FM Aichi Co., Ltd. November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) FM AICHI HOLIDAY SPECIAL-Keisuke Kuwata SONG BOOK-Special feature on the best album “Always somewhere”! Keisuke Kuwata’s comment is also on air!

FM Aichi Co., Ltd.
November 23 (Wednesday / Holiday) FM AICHI HOLIDAY SPECIAL ~Keisuke Kuwata SONG BOOK~ Special feature on the best album “Itsomo Dokokade”! Keisuke Kuwata’s comment is also on air!

FM AICHI will send “FM AICHI HOLIDAY SPECIAL ~Keisuke Kuwata SONG BOOK~” on Wednesday, November 23rd. Keisuke Kuwata’s 35 years of solo career have been condensed into a new song packed with hope for the future, and a 2-disc best album “Always Somewhere” that collects songs that you want to hear in this era. Featured On the day of the event, Keisuke Kuwata’s comments will be aired, and Keisuke Kuwata novelty goods will be presented by applying from Twitter.
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Broadcast date and time: November 23 (Wednesday / holiday)
・”MORNING BREEZE” (8:20-10:50)
・”DAYDREAM MAGIC” (11:30-14:30)
・”AFTERNOON COLORS” (14:30-17:00) *Keisuke Kuwata’s comments will air from around 16:30
■ Title: “FM AICHI HOLIDAY SPECIAL ~ Keisuke Kuwata SONG BOOK ~” ■Details: Keisuke Kuwata himself carefully selects songs that we want people to listen to in this era. Keisuke Kuwata, who has continued to sing “always somewhere” in each era and place, has been featured in 3 programs on the 2-disc best album “Always somewhere”, which condenses the 35 years of his solo career into 35 songs. And Keisuke Kuwata himself will also appear in the comments.
■Present: Keisuke Kuwata’s “Always Somewhere” special “Nagisa Hotel” key chain will be given to 5 people by lottery by applying from Twitter.
[Image 2d36704-316-f6c1b07d927e14994f8e-1.jpg&s3=36704-316-ce13ede80c9ea7c1a80a22711df6af9b-1280x939.jpg
■ Release information: Released on November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) Keisuke Kuwata Best Album “Always Somewhere” Special Site
Details about this release:

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