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Regarding the development status of labor reports, etc. in small and medium-sized enterprises
Report by Small Business Research Institute operated by F&M Co., Ltd.
The work-style reform-related laws, which came into force sequentially from April 1, 2019 (April 1, 2020 for SMEs), had a significant impact on SMEs, and many companies were forced to respond. .
This time, we conducted a questionnaire survey for member companies of the F&M Club (*1) regarding the status of labor maintenance, such as handling the annual paid leave management book and updating the worker list.
Of the 1,793 companies that responded (as of September 1st to October 1st), about 70, excluding questions related to the revision of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act in October 2022, which is the most recent revision of the law. More than 100% of companies responded that they were able to respond, indicating the high awareness of current SMEs regarding labor arrangements.
On the other hand, 26.3% of companies are responding to changes in employment regulations in preparation for the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, which will come into effect in October 2022. It seems that a time lag often occurs.
*1 The name of a public system, personnel, labor, finance, and IT utilization subscription service that supports the improvement of labor productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises provided by our company.
1. Response status of labor documents such as employment contracts First, let’s look at the overall results of the companies that responded to the questionnaire (Fig. 1). Approximately 70% or more of companies answered that they were able to respond, except for the question about responding to the revision of the Childcare and Family Care Leave Act in October 2020, which is the most recent revision of the law.
Many SMEs do not have a department dedicated to general affairs, and many managers have concurrent posts. You can see the high awareness of maintenance. However, on the other hand, 26.3% of companies are responding to changes in employment rules for the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, which will come into effect in October 2022. Although it was not a legal revision that required an urgent response, there are difficulties in collecting information in real time and responding quickly in advance, and it seems that there is often a time lag before responding.
[Image 1d29825-7-43ce8219e9ef3b863bf7-0.png&s3=29825-7-65cfb252865de5e31a98e4fdc6035fc7-1396x686.png
2. Differences in responses by employee size
From here, we will look at the figures for each number of employees enrolled in the company. As the number of employees increases, companies will have more to deal with. For example, if there are 10 or more employees, it is necessary to submit work rules and appoint a health promoter, etc., and if there are 50 or more employees in one business establishment, it is obligatory to have a health manager, safety manager, stress check, etc. occurs.
In order to prevent labor troubles due to such measures and an increase in the number of employees, the more employees there are, the more awareness of labor issues.
is said to be on the rise. As shown in Table 3, even in the results of this survey, basically, the higher the number of employees, the higher the percentage of responses that have been completed. On the other hand, the number of companies with less than 10 employees is extremely low compared to other companies.
However, even so, the average response rate for all questions exceeds 50%, indicating that small businesses are not able to improve their labor conditions.
I feel that the situation is changing.
In addition, for companies with 300 or more employees, “2. Employment contracts are exchanged with all employees regardless of whether they are regular or non-regular” and “5. Employment contracts, payroll, and work rules The response rate for responses to individual employees was low, and it is possible that management is becoming more difficult as the number of employees increases.
[Image 2d29825-7-b6cc221e724b29b58bd9-1.png&s3=29825-7-cc69cd05166ee9d82cf329c117d9f2b1-1396x688.png
[Image 3d29825-7-3d391392f273ef8715ec-2.png&s3=29825-7-586163c84adcaf609a8ffeb68cca2f4c-1396x527.png
3. summary
As can be seen from the results of this survey, it can be seen that many SMEs and micro-enterprises are also improving their labor practices.
In addition to the expansion of social insurance coverage in October 2022, the premium rate for overtime work exceeding 60 hours per month will be raised from 25% to 50% for small and medium-sized enterprises from April 1, 2023. Due to the 2024 problem in the transportation and construction industries, etc., the awareness of labor will likely increase further. Inadequate labor management not only could lead to reprimands from the Labor Standards Inspection Office, but could also lead to a loss of trust from business partners. It is not that sloppy management is unavoidable because it is a small or medium-sized enterprise.
In order to support everyone’s labor development, the F&M Club offers a curriculum for each job type and rank, “F&M
Attorneys are invited as lecturers at the Academy, and the latest information such as “The Labor Standards Office has come for the first time” and “Response to future legal revisions” is provided as needed. In addition, since it is difficult to manage the employee roster and employment contract on paper, it becomes complicated. We are promoting this as one of our efforts to
In addition, the “Leave it to the rules management” provided by social insurance labor consultants, etc., who are linked with information, also provides a service that accepts the creation of 36 agreements on behalf of them. In addition, from September 2022, we will start providing a new certification system for “proper labor management certification”. In “Proper Labor Management Certification”, you can not only learn basic knowledge about labor in all 25 videos, but also have a consultant company labor consultant check the labor report that is actually in operation, so that you can understand the maintenance status and each labor report. It is a service that allows you to check the status of labor management such as consistency, and for companies that have confirmed the maintenance and consistency of various labor reports, a “Proper labor management certificate” is awarded. In the future, F&M Club will continue to strive to strengthen the back office of small and medium-sized enterprises through various support as well as various information provision.
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