FM Ehime Co., Ltd. FM Ehime “Duck ☆ Lady Night! ”Received the 2022 Japan Commercial Broadcasters Associa tion Award Program Division Radio Live Wide Excellence!

FM Ehime Co., Ltd.
FM Ehime “Duck ☆ Lady Night! ”Received the 2022 Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Award Program Division Radio Live Wide Excellence!

Ehime’s thorough support program for teens, which is broadcast live every Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 on FM Ehime, “Kamo ☆ Lady Night!” has won the 2022 Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Award Program Category Radio Nama Wide.
The award was broadcast on December 16th last year when the Grand Prize was announced for the “Kuwabara Transportation presents “Duck☆Lady★Night!” School CM Contest”.
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In the corner “Kuwabara Transportation presents“ Duck ☆ Lady ★ Night! Thinking and creating together. While having meetings with the students, he draws out topics and keywords for the school and region, and the completed commercial is actually broadcast on FM Ehime for one month.
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In 2021, works from 7 schools gathered, and at the announcement of the grand prize, Daisuke Toyama of grunge, who appeared as the second principal of TOKYO FM / JFN38 station net “SCHOOL OF LOCK!” In addition to having university experts serve as judges, we decided the Grand Prix by conducting listener votes.
During the live broadcast, I made phone calls with the students who won each award and shared the joy of receiving the award. At the time, the Oda Branch School was a small high school with only 56 students. I want to leave.” A rather urgent request.
The judging was based on the reality of schools that were being consolidated and abolished in rural areas, but it was not pessimistic at all. It won the grand prize after greatly shaking the hearts of members and listeners.
After receiving this grand prize, thanks to the cooperation of students, teachers, and the local community, we were able to successfully enroll more than the target number of students and avoid closing the school. I realize.
This program continues to be involved with new students, including schools that have participated in addition to this, and schools that will participate in season 2 in 2022.
The leading role of this program is “Ehime teens”. From now on, I would like to continue to create a place where teens can shine through the program.
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[Broadcast overview]
“Duck☆Lady★Night! 』
Broadcast date and time: December 16, 2021 (Thursday) 20:00-21:30 Broadcasting station: FM Ehime
Personality Ryoichi Nakaoka
Narumi Furuya
Chanyu Stomach
Production FM Ehime
-List of commercials for 2021-
【Company Profile】
Company name: FM Ehime Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-10-7 Takehara-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 790-8565 Representative: Hidetoshi Kurabuchi, President and Representative Director Established: April 17, 1981
Business description: Very short wave broadcasting (FM radio broadcasting) business
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