Flora Co., Ltd. Menstruation and fertility app “flora” closes bridge financing in anticipation of service expansion, ~Total funding amount of 75 million yen~

Flora Inc.
Menstruation and fertility app “flora” closes bridge financing in anticipation of service expansion, ~Total funding amount of 75 million yen~

Flora Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; Representative Director: Anna Kreshenko; hereinafter referred to as “Flora”), which develops and operates the menstruation and fertility app “flora app”, is an existing shareholder Social Entrepreneur 3 Investment Business Limited Liability We implemented bridge financing with a partnership (operating company: PE&HR Co., Ltd., CEO: Ryojiro Yamamoto) as the underwriter. Based on this funding, we will promote the business to further build the FemTech Big Data ecosystem. [Image 1

Social Entrepreneur 3 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership (Operating company: PE&HR Co., Ltd., head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Yoshiki Mishina (Angel Investor)
Dawn Capital
(Operating company: Akatsuki Ventures Co., Ltd., head office location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Globis Co., Ltd. G-Startup
(Operating company: GLOBIS Co., Ltd. Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) toberu No. 1 Fund Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership (Operating company: PHOENIXY Co., Ltd. Head office location: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
◼︎Purpose of fundraising
With the mission of “Empowering women through data,” Flora provides apps that support menstruation and fertility, which are women’s unique health issues, and realizes the “who you want to be” for each woman. To do. The menstruation and fertility app “flora app” released in April 2022 is currently used by about 50,000 users. Through this bridge finance, we will strive to expand our services to a wider range of generations. Focusing on menopausal symptoms, which are said to be the second cause of work loss after menstrual pain and PMS, we aim to support women so that they can be active in society for a long time by developing an app that personalizes care information.
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■ Comments from investors (company name in alphabetical order) Mr. Kazuhiko Ishikura, President and CEO of Akatsuki Ventures Co., Ltd. I met Flora’s management team when I was a mentor at G-STARTUP. I was impressed by Anna’s strong passion for her vision and her strong desire to face the product.
In the future, as we seek to realize a society in which women can play an active role more easily, I believe that it is important to live in a way that is true to yourself, and to have the experience of realizing your own splendor and loving yourself and your life. Flora believes that health data will help solve women’s problems in life stages and realize a society where women can play an active role! Together with everyone at Flora, we aim to create an exciting world! Mizuki Uchimaru, Investment Professional, Representative Office, GLOBIS Co., Ltd.
Since being selected for the G-STARTUP 5th Batch main track, we have received support from the G-STARTUP Fund.
Menstrual cramps, PMS, hormonal imbalances during and after
pregnancy… Flora made me realize that health is something I can control. . It was the moment when I felt exactly what Flora is aiming for, “empowering women through data.”
Armed with health data obtained through the development of
menstruation and fertility apps and health management services for corporations, in the future we will realize health support tailored to each individual, from menarche to menopause.
I was attracted to Anna’s strong will to empower women and the team strong in data science that can make it a reality.
I sincerely hope that Flora will accelerate its future growth with the aim of becoming a unicorn, and I support it!
Ms. Yukiko Hashidera, Representative Director, PHOENIXY Co., Ltd. I have known Anna and the Flora team since I met them in 2019 as a second term fellow of our incubation program.
At the residential facility “toberu”, I felt the future potential in the courage and execution ability to shape the business idea with strong passion while struggling every day. We are looking forward to the expansion of personalization functions and the early response to menopausal symptoms using a unique data algorithm by a multinational technical team. As the first memorable project of the toberu fund operated by our company, we will continue to provide an environment where the team can get out of their worries!
Mr. Ryojiro Yamamoto, CEO of PE&HR Co., Ltd.
This is the second investment in Flora since its establishment. As is well known from many news programs and management awards, Anna is an exchange student from Ukraine. When I met him, he was a law student at Kyoto University, but now he has gone on to graduate school to study management. At the time of the first investment, there was no war in Ukraine, but when I saw Anna’s efforts and personality, I felt the future potential and decided to invest.
At Flora, in addition to Anna, CTO Ivan and other people of various nationalities and countries work.
The speed of our business at Femtech is accelerating so as to outpace changes in society. The number of downloads for the app launched in April reached 50,000, and the growth in monthly sales is phenomenal. This is because large companies are lining up to entrust Flora with not only user billing but also welfare programs for female employees. I am looking forward to future developments, not just in Japan. Angel investor Mr. Yoshiki Mishina
In recent years, various issues have come to the fore in expanding opportunities for women to play an active role. Flora is very passionate about using data to solve the problem from the ground up. I felt the enthusiasm and future potential of Flora’s team, which always analyzes and acts.
Flora is a young company, only two years old, but it supports not only 50,000 users, but also various companies, including large
The Flora team, including Anna, has a big goal of expanding Flora’s services not only in Japan but also in the world, looking 5 to 10 years into the future. I decided to invest because I want to support young people who are doing their best and foreign entrepreneurs for the internationalization of Japan. As an individual, I will support Flora’s future development.
■ About Flora Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “Empowering women through data”, we aim to solve the current social problem of women’s health with data. We will build “FemTech Big Data”, deliver personalized solutions to women at every life stage, and realize “what you want to be” for each woman. We will operate a service that integrates apps, e-learning, welfare services, and communities, and will develop new healthcare services based on accumulated data.
Company name: Flora Co., Ltd.
Location: 32 Yoshida Tachibanacho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
Representative: Anna Kreshenko
Established: December 2020
Email: office@flora-tech.jp
URL: https://www.flora-tech.jp/
Flora app: https://flora.onelink.me/whSI/prtimes
Flora Expert: https://www.flora-tech.jp/floraexpert
Flora for Biz: https://www.flora-tech.jp/floraforbiz
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