demonstration of data acquisition by demo flight of DJI’s Matrice 300 RTK equipped with “FLIGHTS SCAN”
■ Classroom part
・ Basic knowledge of drone-mounted LiDAR
・Introduction of product overview and features of “FLIGHTS SCAN” ・Explanation of the analysis method and data accuracy using the acquired data in the practical part
*Program contents are subject to change.
Overview of the event
■ Organizer: Kameta Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: FLIGHTS Co., Ltd.
■ Schedule: Friday, November 18, 2022
■Time: Doors open at 10:30, start at 11:00
*The start time is subject to change. The end is scheduled for 15:00. ■Meeting place: 〒503-0626 Manjushinden, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu-shi, Gifu (35.177817, 136.651980)
■ Venue:
1. Practical venue: Manjushinden, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu-shi, Gifu 503-0626 (35.177817, 136.651980)
2. Lecture venue: Bunka Kaikan (99-1, Komanookujou Komano, Nanno-cho, Kaizu City, 503-0600)
*Please move between venues by yourself.
■Capacity: If there are many participants, there is a possibility that the deadline will be reached.
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Target: People involved in civil engineering surveying-related work Application deadline: Ends as soon as the capacity is reached ■ Event page (Click here to apply): Outline of “FLIGHTS SCAN”
“FLIGHTS SCAN” is equipped with a high-performance IMU and a 360-degree omnidirectional sensor that satisfies various standards described in the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan’s “Public Survey Manual Using UAVs (Draft)”.
There have been drone-mounted LiDARs with high-performance IMUs and sensors, but they have not become common because the entire system costs tens of millions of yen. “FLIGHTS SCAN” is jointly developed with Inertial Labs, Inc., which has more than 20 years of experience in inertial system development. It has become possible to provide ■ About Inertial Labs
Inertial Labs develops and manufactures inertial systems such as IMUs and provides application services for a wide range of fields such as aerospace, autonomous driving, and defense. We have a track record of delivering products.
Three features of “FLIGHTS SCAN”
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1. Equipped with a high-performance IMU for public surveying Equipped with a high-performance IMU that meets various standards described in the public survey manual (draft), it achieves excellent accuracy even in environments that do not support GPS.
Since the accumulation error of the IMU is gradual, it is possible to fly for a long time compared to conventional products.
2. Strong on steep slopes with 360-degree sensors
The sensor can be selected from “Hesai XT32” or “Hesai XT32 M2X”. Both sensors are 360-degree omnidirectional, with 640,000 irradiation points per second. A wide range of measurements can be taken at once, and high-precision data can be acquired without problems even on steep slopes.
Equipped with a multi-return function, it increases the possibility of obtaining necessary data even when there are obstacles such as vegetation from the sky to the ground surface.
3. Smart operation to maximize productivity
High-performance INS also have a significant impact on business productivity. The waiting time that occurs before every flight was about 5 minutes with conventional products, but with FLIGHTS SCAN it is only 30 seconds. In addition, long-term operation is possible because the accumulation of IMU errors is gradual. In addition, since there is little variation in the point cloud of the acquired data, the work time required for noise removal, etc. can be minimized. Lecturer Introduction Co., Ltd.
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FLIGHTS Executive Officer
Dr. Kashio Hiroshi
Development and business manager of “FLIGHTS SCAN”. He has been involved in the practice of 3D measurement since the dawn of time, and is familiar with a wide range of surveying methods such as terrestrial lasers, photogrammetry, and LiDAR. Utilizing that knowledge, we respond flexibly to all kinds of consultations and projects. Also trained more than 500 UAV survey instructors.
Lecturer’s comment
We have dealt with many drone lasers so far, but once we perform a measurement with this “FLIGHTS SCAN”, we are surprised by its overwhelming performance and ease of use.
In developing this product, our company and Inertial Labs have repeatedly discussed LiDAR products that are required by everyone in the Japanese surveying industry, and have conducted dozens of flight tests. As a result, we have successfully developed a LiDAR product that we can confidently recommend to meet your expectations. If you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could participate in this demonstration.
Company Profile
With the vision of “becoming a company that contributes most to the creation of a society based on drones and robotics”, we develop products and support their introduction in industrial fields such as surveying, infrastructure inspection, and agriculture. Utilizing the operational know-how and achievements of drones and related products that we have accumulated since the company was established, we will collaborate with partner companies that have knowledge in various industries to develop our business.
Company name: FLIGHTS Co., Ltd.
Location: 6th floor, Dogenzaka Imai Building, 1-19-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
Representative: Representative Director Shuhei Togeshita
Established: March 4, 2016
Production Support Division
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