Flyke Co., Ltd. Wins “Box Customer Award Japan 2022” Business Category

Flyke Co., Ltd. Wins “Box Customer Award Japan 2022” Business Category Practicing “Box utilization techniques” that small and medium-sized enterprises can start right now

We are pleased to announce that Flyke Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Ryu Otaki) has won the “Business Category” of the “Box Customer Award Japan 2022”.
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■Overview of “Box Customer Award Japan 2022”
“Box Customer Award Japan 2022” is an online event where users share how to use Box that has achieved business results. The event, which will be held for the third time this year, will bring together 8 finalists, 4 from the business division and 4 from the technical division. Users themselves present their own case studies of Box utilization, and judging is conducted on the three axes of
originality, proficiency, and reproducibility, and awards in each category are determined by votes from Box judges and event viewers. (* Excerpt from Box JAPAN HP)
This time, Freike won the award in the “business category”.
■Flyke’s presentation content
How to assemble an ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises -Extensive utilization of Box and other SaaS tools by making full use of APIs- Flyke, which will be in its fourth year of business this year, has actively invested in IT and has now introduced 30 IT tools. While working with many tools that work together, the content cloud Box was placed at the center of it. With unlimited capacity, you can work on your daily tasks with peace of mind by being able to operate content in a secure environment with members inside and outside the company. How did you build a comprehensive business system centered on Box? We will introduce how small and medium-sized enterprises can start right now.
[Presentation materials (available for download)]
System integration diagram centered on Box – Get more out of Box with Salesforce/HubSpot/freee integration –
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■Comment when receiving the award (Representative Director Ryu Otaki) I got goosebumps because I never thought I would win the award. Rather than the feeling that I won the award, I am filled with the joy of being able to convey the “love for Box” as if my child had won the award. It is becoming difficult to solve management issues with a single system. In such a case, I would like you to try API cooperation that connects multiple systems.
■ On receiving the award
The following three points were evaluated, leading to this award. Assembling Box like Lego and linking it with other IT tools
Incorporating IT systems into the daily work flow (minimizing the possibility of double work and double input)
We are using Box in a way that other companies can easily imitate. Fryke has a vision of “making dreams come true with systems.” Freik’s ethics, “We don’t want Freike to monopolize our know-how, but we want to spread it to other companies, and in the future, we want all companies to use their IT systems as weapons to transform themselves.” I would appreciate it if you could reach a little bit of everyone who became.
■ Future prospects
In the future, Fryke will start Box collaboration development in the following areas.
1. HR area
[IT tools used]
Box × Gmail × Salesforce
[Business flow x system assembly]
Automatically store job resumes and resumes received by email from job seekers in Box
Manage selection status with Salesforce
If it is determined that you have not been hired, the resume and resume data stored in Box will be automatically deleted.
[Image 3

2. Project management area
[IT tools used]
Box × Asana × Salesforce
[Business flow x system assembly]
After receiving an order for a development project, pressing it from Salesforce will automatically create an Asana and Box environment. Automatically generate Box project folders by linking with Asana projects (tasks)
Box × Asana × Salesforce Created materials and deliverables link with tasks (Asana) and centralize information
[Image 4

In addition, we would like to bring the “System Assembly Linkage Diagram”, which is currently being created while testing the linkage of the IT system, closer to completion.
Freike will continue to search for ways to use various IT systems, including Box, to collaborate and use them, and move forward to the “imagined future, straight line”.
■ Reference materials
For more information on how to use Box, please also see the blog below. ▼ [Grand Prize Winner] BoxCustomer Award 2022 Business Category
▼ God cooperation of Salesforce × Box! What is a system
assembly/coordination diagram that you definitely want to see?
■ Video “[Part 1] Thorough explanation of the content that won the grand prize in the BoxCustomer Award 2022 business category!”
[Video 2:]

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